the Machine Herald

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The herald of a new age of technology, Viktor has devoted his life to the advancement of humankind. An idealist who seeks to lift the people of Zaun to a new level of understanding, he believes that only by embracing a glorious evolution of technology...




  1. Passive
    Glorious Evolution

    Viktor can augment his basic abilities when he gets kills on enemies.

  2. Q
    Siphon Power

    Viktor blasts an enemy unit dealing magic damage, gaining a shield and empowering his next basic attack. Augment: Siphon Power's shield is increased by 60% and Viktor gains bonus Move Speed after casting.

  3. W
    Gravity Field

    Viktor conjures a heavy gravitational field that slows enemies in its radius. Enemies who stay within the device for too long are stunned. Augment: Viktor's non-periodic spells apply a slow to enemies.

  4. E
    Death Ray

    Viktor uses his robotic arm to fire a chaos beam that cuts across the field in a line, dealing damage to all enemies in its path. Augment: An explosion follows the Death Ray's wake, dealing magic damage.

  5. R
    Chaos Storm

    Viktor conjures a singularity on the field which deals magic damage and interrupts enemy channels. The singularity then periodically does magic damage to all nearby enemies. Viktor can redirect the singularity. Augment: The Chaos Storm moves 25% faster.

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Available Skins

Available Skins

Available Skins

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