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New Pool Party Umbra Variants and Mythic Ao Shin!

New Pool Party Little Legends make a splash in patch 12.15—read about ‘em here!

Game UpdatesAuthorRodger “Riot Prism” Caudill
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There’s new Pool Party Little Legends making a splash in patch 12.15! Let’s dive in!

You can purchase any of the five Pool Party Umbra variants directly, or crack open a random one in a Pool Party Egg at a reduced price. Pool Party Eggs will also have a chance to contain the Mythic Summer Splash Ao Shin (2 percent drop rate, but guaranteed by the 16th egg). Pool Party Eggs are available until our Dragonlands Mid-set launches, but the direct purchase Umbra(s) will remain available permanently.

Alright, first let’s get into the pricing, then let’s meet our pool party pals!


Price (RP)

1 Pool Party Egg


5 Pool Party Eggs


14 + 2 Pool Party Eggs


Direct purchase Pool Party Umbra variants (Little Shark Umbra, Lifeguard Umbra, Fruity Smoothie Umbra, Sunkissed Umbra, Scuba Shark Umbra)


The Mythic Summer Splash Ao Shin

First off, let’s address the potential confusion between the Ao Shin(s) found across the Convergence. The main difference between the two is that the Legendary Tempest Dragon Ao Shin chills his foes when his mana pool fills, while Summer Splash Ao Shin chills with his foes when any pool is filled.

Summer Splash Ao Shin is the stand-up-paddleboard type of Little Legend that vibes in all the right ways. They’ve got their own unique animations and sounds—oh my the sounds. They’re just one musical performance from being the summer swoon of everyone in earshot—just lend them your eyes and ears below.




As mentioned earlier, Summer Splash Ao Shin is guaranteed to drop by the 16th egg, but they have a two percent chance of dropping each egg prior.

Pool Party Umbra Variants

There are more Little Legends joining Choncc and Ao Shin in Splash Town, and they’ve all got a unique flair to bring—just like you <3.

There’s the prankster Scuba Shark Umbra, who between you and me, doesn’t even need that dive gear—maybe that’s why it keeps washing up at the Splash Party arena?




Did you know Sunkissed Umbra learned the Ukulele, just so they could play to the melody of your soul. Yeah—they’re a sweetheart.




Sunkissed Umbra may be a sweetheart, but Fruity Smoothie Umbra is the true master of sweetness. They’re a passionate mixologist with a flair for blending trait combos with an assortment of items for that smooth LP taste.




After you are done with Fruity Smoothie Umbra’s filling smoothie let’s get right to swimming. Wait, aren’t you supposed to wait 30 minutes before you go in? Of course not, there’s no scientific basis for this recommendation, and Lifeguard Umbra knows that, alongside CPR, water rescue skills, and of course, good vibes.




Last, and definitely the littlest, is Little Shark Umbra. A fun fact about them is that they’re working on a cute new song that’s sure to drive you crazy. It goes something like this, “Little Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo,” but to be honest, they’re much better playing the ukulele without singing.




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