Fight for Final City
When Anima Squad stands together, the Primordians don’t stand a chance.
Game Updates
Anima Squad 2024: Everything You Need To Know
Discover the new game mode, skins, and more!
La Penta! | Kia Mic Check | 2024 LEC Summer Playoffs Round 1
Check out all the best comms from Playoffs Round 1 of the #LEC Summer in this week's episode of Mic Check!
Game Updates
Patch 14.14 Notes
Calling all Anima Squad recruits, it’s time for patch 14.14!
EMEA Creator Challenge: Swarm
EMEA’s top content creators enlist in Anima Squad to compete and win prizes for their communities.
LEC 2024 Summer Playoffs - Opening Tease
The LEC Playoffs begin Friday this week, and the competition is getting fierce as teams are fighting for the Summer Title. Who will you support?
Splash Art | LEC Pop Quiz | 2024 Summer
Purple lightning and spikes?
Game Updates
LoL Patch 14.13 Notes
Patch 14.13 is making a splash 💦
LEC Pop Quiz - Ability Cues | 2024 Summer
We asked players to guess Champions based on a series of clues - the earlier they guess, the more points they would get.
Game Updates
Swarm | Operation: Anima Squad Trailer
It’s up to you, rookie. Join the squad and leap into an explosive new game mode.
Champion Insights: Aurora
The Whimsical Witchy Wabbit.
Game Updates
LOL PC Patch 14.12 Notes
All roads lead to him. Welcome to the Hall of Legends Faker!