Patch 11.19 notes

Part 2 of Worlds balances, the return of URF, and an emo Yordle.

Worlds. Vex. URF. But wait... there's more!

Can you believe we're just two weeks out from Worlds 2021?! In this patch, we've got the second and final round of Worlds-focused champion buffs and nerfs, plus new Dawnbringer/Nightbringer skins and Worlds 2021 Jarvan IV to celebrate. Worlds Clash is also getting into the Worlds spirit with some special Worlds-themed loot. (Oh, did I mention Worlds is coming up?)

Vex is also begrudgingly making her way to the Rift this week. Don't get too excited, though—she hates that. For rotating game modes, URF returns for some more good ol' chaotic fun. We've also introduced changes to behavioral systems and a few tweaks to the client to improve your experience!

It's going to be a battle of epic proportions. See ya on the livestream~

People banning the new champ got you vexed? Well then, come on down to the TFT patch notes where the only thing that gets banned is a bad time!
Jina “ahrisoo” Yoon Paul "RiotAether" Perscheid

Mid-Patch Updates

27/09/2021 URF Balance Patch 2

URF Champ Buffs

Aatrox +15% Damage Dealt, -15% Damage Taken +15% Damage Dealt, -25% Damage Taken
Fiddlesticks +5% Damage Dealt, -10% Damage Taken +10% Damage Dealt, -10% Damage Taken
Ornn +5% Damage Dealt, -5% Damage Taken
Udyr +5% Damage Dealt, -8% Damage Taken

URF Champ Nerfs

Kai'Sa -8% Damage Dealt, +5% Damage Taken -8% Damage Dealt, +8% Damage Taken
Malzahar -5% Damage Dealt, +5% Damage Taken -8% Damage Dealt, +8% Damage Taken
Orianna -8% Damage Dealt, +5% Damage Taken -10% Damage Dealt, +8% Damage Taken
Syndra -10% Damage Dealt, +5% Damage Taken -10% Damage Dealt, +10% Damage Taken
Volibear +5% Damage Taken
Xayah -10% Damage Dealt, +10% Damage Taken -15% Damage Dealt, +10% Damage Taken

24/09/2021 Vex Adjustments & URF Balance Patch


Passive - Doom 'n Gloom Damage 30-180 (based on level) (+25% AP) 30-140 (based on level) (+20% AP)
Q - Mistral Bolt Damage 60/110/160/210/260 (+60% AP) 60/105/150/195/240 (+60% AP)

URF Champ Buffs

Aatrox +15% Damage Dealt, -15% Damage Taken
Amumu +5% Damage Dealt, -10% Damage Taken
Anivia +5% Damage Dealt, -8% Damage Taken
Bard +15% Damage Dealt, -15% Damage Taken
Braum +5% Damage Dealt, -10% Damage Taken
Darius +5% Damage Dealt, -5% Damage Taken
Fiddlesticks +5% Damage Dealt, -10% Damage Taken
Garen +5% Damage Dealt, -10% Damage Taken
Gnar +5% Damage Dealt, -10% Damage Taken
Illaoi +5% Damage Dealt, -10% Damage Taken
Mordekaiser W - Indestructible's stored health in Potential Shield is no longer reduced in URF
Rammus +5% Damage Dealt, -10% Damage Taken
Sett +5% Damage Dealt, -8% Damage Taken
Soraka +5% Damage Dealt, -8% Damage Taken
Tahm Kench +15% Damage Dealt, -15% Damage Taken
Urgot +10% Damage Dealt, -15% Damage Taken
Yone +5% Damage Dealt, -10% Damage Taken
Zilean +5% Damage Dealt, -10% Damage Taken

