Rebuilding the Path to Pro in TFT APAC

The future of competitive TFT in APAC.

EsportsAuthorYoon Shin
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While Riot Sherman has already given you a lot of information about why we are changing, I would like to provide you with more details on our plans for TFT APAC Esports.

With Inkborn Fables, we are going to merge the separated circuits of Korea, Japan, Oceania, and Southeast Asia into one consolidated circuit - “TFT APAC”, which will allow our most competitive players from 8 different servers (Japan, Korea, Oceania, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam) to compete regularly within the Set with a joint qualification path to TFT Tactician's Crown (formerly TFT World Championship) and shared access to an increased price pool. Throughout Inkborn Fables, you will have the chance to compete within our three Tactician’s Cups to make sure you qualify into our new TFT APAC Golden Spatula.


The primary distinction between APAC and other pan-regions is the operation of Tactician Trials, which will be separately operated within three sub-regions: Korea, Vietnam, and APAC (including other 6 servers). This decision was made to enhance the operational efficiency of tournaments and to mitigate the dominance of specific countries, particularly Korea and Vietnam, in Tactician Trials.

All these changes will align the TFT APAC Circuit with our global plans and make it much easier for players to understand how to get involved, compete and watch.

For TFT APAC Tactician Trials, Tactician’s Cups, and Golden Spatula, our Riot official broadcast will be supported in Korean, Mandarin, and Vietnamese in addition to your favorite Community Streams.

Last but not least for the 8 slots APAC got for the TFT Inkborn Fables Tactician’s Crown, 3 will be given to the top competitors at APAC Golden Spatula, and 1 slot to the player with highest average placement of the APAC Golden Spatula. The remaining 4 slots will be given to sub-regional players of Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the rest of APAC that accumulated the most points across all official tournaments in Inkborn Fables. Our aim here is to reward our top players but also secure a minimum of sub-regional representation at Worlds.

In the coming days and weeks, you will receive more details about the new TFT APAC esports. Looking forward to seeing new and old heroes embark on the competitive journey of Inkborn Fables!

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