The Kraken Treasure Chest

Win a laptop! EPOS headset! $500 Neosurf voucher and more!

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True story; we had a treasure chest filled with awesome prizes - a gaming laptop, EPOS headset, a $500 Neosurf voucher, League merch and in-game swag - but a giant Kraken swooped in and stole it from under our feet. We need your help to retrieve it!

Throughout the OPL Grand Final show a number of clues will be revealed, it’s up to you to collect them all and solve the riddle (hint: it’s a secret phrase). Tune in to the Pre-Show on from 4pm AEST for some tips and tricks!

Once you have the clues and have decoded the phrase, head to to submit your answer and complete the tie breaker, the ultimate winner of the ultimate prize will be announced after the final match has been played.

How do I enter?

  • Watch the OPL Grand Final
  • Look out for 8 clues released throughout the show
  • Decode the clues to reveal a secret phrase
  • Head to to submit the secret phrase and your tie breaker answer
  • Tune into the UTOPL Post-Show After Party where the winner will be announced!

What are the prizes?

  • A gaming laptop
  • Choice of EPOS GSP 601 or GSP 602 headset
  • A $500 Neosurf gift card
  • Rare bronze Teemo statue
  • Exclusive OPL pin
  • League of Legends plush
  • Set of League of Origin jerseys
  • Masterwork Chest and Key
  • Little Legends Rare Egg

The Approximate Retail Value (ARV) of all prizes is $3,500 AUD.

Please allow approximately one week for digital goods to be received, and two weeks for physical goods to be delivered.

How and when will a winner be selected?

The last clue will be on screen around the time of the final game. In the two hours following you will need to solve the phrase and submit your entry along with a tiebreaker in the #treasure-hunt channel on

The best tiebreaker with the correct secret phrase will win the Ultimate Prize, and be announced live in the OPL Post-Show After Party.

Missed a clue? You can scrub live on YouTube...

Full terms and conditions are here and are incorporated by reference to these rules.

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