Announcing Teamfight Tactics Rising Legends.

We are excited to announce TFT Rising Legends, the Circuit serving our Players in EMEA.

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The wait is over. We hope you’re as excited as we are joining us on this daring journey announcing Teamfight Tactics Rising Legends, the competitive Teamfight Tactics Tournament Circuit serving our Players in the EMEA Region. Starting with Gizmos and Gadgets, Teamfight Tactics Rising Legends will allow the most strategic players to battle for a spot to represent the EMEA region at the Set 6 TFT World Championship.

Tournament Structure

TFT Rising Legends will be based on a point system, with the winners and top 15 scoring players from the Golden Spatula Cup Circuit alongside the top 12 players from the Ranked Ladder qualifying for the EMEA Finals.

Points will be granted throughout the whole set through two main sources: sanctioned tournaments and ranked ladder. Cup Points will be granted by the Golden Spatula Cups, while players will be able to earn Ladder Points through high ranking on their server region’s ladder.

Snapshots of the ranked ladder in each of the participating server regions (EUW, EUNE, TR, and RU) will be taken on a weekly basis and will grant points to the top 100 players from each server region.

Additionally, two more slots for the Finals will be filled by the TFT Superbrawl, a nation-based competition where players will be able to qualify through local tournaments.


Golden Spatula Cups and Open Qualifiers


The Golden Spatula Cups will act as the main sanctioned tournament, with 128 players battling it out in a 3-day tournament, with a finals qualification spot for each winner and Cup Points awarded to the top 32 players. On top of that, each Golden Spatula Cup will have a prize pool of €6,000.


Players will be able to qualify for the Golden Spatula Cups through Open Qualifiers and Ladder Points.

Open Qualifiers will host 512 players with a minimum in-game rank of Diamond II, in a 3-day tournament, with the top 32 players advancing to the Golden Spatula Cup.

Lastly, in the weeks leading up to a Golden Spatula Cup, the top Ladder Point earners in each of the server regions will join those from the Open Qualifiers in qualifying for the tournament.

These Ladder Points will be granted to qualifying players in each region after the ladder snapshot. The first snapshot will take place on November 16, 2021 at 21:59:59 GMT, so make sure you’ve climbed the boards before then!


TFT Superbrawl


The TFT Superbrawl will be an 8-region tournament consisting of 2 players representing their region, with each team fighting for a spot in the Finals and a share of the €5,000 prize pool.

Local tournaments will be hosted to determine which players will advance to the TFT Superbrawl. Stay tuned for more info on these tournaments!


TFT Rising Legends Finals


The season will culminate with the TFT Rising Legends Finals, which will see the best 32 players of the EMEA region fighting for a share of the €20,000 prize pool and one of four spots at the Set 6 TFT World Championship.

The top 15 Cup Points earners, top 12 Ladder Point earners and the TFT SuperBrawl and Golden Spatula Cup champions will meet in the Convergence in a 2-day tournament.

How and When Can I Participate?


Players intending to participate in the Open Qualifiers and Golden Spatula Cups can check the official competition rulebook in English here and on the official tournament website.

While Ladder Points are granted to all players, participation in the Golden Spatula Cups will only be allowed for registered players, so mark November 3 on your calendar and sign up straight away!

Sign-ups for Open Qualifiers will open nine days before the event and close two days beforehand, with the first sign-up period opening on November 18 with the Open Qualifiers taking place on November 27-29.

The first Golden Spatula Cup will be held on December 4-6, with Golden Spatula Cup 2 and 3 taking place in 2022. The exact dates of these events will be announced closer to their date.

Players participating in their local tournaments will meet at TFT Superbrawl on February 5 and 6, and the climactic TFT Rising Legends Finals will take place on March 26-27.

How to Watch

If you don’t plan on participating but you still want to witness the best TFT action, you’re in luck. Day 3 of each Open Qualifiers and Golden Spatula Cup will be broadcast on the tournament website [], as well as the Superbrawl and the TFT Rising Legends Finals.

More info on broadcast times, talent, and additional ways to watch will be announced soon.

Stay Connected

Never miss a thing by following our,,, and We will be posting more information on TFT Rising Legends in the upcoming weeks, so make sure to keep an eye on our channels. See you in the battle for the Convergence!

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