TFT Remix Rumble Championship Event Lead-In

Qualified participants, broadcast talent, alternative lobbies, and more!

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The time has come! Remix Rumble is ready for its final performance. Across the globe, 32 players have earned their way to the top charts and now have the opportunity to become the Remix Rumble Champion. Check out the games on March 1 - 3 to see who will take home the Golden Spatula trophy and $150K USD.

Make sure to tune into the final day of competition to catch a sneak peek of the next TFT Set!

A refresher on the Remix Rumble Championship, including a full breakdown of the format, Drops, and Pick’Em rewards can be found here.

Qualified Participants

Here are the top 32 players competing in the Remix Rumble Championship:



  1. QingTian
  2. sa'ke
  3. RiYue
  4. Kele
  5. AG 60second
  6. ICE


  1. Dishsoap
  2. milala
  3. weird
  4. Degree


  1. Salvyyy
  2. FF Skipaeus
  3. DIG Jedusor
  4. SLY Voltariux


  1. dunizuni
  2. yugggol
  3. Binteum
  4. Elmumu


  1. Miguel Arkjow
  2. FORA Hsk
  3. So Bio


  1. INFHR Relic
  2. CoccaKen
  3. ISG Cheche


  1. LED Le Chuyen
  2. TJ Kjaos
  3. N6M


  1. taro
  2. Maii
  3. kes


  1. DonnieG
  2. Yush

Broadcast Talent

Meet the on-air talent for the Remix Rumble Championship!

Twitch Alternative Lobbies

Feel the thrill of the tactics through the Alternative Lobbies!

On March 1 - 2, you'll be able to enjoy the fights of all the lobbies through our four Twitch Channels.

When the first round of each day is about to begin on the Main Channel, the Alternative Lobbies will go live. Each of them will broadcast one of the remaining lobbies, so you can catch all the action.

TFT Official Channels

Stay up-to-date on the latest TFT announcements and updates by following our channels:

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