European Qualifiers for The Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning Championship

Find out how you could represent Europe in the Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning Championship.

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It’s happening again. The Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning Championship, our third TFT World Championship, will bring together the best players from across the globe to compete for the chance at becoming immortalised as a TFT World Champion.

We’re extremely excited to reveal the details of the European Qualifier as we once again seek out our most talented and ingenious players who are worthy of representing Europe on the international stage.

Though future competitors be warned, there will be extraordinarily high expectations on your shoulders. Europe has consistently outperformed other regions in global competitions. The Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Championship saw France’s Double61 crowned TFT’s first-ever World Champion, while the Fates Championship saw both France’s ZyK0o and the UK’s Lallana finish in the top four.

Now, it’s time for one elite player to return that prestigious Worlds title back to Europe. As history tells us, the competition for Europe’s World Championship spots will undoubtedly be fierce so you’ll need to be at the top of your game. The Fate’s qualifier saw dominating performances from players in France and Turkey, who between them scooped 11 of the top 16 positions.

Qualifier Overview

The Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning Championship European Qualifiers will use a similar format to previous iterations given this year’s unique timeline challenges. But, please know we’ve heard all of your feedback. We want qualification to be open to as many players as possible so we’re exploring how we can provide players a variety of qualifying routes for future competitions rather than just grinding your way up the ladder.

As with the Fates Championship Qualifiers, the Reckoning Championship Qualifiers will serve players on the EUW, EUNE, TR, and CIS servers. Players from the Middle East, North Africa, and India who compete on these servers are welcome to participate.

The Reckoning European Qualifier has two stages: the Ladder Stage, and the Elimination Stage. During the Ladder Stage, players amass points each week based on their ladder rank with the top 64 progressing to the Elimination Stage, these players will then compete over two weekends to decide who makes the qualifying cut.

Changes for Reckoning EU Qualifiers

For those familiar with previous Championship qualifiers, there are two major changes as we move from Fates to Reckoning.

Firstly, for the first time ever, the Reckoning Championship finals will take place live in China as 24 of the world's best players will face off onstage. This is four less than previous competitions and, as a result, Europe will send four players to the finals rather than six.

This change also adjusts representation to bring it more inline with the global distribution of players. Europe and China will jointly be the biggest contributors of players and we’re confident our European players will continue to do the region proud.

Secondly, shortly after the launch of the Fates Championship, the number of Challenger players on EUNE servers was adjusted from 50 to 100. As a result, with consideration to the overall competitiveness of each server, the Elimination Stage will contain the top 34 EUW players (down from 40), and the top 16 EUNE players (up from ten).

Ladder Stage

The Ladder Stage will begin June 9th 23:00 BST, and will conclude on July 8th 22:59 BST. Three ‘snapshots’ of each server’s ranked ladder standings will be taken at predetermined times during this period.

Players will receive points based on their ladder position at the time of each snapshot. At the end of the Ladder Stage, the players with the most points on each server will then move forward to the Elimination Stage.

The exact times of each snapshot will be as follows:

  • June 24th at 22:59 BST
  • July 1st at 22:59 BST
  • July 8th at 22:59 BST

This essentially divides the Ladder Stage into three periods. The first period will last two weeks, while the second and third will last a week each.

To be eligible for points, players must play at least ten games in the week, or weeks, prior to a snapshot. For clarity, this means players must play at least ten games in both weeks of the first period (June 10th to June 24th) or they will not be eligible for points in the first snapshot ranking.

Points will be distributed across the top 200 eligible players on each server’s ranked ladder at the time of each snapshot and will be distributed as follows:













Eering on the side of caution, the contents of each snapshot are carefully analysed for integrity, so it may take up to seven days for results to be published.

In the event that two players are tied in the snapshot ladder standings, the player with the highest percentage of top four finishes during the games they played in the relevant competition period will be ranked higher. In the unlikely event that this would also lead to a tie, the player with the most first place finishes in the proceeding competition period will be ranked higher.

Third party websites can be a useful tool in predicting the results of each snapshot. Please note, however, that these may contain minor inaccuracies and may vary subtly from Riot’s official data.

At the end of the Ladder Stage, points accumulated by players in each snapshot will be summed before an additional check will be carried out to remove other ineligible players such as smurfs and those competing on other servers. This will generate the final standings for each server which will then determine who will qualify for the Elimination Stage.


The number of slots available to players from each server in the Elimination Stage varies depending on the size and competitiveness of that server. For Reckoning, the cutoffs for each server are as follows:

  • EUW: Top 34 players
  • EUNE: Top 16 players
  • CIS: Top 4 players
  • TR: Top 10 players

This means that, in total, 64 players will progress to the Elimination Stage for a chance at representing Europe against the crème de la crème of our global playerbase.

We politely request that all players qualified for the Elimination Stage ensure that they have joined the official competition Discord. This ensures that they can be contacted to confirm their participation as one of the top 64 players in the region.

Elimination Stage

All the drama of the Elimination Stage will take place over two exhilarating phases. The first phase will take place at the end of July and will brutally see our 64 players reduced to just 16. The second phase of the competition will then take place mid-August and ultimately determine the four players who will fly the flag for Europe in the Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning Championship.

Phase One

Phase One will take place over two dramatic days. Each day will feature six rounds of intense competition with no points reset between days to ensure that the strongest and most consistent players rise to the top. This phase will not be broadcast though players are encouraged to stream their matches if they wish.

Players will play one lobby each round and earn points based on their finishing position in-game. Players will initially be allocated to lobbies based on their ladder performance but, from round two onwards, lobby assignment will be based on the amount of points gained by players.

