NLC National League Launch

Join up with your new National Leagues across Northern Europe!

NLC Lower Division Expansion

We’re excited to bring you the next stage of the NLC with an expansion into local countries across Northern Europe. We can’t wait to share the details with you, so let’s jump right into it.


What is the NLC and what’s changing?


The NLC is the Northern League of Legends Champions and is the European Regional League or ERL for Northern Europe. If you’re a player from the Nordics, UK or Ireland this is the best place for you to start to climb the esports ladder towards EMEA Masters and the LEC!


We’re expanding the NLC out below Division 2 into five different regional competitions that will replace the current NLC divisions 3 and 4 system after the end of the current season, including the “NLC Ladder”! For NLC Divisions 1 and 2, the structure will remain as you know it today.


Everything will still firmly remain part of the NLC system with a promotion tournament between the existing Division 2 and the new local leagues after each national-league split - after Spring and Autumn. Moving forward, the Summer Split will only consist of Division 1 and 2 as we know it, and the NLC Ladder.


The new promotional tournament is called the NLC Regional Promotion Series (NLC RPS) and will feature the best teams from each national sub-region, the NLC Ladder, and the bottom teams of Division 2 from each respective split.


With this new national model, it also means changes to the roster requirements. Moving forward, teams will need a majority of players from the respective country they are competing in. Let’s say you sign up to compete in the Danish division, then you must have a minimum of three Danish residents playing at all times.

New Regional Competitions


Each of the five competitions will have slightly different league structures, with teams playing round robin matches against other teams in their division. Players will be able to find matches to suit their skill levels as divisions will be separated out by skill levels and divisions below 1 for a local league will be separated out into more divisions as we descend the esports pyramid.



Two teams from Division 1 of each new national league, and the NLC Ladder, will get a chance at promotion further up the NLC ladder and into NLC Division 2.


Introducing the NLC Ladder

Besides the national leagues, we are adding another layer to the system through the “NLC Ladder” initiative. The NLC Ladder is a competition running alongside the national leagues. In this ladder, players don’t have to be from the same country like the national leagues, as long as they are from the NLC region.


Teams can join at any point in the split. Challenging other teams to matches will either improve or decrease your teams’ total points, depending on the result. The team with the most points at the end of the split wins the ladder. The NLC Ladder grants direct access to the NLC RPS, on the same terms as the national leagues.


You can view the NLC Ladder as an extra way into the NLC RPS, but also an alternative for teams who aren’t able to field a roster with the national requirements, or teams who miss the initial sign-up deadlines.


When can we get started?


This new structure will be implemented after the ongoing 2023 NLC Summer Split. But already now, you can join up with your new local competitive community and learn more about the deadlines to keep an eye out for.



Seasons are going to be starting at slightly different times over the current year but you can find the full details below. There’s still time to get your team together, expand your champion pool, and practice against teams in your region!


Country specific information


UK + Ireland


The UK + Ireland will compete in the brand new Four Nations tournament run by the UKEL. Starting off with a single division, but with the space to expand into more depending on the demand. Four Nations hopes to be the stepping stone for the next Kasing or Alphari to make their way to the LEC.


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Sign ups open 31st July!



Denmark are back with Leagues Championship Denmark in 2023 and we’ll be looking for the best players and teams after the summer break!


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Sign ups open 19th July!





Good Game Ligaen sports a new name but a storied history in the region. Get your teams together, sign up, and climb your way up the Norwegian ranks!


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Sign ups open 12th July!



SOL have a storied history with so many great Swedish players making it all the way to the top. We’re looking to build upon the amazing crowds we saw in Malmö for the LEC finals last year.


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Sign ups open 8th July!



Finnhouse is bringing back the Finnish pride with their three-division system that’s now linked directly with the NLC.


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Sign ups open 19th July!




What does the structure of the NLC look like before the change?

The current NLC structure combines all the Northern European countries under one ecosystem, split into four divisions.


Div 1 - 8 teams

Div 2 - 10 teams

Div 3 - 40 teams (4 groups of 10)

Div 4 - 40 teams (4 groups of 10)


How will that structure change?

Divisions 3 and 4 will be dissolved and the teams will be spread out over the new national leagues in five sub-regions (UK&I, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark).


The current structure of NLC Divisions 1 and 2 will remain the same.


How will these changes affect the current teams?

If you find yourself in division 3 or 4 of the current NLC system you will have to apply for one of the five national leagues you would like to transition to with your team (find more information through the local tournament organizers). This transition will require your team to field 3/5 players from the respective sub-region of your choice for the upcoming split.


My team does not have a majority of regional players, will we still be able to compete in the new championship structure?

Yes and no. If it's simply a case of not having 3-5 players from one of the five sub-regions it won't be possible to join a national league. But fear not, because the NLC Ladder is still an option as it only requires 3 players from the NLC region as a whole.


How can I register my team for competition?


You can join each sub-region directly through the local tournament organizers. Join their communities through the links below.


Norway -

UK and Ireland -

Sweden -

Finland -

Denmark -


When will this new structure be implemented?

The new structure will be implemented shortly after the current NLC Summer Split. The first Autumn Split for the national leagues will start in late August.


Will I still be able to compete with teams from other regions in the new structure?

You certainly will be, but now only through the new NLC Regional Promotion Series (NLC RPS) that is accessed via a national league's division 1 and the NLC Ladder.