Clash Changes and Split 2 Schedule
The schedule for the remaining tournaments in 2023 and some big updates to how often and WHERE Clash will be played in the future.
Dev Update: Clash, Ranked & Skins
Riot Brightmoon, Meddler, and 100 pc nuggets discuss changes to Ranked and Clash, ASU progress, and an upcoming Ultimate skin.
League of Legends: Split 1 2023 Clash Schedule
Your guide to Clash tournaments in the first half of 2023.
Game Updates
League of Legends: 2022 Clash Schedule
Your guide to Clash tournaments in 2022.
MSI Clash May 8-9 & 29-30
Compete in a special Clash to commemorate MSI 2021!
/dev: 2021 Clash Check-In
What we're working on for Clash this year.
Game Updates
Feb 3 & 4 Make-Up Clash Tournament
League-wide issues in some regions caused Clash problems on Jan 16 & 17. We've scheduled a make-up.
Game Updates
Worlds 2020 Clash Details
The stakes are higher than ever with larger brackets and bigger rewards.
Dev Doodles: Clash | League of Legends
Betas went smoothly. Players were hyped. And then Clash fell over.
Game Updates
Patch 10.16 notes
A little razzle here, a little dazzle there...we’re shaking the meta up this patch!
Game Updates
Conqueror Clash: July 11 & 12
Grab your team for a special one-weekend Clash tournament July 11th and 12th!
Riot Games
Incident Report: Recent Outages in Europe & Brazil
This incident report describes the tech behind the recent outages in Europe and Brazil which impacted Clash.