TFT Gizmos & Gadgets Championship

Qualified Players, Format Explainer, and Trophy Reveal

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The TFT Gizmos & Gadgets Championship is just around the corner! Info around the qualification process, format details, and prize pool was previously shared here. Read on below for more details around the qualified players, format explainer video, and the reveal of the very shiny Championship trophy!

Qualified Players

The top 32 players from around the world will qualify to compete for the $300K USD prize pool and the title of the TFT Gizmos & Gadgets World Champion! Meet the qualified competitors below:


Format Explainer

Check out this handy video for an in-depth look at the format for this year’s global tournament:

TFT Gizmos & Gadgets Trophy Reveal!

The winner of the TFT Gizmos & Gadgets Championship will receive a GIANT. GOLDEN. SPATULA.


Yes, you read that correctly. This golden spatula is plated in 24 karat gold, with satin silver plated accents. The design and final product was made in close collaboration with the TFT dev team and illustrator for the construction and representation of the game’s beloved golden spatula.

Where to Watch

Tune in on Twitch to catch all three days of the tournament and see who walks away with the golden spatula:

  • Day 1: April 29 (2 AM PDT)
  • Day 2: April 30 (2 AM PDT)
  • Day 3: May 1 (2 AM PDT)

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