Celebrate Pride 2024: League and TFT

Celebrate Pride with us and our LGBTQIA+ community.

There’s a lot going on for Pride this year across all our games, from our Community Pride Hub (launching May 31st) to in-game missions and our social channels. In fact, there’s so much going on that we had to break up our celebrations across a couple of articles, being released May 31st, but I’ll intro them here now, then update this article to link out to them later. If you don’t play the game I work on directly (TFT) or the one that shares a client (League of Legends), be sure to see what prideful celebrations our friends on VALORANT and Wild Rift post about on the 31st of May (Pacific Time). If you want to see everything in one spot across our games, check out the Riotgames.com article (also releasing May 31st).

With that, let’s get into the details for League and TFT, which are all coming with Patch 14.11!


Pride content hits the Rift with Patch 14.11 and is available until Patch 14.12’s conclusion. The event brings a new mission and Pride Emote, “United,” featuring Twisted Fate and Neeko, as well as returning Pride emotes for 1 Blue Essence each—essence-ially free!





Play as a Premade Group

United emote

Accepted (GravesxTF), Flex (K’Sante), and Light Em’ Up are returning emotes available for 1 Blue Essence each.


Until July 8th, Pride Player Icons will elevate your homeguard animation on Summoner’s Rift to colorful homeguard trails by equipping any of the correlated Pengu Icons available for 1 Blue Essence at the store or in a bundle! Check out the list here: Prismatic Pengu Icon, Cotton Candy Pengu Icon, Galactic Pengu Icon, Sunset Pengu Icon, Twilight Pengu Icon, Primary Pengu Icon, Sherbert Pengu Icon, Mint Pengu Icon.


Okay, before we portal over to TFT, a quick note about our Community Pride Hub launching May 31st. The Community Pride Hub is your go-to for everything from fan art to cosplays—the perfect place to shine a spotlight on how you all show your Pride!


TFT’s Pride event starts on the same patch as League’s, patch 14.11 (May 30th in the afternoon PT), and lasts just one patch as 14.12 brings another celebratory event to Tacticians. That means you’ll have till June 11th, the day before 14.12 goes live to claim all your TFT Pride goodies. As to what those goodies are… keep scrolling.

TFT’s Event Hub will bring three new missions that will make past Pride content available and add a new prideful emote to the roster.

Tacticians Stand United

Play 1 match of TFT

High Five emote

Cheer Squad

Equip the (New) High Five emote and use an emote in a match

25 Star Shards

Fireworks - Mint Boom

Fireworks - Rose Quarts Boom

Fireworks - Sapphire Boom

Fireworks - Catseye Boom

Fireworks - Obsidian Boom

Fireworks - Tanzanite Boom

Fireworks - Citrine Boom

Fireworks - Rainbow Boom

Show Your Colors

Equip a “Fireworks” boom and play a match of TFT

25 Star Shards

& Dip Emote


Pengu and Poptail may not be able to speak our language, but if they could they’d invite you to celebrate Pride with them.

In case you missed them, our Pride Booms return to give more reason to take pride in your victory.


He may not have made it into this set, but K’Sante is sure to K’Sant-slay.

And now, a note for our Pride trails. Historically, our Pride trails have been activated by equipping one of our Pride Icons, but at TFT many of our players are Mobile-only and never have the chance to equip an Icon. This is why starting with Patch 14.11, the Pride trail effect will instead activate by equipping the respective Pride Booms. As a reminder, our Pride trails are active year-long!

With Emotes, Missions, Player HUBs, and Pride trails, there are plenty of ways for you to celebrate Pride 2024 across our games. So regardless of how you celebrate, from all of us at Riot Games, have a terrific Pride!