URF Champ Nerfs

Ahri -5% Damage Dealt, +5% Damage Taken
Annie -5% Damage Dealt
Cassiopeia -5% Damage Dealt, +5% Damage Taken
Draven -5% Damage Dealt, +5% Damage Taken
Ezreal -5% Damage Dealt
Fiora -5% Damage Dealt, +10% Damage Taken
Fizz -5% Damage Dealt, +8% Damage Taken
Jax -5% Damage Dealt, +8% Damage Taken
Jayce -8% Damage Dealt, +5% Damage Taken
Kai'Sa -8% Damage Dealt, +5% Damage Taken
Karthus -5% Damage Dealt
Lucian -5% Damage Dealt, +5% Damage Taken
Malzahar -5% Damage Dealt, +5% Damage Taken
Orianna -8% Damage Dealt, +5% Damage Taken
Shaco -5% Damage Dealt
Sivir -5% Damage Dealt
Syndra -10% Damage Dealt, +5% Damage Taken
Trundle -5% Damage Dealt
Twisted Fate -5% Damage Dealt
Twitch -8% Damage Dealt, +5% Damage Taken
Vex -5% Damage Dealt
Vi -5% Damage Dealt
Viktor -5% Damage Dealt
Vladimir -8% Damage Dealt, +5% Damage Taken
Xayah -10% Damage Dealt, +10% Damage Taken
Xin Zhao +5% Damage Taken
Yuumi -15% Damage Dealt, +20% Damage Taken, -30% Healing -20% Damage Dealt, +20% Damage Taken, -30% Healing
Zed -5% Damage Dealt

23/09/2021 ARAM Healing Bugfix

ARAM HEAL REDUCTION ARAM's 50% reduction on outgoing ally heals has been restored

Patch Highlights

Dawnbringer Vex, Dawnbringer Morgana, Dawnbringer Yone, Nightbringer Lillia, Nightbringer Tryndamere, Nightbringer Kayn, Nightbringer Kayn Prestige Edition, and Worlds 2021 Jarvan IV will be available September 23, 2021.




The Gloomist

Cast doom, gloom, and existential dread (or whatever) with Vex and her shadow on September 23!


W cooldown decreased.

Aatrox's W cooldown was heavily nerfed in patch 9.9 in an effort to reduce his Pro domination. He's not running over the Pro scene anymore, so we're loosening his chains a bit.

W - Infernal Chains

Cooldown 26/23/20/17/14 seconds 20/18.5/17/15.5/14 seconds


Base health regen increased.

In a rare flip of events, Akali has room for some power at all levels of play. We're taking this opportunity to make her missteps a bit more forgiving in a way that doesn't win her more fights, but instead helps her subtly throughout her games.

Base Stats

Health Regen 8 9
Health Regen Growth 0.5 0.9


Q cooldown decreased.

Despite being terrifyingly tanky, Cho'Gath is still weak across the board. We're increasing his CC and zoning capabilities so that he has more influence in fights.

Q - Rupture

Cooldown 7 seconds 6 seconds


Passive damage reduction against basic attacks removed. W damage reduced. E cooldown decreased late. R damage increased.

The 11.18 changes were an unintentional nerf to Fizz. We overestimated the Passive and W buffs and underestimated the R nerf. Rather than trying to fine tune those changes, we're reverting them entirely and doing a simpler buff instead. Go fish!

Passive - Nimble Fighter

removedBACK TO THE BASICS Bonus damage reduction against champion basic attacks removed

W - Seastone Trident

On-Hit Damage 20/25/30/35/40 (+35% AP) 10/15/20/25/30 (+35% AP)

E - Playful / Trickster

Cooldown 16/14.5/13/11.5/10 seconds 16/14/12/10/8 seconds

R - Chum the Waters

Guppy Damage 150/225/300 (+70% AP) 150/250/350 (+80% AP)
Chomper Damage 200/275/300 (+85% AP) 225/325/425 (+100% AP)
Gigalodon Damage 250/325/400 (+100% AP) 300/400/500 (+120% AP)


W cooldown now decreases with rank.

Galio's nerf back in 11.10 turned out to be a bit too effective on his Elite performance. We're bringing him back to life at that skill level by partially reverting those changes.

W - Shield of Durand

Cooldown 18 seconds 18/17.5/17/16.5/16 seconds


W damage AP scaling increased.

Gragas didn't benefit much from the Predator changes last patch, so he's still pretty weak. We're helping his various AP builds pack more of a punch and speed up his mid-game clear. However, please remember to always drink responsibly.

W - Drunken Rage

Bonus Magic Damage 20/50/80/110/140 (+7% target's maximum health) (+60% AP) 20/50/80/110/140 (+7% of target's maximum health) (+70% AP)


Base health regen increased.

