the Chem-Baroness
Renata Glasc

  • Role
  • Difficulty

Renata Glasc rose from the ashes of her childhood home with nothing but her name and her parents' alchemical research. In the decades since, she has become Zaun's wealthiest chem-baron, a business magnate who built her power by tying everyone's...




  1. Passive

    Renata's Attacks deal bonus damage and mark enemies. Renata's allies can damage marked enemies to deal bonus damage.

  2. Q

    Renata sends out a missile rooting the first enemy hit, and can recast the ability to throw the unit in a direction.

  3. W

    Renata buffs an allied champion to fight harder, delaying their death and potentially saving them if they get a takedown.

  4. E
    Loyalty Program

    Renata sends out a pair of chemtech missiles, shielding allies and damaging and slowing enemies hit.

  5. R
    Hostile Takeover

    Renata sends out a wave of chemicals, causing any enemies hit to go Berserk.

Available Skins

Available Skins

Available Skins

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