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Sunsetting Clubs: Dawn of the Final Day

Next steps for Clubs' sunset in December

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Hey, everyone. It’s been about two months since we announced our intention to sunset Clubs in League of Legends. We're finally ready to move on to the next and final step in the process to give you ample time to migrate your communities to other platforms or channels. We thank you for all the feedback, comments, and sentiment we've been seeing around Clubs and hope to make this transition as easy and smooth as possible!

A Note on Club Tags: Clubs as a Part of Your Identity

Unsurprisingly, most of the feedback and sentiment that we saw after the first article was about the loss of Club Tags. One of the most interesting themes across this feedback was just how varied the uses of Club Tags are today. To name just a few:

  • Expressing Champion affinity - I see you out there, Kayn mains
  • Repping your favorite teams - Like a 2-5 character jersey you can wear in-game
  • Putting inside jokes....outside - Collection of random nouns or something hilarious your friend said once? We’ll never know

We know that Club Tags added a lot of player value, but, in addition to those mostly harmless uses, we also see an alarming number of more malicious and inappropriate tags out there.

There is no perfect solution that will enable us to keep the good tags around while preventing the bad tags from creating an unsafe environment. We’ll continue to look for ways to help you express yourself and your interests safely, though, because we know that matters to you. In the meantime, keep flashing your Mastery emotes on people to show them that you (yes, you) are the best 1/12/0 Yasuo on the block.

Next Steps

We’re currently targeting patch 10.25 (Live in Riot Regions on December 8th) as the patch in which Clubs are sunset. This means that, upon patching and logging into the game, you’ll no longer see Club Chat, Club Tags or any Club Roster information. We know that this will be a big adjustment for some of you, but our hope is that between now and then, you are able to migrate your community over to platforms like Discord so that you can stay in touch with your friends in League and beyond.

Speaking of Discord, starting today you can head over to their website to set up a new Discord Server for your community. They have League-specific templates ready to go at the link below and setting up your server should only take a few minutes, even if you aren’t already a Discord user. Once your server is set up, you can grab an invite link, paste it into Club Chat and let everyone know where they can find you.

We purposely designed this flow to give you maximum flexibility in how your community moves forward. Some of you are members of multiple Clubs that you might want to merge. Others may only want to keep in touch with a few of the people in their existing Clubs. Yet others may want to create a brand new community composed of people on their friends lists, people in existing Clubs and people outside of League. The choice is yours and we hope this proves to be a great opportunity for you to carry forward your existing relationships while forming some new ones.

Click here to head over to Discord!


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