League of Legends Code of Conduct

As we continue to build League of Legends with our global community, we ask all community members to agree to the expectations outlined here. This Code of Conduct for League of Legends is supplemental to the Riot Games Terms of Service, which you must agree to before being allowed into any Riot game.

Behavior Expectations

To foster an environment that lives up to the values above, we expect every member of the community to commit to the following behaviors:


Comms Abuse
Offensive language, hateful speech, sexual harassment

Third party exploits, hacks, bug abuse, account sharing, account boosting

Offensive or Inappropriate Names
Player names, account names, group names

Intent to Lose - Leaving the Game/AFK
Disconnecting, AFKing, idling, refusing to play

Intent to Lose - In Game Behaviors
Intentional feeding, in-game harassment, sabotage

Out-of-game physical harm, emotional abuse, doxxing, bullying


If you violate the expectations described here, we may restrict your privileges or access to features in our games. Restrictions serve to shield the community from future disruption, and provide an opportunity to reflect on the behavior that led to the restriction. We strive to provide a path to reform, but not at the expense of protecting the rest of the community. We also strive to restrict based on the disruption caused, and to avoid action that is needlessly punitive or harsh.

Consequences for violating the Code of Conduct can include (but are not limited to):

  • Loss of the ability to use in-game communication systems
  • Restrictions or additional requirements to access experiences such as Ranked queues
  • Restricted access to social systems and features in any of Riot’s games
  • Removal of rewards or content found to be obtained inappropriately
  • Temporary or indefinite suspension from League of Legends, or all of Riot’s games.