Soul Fighter: Fight Night is OPEN for Co-streaming!

Details for how you can co-stream Soul Fighter: Fight Night on July 18th.

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Soul Fighter: Fight Night is a first of its kind action packed evening in which 16 global creators from 8 regions will be battling it out in physical and gameplay challenges to find out who will take home the belt and be crowned the Fight Night Champion!

We’re excited to announce that this event will be OPEN FOR CO-STREAMING!

If you are interested in co-streaming this event with your own viewers, here is a handy FAQ on how you can get involved:

When is Fight Night?

Soul Fighter Fight Night will be taking place on July 18 @ 02:00 BST.

Where can I watch it?

We will be broadcasting this event across both Twitch and YouTube.

How can I Co-stream?

In order to be eligible for co-streaming this event, you must use #SoulFighter in your stream title and be live in the League of Legends category. If you do not follow the hashtag and category rules above you will be deemed ineligible to co-stream and Riot reserves the right to remove you from the co-stream program.

Additional Requirements

  • All co-streaming must comply with Riot Games Legal Jibber Jabber and the terms of service on your respective streaming platform.
  • We reserve the right to remove access to the co-stream program at any time
  • All co-streamers and their guests must meet the legal age requirement of 18+.
  • Co-streamers are responsible for ensuring that any accompanied chat is adequately moderated to prevent vulgar, abusive, or an otherwise mean spirited environment.
  • If you choose to include guests in your co-stream, all guests must also follow the guidelines of the co-streaming program at all times.


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