Fury of the North

  • Role
  • Difficulty

Sejuani is the brutal, unforgiving Iceborn warmother of the Winter's Claw, one of the most feared tribes of the Freljord. Her people's survival is a constant, desperate battle against the elements, forcing them to raid Noxians, Demacians, and Avarosans...




  1. Passive
    Fury of the North

    After being out of combat, Sejuani gains Frost Armor which grants Armor and Magic Resist and immunity to slows. Frost Armor persists for a short time after Sejuani takes damage. Sejuani can damage a stunned enemy to shatter it, dealing massive magic damage.

  2. Q
    Arctic Assault

    Sejuani charges forward, knocking enemies into the air. The charge stops after hitting an enemy champion.

  3. W
    Winter's Wrath

    Sejuani swings her mace twice, dealing damage, slowing enemies and applying Frost stacks.

  4. E

    Sejuani freezes and stuns an enemy champion that has maximum Frost stacks.

  5. R
    Glacial Prison

    Sejuani throws her bola that freezes and stuns the first champion hit and creates an ice storm that slows other enemies.

Available Skins

Available Skins

Available Skins

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