Points distribution will be as follows:



















Only the top 50% of players from each day will advance to the next round. This means that 32 players will be eliminated at the end of day one, before the group of remaining players is halved again on day two so that we are left with 16 elite players who will advance to Phase Two.

Any ties that occur will be broken by looking at the strength of the opponents played by each tied player. The player, or players, with the most challenging route through the competition will be ranked higher. The exact calculation for this tiebreaker is the total points scored by all opponents in a player's previous lobbies, divided by the total number of games played by all opponents in that player's previous lobbies.

Players progressing to Phase Two will be invited to begin the visa application process to compete at the Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning Championship. This will ensure that all players are able to complete the visa process in time so that they can travel to China for the main event should they qualify.

Phase Two

The second phase of the Elimination Stage will then take place over another two days of top-level competition.

At the start of day one, players will be split into two fixed lobbies of eight with seeding based on each player's results from Phase One. Points from Phase One will be reset, giving all players a fresh start and even playing field. Each lobby will play five games and players will accumulate points based on their standing in each lobby using the same scoring system as Phase One.

At the end of this phase, the top four players by points in each lobby will then progress to the Championship Group on day two.

Day two will once again see all points reset as the eight finalists compete over six games in a single lobby to acquire as many points as possible. Once the dust settles and the penguins put down their swords, just four players will stand tall and will carry the hopes of Europe on their shoulders as they will have secured their place at the Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning Championship.

Should any ties occur during Phase Two, ties will be broken based on the number of top four finishes achieved by each player during the relevant day of competition. If this does not resolve the tie, the number of first place finishes will then be considered. If this still doesn’t resolve the tie, it will be a nail-biting finish as each player's rank in the last lobby of the day will be used to definitively break the tie.

Should a player be unable to attend the Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning Championship, their invite will transfer to the unqualified player with the next highest finish.

Prize Distribution

In addition to the four Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning invites up for grabs, players will also be competing for a share of a $25,000 USD prize pool which will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st: $8,000 USD
  • 2nd: $4,000 USD
  • 3rd: $3,500 USD
  • 4th: $2,500 USD
  • 5-6th: $1,100 USD
  • 7th-8th: $800 USD
  • 9-16th: $400 USD


Where can I find detailed rules?

An official competition rulebook will be distributed through the official competition Discord closer to the start of Phase Two.

Do I have to apply to participate?

You don't need to apply to participate in the qualifiers. By participating in ranked matchmaking you are considered as a competitor in the Ladder Stage.

However, players progressing from the Ladder Stage to the Elimination Stage will be required to confirm their participation and register their details with the tournament administrators.

We strongly encourage all players to join the official competition Discord.

What if a ladder qualified player does not confirm their participation or chooses to not compete in the Elimination Stage?

If this happens, their slot will transfer to the next highest ranked player not already qualified.

Will we be able to see the results of each individual snapshot?

Yes. The results of each snapshot will be published in the official competition Discord. However, as this data must be carefully validated, the publication results are likely to lag one week behind the actual snapshot - sorry, you’ll have to deal with the suspense for a little bit longer.

What happens if I start a game before a snapshot, but finish it afterwards?

When the snapshot standings are calculated, the results of all games started before the snapshot will be taken into consideration. This means that if you start a game at 23:50 on the day of a snapshot, but finish at 00:20 the day afterwards, your game will still count towards the first day's snapshot.

Do I automatically qualify for the Elimination Stage if I finish in the top players of the server at the end of the Ladder Stage?

No, leading the server by the end of the Ladder Stage does not guarantee a place in the Elimination Phase. Spaces in the Elimination Phase are allocated entirely based on points earned across all three snapshots - consistency is key.

Can I try to qualify on multiple servers?

This depends on the server in question and your country of residency.

To qualify on the CIS server, you must be a resident of one of the following countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.

To qualify on the Turkey server, you must be a resident of Turkey.

Players may attempt qualification on both EUW and EUNE servers. However, each server is treated independently. This means that points acquired through EUW snapshots cannot be transferred to the EUNE standings or vice versa. Nor will those points be combined. Players intending to compete on both servers are encouraged to carefully consider the risk of splitting their focus.

In the event that a player qualifies on both EUW and EUNE accounts, their higher ranked account will be considered eligible while their lower ranking account will be considered ineligible.

Please note, this competition is governed by the TFT Global Player Policy. This policy includes strict residency rules for European servers which, unless stated otherwise, apply for this competition.

Can I change my Summoner name during the Ladder Stage?

You must not change your Summoner during the Ladder Stage. If you choose to change it during this period, your new and old account names will not be connected and snapshot points will not be aggregated.

What are you going to do about smurfs and secondary accounts?

Accounts will be checked once each server’s final points standings have been calculated at the end of the Ladder Stage. The top 64 accounts on each ladder will be assessed to identify secondary accounts and all duplicates will be removed. Points acquired by a single player across multiple accounts will not be summed.

Does this mean we’ll see accounts in each set of snapshot standings that aren’t eligible to play in the finals?

Yes. Any information released in advance of the final Ladder Stage standings, including individual snapshot results, should be treated as strictly provisional.

Individual snapshots may include ineligible accounts. Due to the sheer volume of work required to vet the entire ladder, these accounts will not be removed until the final standings are calculated.

Players should not consider themselves qualified for the Elimination Stage until explicitly informed by the tournament administrators.

Are these qualifiers open to players from the Middle East, North Africa, and India (MENA&I) like previous iterations?

Yes, players from these regions are welcome to compete on the EUW and EUNE servers as there is currently no qualifier serving the MENA&I region. For avoidance of doubt, the TFT Global Player Policy is overridden in this case but otherwise applies.

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