Gwen's E nerf in 11.15 was effective in snipping her overwhelming early lane power, especially in Pro. Now, similar to Akali's situation, there's room to weave in some more durability for Gwen players at all levels.

Base Stats

Health Regen 7 8.5


Q damage decreased.

Kennen's been on a dramatic rise in Pro priority since our changes in 11.15. We’re reducing his power by walking back on those changes slightly.

Q - Thundering Shuriken

Damage 85/130/175/220/265 (+80% AP) 75/120/165/210/255 (+75% AP)


E cooldown decreased early.

Mordekaiser's bummed that he’s been falling behind his peers. We don’t want the god of metal to be the butt of jokes, so we’re buffing him for skilled players by granting him more access to his most flexible spell.

E - Death's Grasp

Cooldown 22/19/16/13/10 seconds 18/16/14/12/10 seconds


Passive cooldown decreased.

Poppy hasn't been looking too heroic lately, especially in top lane. We're enhancing her early lane power so that she can take greater advantage of favorable matchups, which should also make her more appealing as a Pro pick in specific situations.

Passive - Iron Ambassador

Cooldown 16/12/8 seconds (at levels 1/7/13) 13/10/7 seconds (at levels 1/7/13)


E+Q combo targeting on dashing targets adjusted. Q bonus damage against monsters increased.

Before 11.18, Qiyana's E+Q auto aim combo used to be undodgeable. We changed her E+Q targeting mechanism last patch so that enemies could escape by dashing or flashing away. However, that version of the combo generously treated every enemy dash as an attempt to dodge Qiyana's combo, and it turns out this isn't always the case. A dashing enemy might be headed towards the same direction or even the exact same location as Qiyana's E. So in scenarios where the dashing enemy ends up still within Qiyana's default attack range, she'll maintain her auto aim. Lastly, Qiyana jungle is not quite playable yet, so we're bumping that up to give her a fair shot.

Q - Edge of Ixtal

updatedCATCH ME ONLY IF YOU CAN If the target of Qiyana's E+Q combo is still within Qiyana's default attack range (150 units) of Qiyana at the end of her E, it will not be dodgeable
Bonus Damage VS Monsters 25% 50%


Base health and health growth increased. W self-lockout duration decreased and empowered animation sped up.

We over swung on Renekton's nerf last patch. We still believe reducing the stun on his empowered W was a step in the right direction to mitigate his Pro dominance, so we're improving its look and feel. We're also giving him more chances to start fights and increasing his tankiness.

Base Stats

Base Health 575 590
Health Growth 87 92

W - Ruthless Predator

updatedFAST FORWARD Empowered animation sped up by ~13%
Self-Lockout Duration 0.525 seconds 0.375 seconds (for both normal and empowered)


Q AP ratio reduced. E cooldown increased.

Ryze has risen above the other mid laners in most regions. We're nerfing his overall output to ensure he doesn't completely dominate at Worlds.

Q - Overload

Magic Damage 75/100/125/150/175 (+45% AP) (+3% bonus mana) 75/100/125/150/175 (+40% AP) (+3% bonus mana)

E - Spell Flux

Cooldown 3.25/3/2.75/2.5/2.25 seconds 3.5/3.25/3/2.75/2.5 seconds


Q cooldown decreased and damage increased.

Sejuani has been a bit of a boar lately. We’re slightly boosting her damage and giving her more access to her Q so she can stir up some more action!

Q - Arctic Assault

Cooldown 20/18/16/14/12 seconds 18/16.5/15/13.5/12 seconds
Damage 80/130/180/230/280 (+60% AP) 90/140/190/240/290 (+60% AP)


R cooldown decreased.

Seraphine's been weak across the board, so we're giving her some more chances to make sick beats plays instead of just sitting backstage to scale.

R - Encore

Cooldown 180/150/120 seconds 160/130/100 seconds


W shield increased.

Sion isn't doing so hot right now, so we're carefully buffing his shield to help him lane more stably.

W - Soul Furnace

Shield 50/75/100/125/150 (+40% AP) (+8/9/10/11/12% maximum health) 60/85/110/135/160 (+40% AP) (+8/9/10/11/12% maximum health)


Base armor reduced. Passive damage bug fixed. Q can no longer target hidden enemies. Power Chord E bug fixed.

