Announcing the Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Showcase

Announcing the Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Showcase

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We're excited to announce the Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Showcase will take place on March 12th and 13th! This event will celebrate the upcoming release of TFT’s next set - Galaxies - and will feature players from all over the world competing for more than $150,000. The Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Showcase will be cast by Ovilee, DisguisedToast, LeTigress, Frodan, Riot Wittrock, and RiotMort and will reveal additional details on what fans can expect from TFT esports in the future.




The first day of competition will see 16 players get sorted into 2 groups to play a total of 8 games, 4 games per group. In order to avoid any potential risks from Covid-19, (aka the coronavirus), players will compete remotely from their own locations. Players will earn points based on their final placement in each game, with the player finishing first in the fourth game (Golden Game) automatically qualifying for Day 2, regardless of the total point score. Of the remaining players, the 3 players with the highest cumulative point score in each group will also qualify for Day 2. During both days, players will earn points based on their final placement in each game.


If 2 or more players are tied in point score, rankings will be determined by the following criteria:

  1. Highest number of 1st place finishes across all games played.
  2. Best average placement across all games played.
  3. Best placement in Game 4

The second day will feature the top 8 players from the first day racing each other to accumulate 18 points first and the chance to win the Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Showcase. Players who accumulate 18 points become eligible to win the tournament by placing 1st in any of the following matches. After a player has been declared a winner, the remaining players will be ranked 2nd-8th based on their total point score.

What’s on the line:

Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies will see a total prize pool of $150,250 distributed among all 16 participants based on final placings.

1st - $15,000

2nd - 8th - $10,750

9th - 16th - $7,500

Each day will see the competition begin at 3pm PT with matches being broadcast on and We’re excited to share Galaxies with you as well as additional information about future esports plans for TFT!

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