Sona's songs have been a bit too powerful, especially in Skilled play. In addition to a few bugfixes, we're nerfing her base defenses a bit, all of which should add up to an appropriate nerf for the virtuoso.

Base Stats

Base Armor 28 26

Passive - Power Chord

BUGFIX Power Chord damage increases by 20-245 (based on level) 20-240 (based on level)

Q - Hymn of Valor

BUGFIX No longer targets enemies Sona cannot see

E - Song of Celerity

BUGFIX Power Chord - Tempo's slow no longer bypasses the target's slow reduction effects


R healing decreased.

Soraka got a bit too powerful with her new ability to cleanse Grievous Wounds before applying her buffed ult's heal. We still think this strategy works to help her against heal reduction, so we're just tapping down the numbers.

R - Wish

Base Heal 150/250/350 (+55% AP) 130/215/300 (+55% AP)


Base mana and mana regen increased.

Our 11.15 nerfs to Sylas's Q and W restrained him more than intended. We're offering him back some power by easing up on his mana constraints in lane, allowing him to be more proactive with his spells earlier in the game.

Base Stats

Base Mana 280 310
Base Mana Regen 7 8


Q cooldown increased.

Varus' last nerf missed the mark, so we're going a bit harder with a pointed focus on his Lethality builds, which are more reliant on his Q. (As a reminder, his Q cooldown can get partial refunds with stacks from W - Blighted Quiver's passive.)

Q - Piercing Arrow

Cooldown 16/14.5/13/11.5/10 seconds 16/15/14/13/12 seconds

Ultra Rapid Fire

Sharpen your spatulas, because URF returns with 11.19, just in time for Worlds! It's time to stretch those fingers and get ready to mash those keyboards. We've also made some important updates to URF below.

Balance Reset

In this run of URF, we’re using a new balancing strategy for mode-specific champion adjustments. Historically, we've aimed for 50% ideal winrate without incorporating how champions were balanced on classic Summoner's Rift (SR). We realized it didn't quite make sense for us to be toiling at something that already has a great solution, so we're choosing to align closer to existing numbers in classic SR. Instead of aiming for 50% winrates for across the board, our new strategy is to adjust champions in URF (and future game modes) to be closer to their SR winrates. This better accommodates the varied circumstances for why champions don't sit at 50% on normal SR, such as low playrate or niche gameplay.

Since this direction can imply a number of changes, most* of the URF regular champion adjustments will be removed for the first couple of days of patch 11.19. This includes the percentage modifiers to damage dealt, damage received, healing, and shielding. Individual mechanical changes, like Aurelion Sol getting more than three stars, are staying in place. A mid-patch update will occur part of the way into 11.19 that will then balance champions on URF to our new targets.
MEOWCH *Yuumi will retain -15% Outgoing Damage, +20% Damage Taken, and -30% Healing


In past versions of URF, we nerfed shielding only on champion ability shield ratios. To make sure we don’t miss new champions, champion VGUs, and heftier patch changes, we’re nerfing all shields across all champions consistently—just like we already do for healing.
Shield Reduction in URF 50% ratio reduction 30% overall reduction

Lane Minion Gold Values

When we last updated the gold values for minions on SR waaay back, URF was not adjusted to match. We’re fixing that and basing the new values on a simple percentage increase relative to SR. This'll make the differences easier to understand and less likely to diverge in the future while only slightly reducing the overall gold in URF in the early game.
URF Caster Minion Base Reward 21 gold 19.6 gold (14 gold in SR)
URF Melee Minion Base Reward 27 gold 29.4 gold (21 gold in SR)
URF Siege Minion Base Reward 100 gold 84 gold (60 gold in SR)

Worlds Clash

Team formation for the first weekend of Worlds Clash opens on September 27, with matches taking place on October 2 and 3. In addition to the standard trophy, banner, and logo Clash rewards, Worlds Clash grants an additional Loot Capsule containing:

  • For Worlds Clash participants with Premium Tickets who finish between 1st - 7th place: (1) Random Championship Skin Permanent
  • For all Worlds Clash participants (Premium and Basic Tickets) who finish 1st place: (1) Worlds Event Orb
  • For Worlds Clash participants with Premium Tickets who finish between 8th - 15th place: (1) Championship Skin Shard
  • For all Worlds Clash participants (Premium and Basic Tickets): (1) Dragonmancer Clash Icon
Clash VP Track - Players will now be able to view their VP progress for the season within the Clash tab, including End of Season Rewards tracking and VP thresholds.

AFK Penalties

We're adding new AFK penalty tiers to take stronger action against serial AFKers and ensure a healthier game experience. Players who progress through AFK penalty tiers will now be subject to a new queue lockout penalty at higher tiers in addition to queue delays. Queue delays reset if an AFK is detected during any of the five queue-delayed games. These delays and lockouts apply to all queues except for Clash and TFT.

Penalties will roll out in NA and LAS this patch for initial testing, and everywhere else next patch.

For a longer write-up, check out our recent blog.
AFK Tier 1 5 minute queue delay for 5 games
AFK Tier 2 10 minute queue delay for 5 games
AFK Tier 3 15 minute queue delay for 5 games
newAFK Tier 4 15 minute queue delay for 5 games + 24 hour queue lockout
newAFK Tier 5 15 minute queue delay for 5 games + 3 day queue lockout
newAFK Tier 6 15 minute queue delay for 5 games + 7 day queue lockout
newAFK Tier 7 15 minute queue delay for 5 games + 2 week queue lockout

League Client

Since updating the client's version of CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) in patch 11.17, we've seen significant improvements in the performance, reliability, and stability of the League client. Check out the latest update of the Client Cleanup Campaign for more details!

However, we've also noticed that the upgrade doesn't play nice with outdated drivers, so please check if your video card drivers and OS are up to date if you're experiencing new issues with the client.


  • Fixed a bug where some players' screens would freeze when viewing runes during Champ Select or in Collections
  • Fixed a bug to significantly reduce the time spent "Waiting for Stats" after the end of a game
  • The menu that appears upon right-clicking a friend's name in the Social Panel will correctly persist until you select an action or click out of it
  • Sounds from the Social Panel (such as messages and clicks) will play consistently again

Bugfixes & QoL Changes

  • Fiora's base voice lines have been remastered to sound clearer and more consistent
  • Several Predator keystone tooltips have been corrected to reflect its changes in patch 11.18
  • Nasus's Q - Siphoning Strike now triggers item effects that occur upon dealing ability damage (such as Luden's Tempest or Tear of the Goddess)
  • Fixed a bug where Irelia's Q - Bladesurge would sometimes (though very rarely) deal double damage
  • Fixed a bug where, if Akshan's E - Heroic Swing was cast and did not hook onto terrain while his Q - Avengerang was out, he would be able to cast another Q - Avengerang immediately
  • Braum's E - Unbreakable will correctly block the damage dealt by Jayce's Q - Shock Blast if it’s the first instance of damage dealt by a champion on his shield
  • Fixed a bug where Malzahar's Passive - Void Shift did not correctly reduce damage on attacks or abilities that trigger Night Harvester's Soulrend passive
  • Fixed a bug where, when emerging from Fog of War, Aurelion Sol's Q - Starsurge visual effects would go out of sync and appear further away than it actually was
  • Fixed a bug where, if Taliyah casted Q - Threaded Volley on Worked Ground without moving, she was unable to cast her Q again until her passive cooldown reset
  • Eclipse no longer grants omnivamp against targetable champion-created objects such as Gangplank's barrels and Teemo's mushrooms
  • Doran's Blade and Ravenous Hunter no longer grant physical vamp against wards
  • Ornn's upgraded version of Riftmaker, Icathia’s Curse, now correctly grants 8 AP per Legendary item
  • Fixed a bug where the bonus damage on Prowler's Claw's Sandswipe active would not trigger if used at too close of a range
  • Fixed a bug where getting hit by Bard's R - Tempered Fate right before activating Prowler's Claw's Sandswipe active would make abilities uncastable once the stasis expires
  • Fixed a bug where Night Harvester's Soulrend passive would not trigger against enemy champions who were in stasis when the item was purchased
  • Fixed a bug where, if a champion purchased Frozen Heart while dead, its Winter's Caress passive would activate on champions who were recently hit by the purchaser
  • Fixed a bug where Irelia's blades would not change color when she had 4 stacks of Passive - Ionian Fervor

Upcoming Skins & Chromas