Aurelion Sol Papercraft Tutorial

Learn how to craft your own Aurelion Sol from paper, just like he appears in the Dragonlands!

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Summon the Star Forger, in paper form

Welcome Dragoneers and Dragonauts! We hope you have been enjoying your time spent exploring the Dragonlands. Some of you may have noticed on your way here that Aurelion Sol, an exquisitely large example of Dragonkind, had assumed a somewhat more modest form in this realm. If you haven’t yet seen him, we’d recommend checking out our Dragonlands Set Introduction video. He’s been teaching the newest incoming class at Dragon Academy all that there is to know about this fantastically diverse realm.

Aurelion Sol’s guidance is handy to have around–and in such a convenient form too! Being made out of paper means that anyone can summon him if they so desire. If you’d like to make your own Aurelion Sol, you can download him using the templates below.

Watch the Tutorial

We should note that this template requires joining several pieces of paper, but the full instructions are available to view in the videos below! You can get your start by downloading the template here:








Introducing Karagamii!

Karagamii holding papercraft 'Pako Pako' designed by Tomoko Fuse

To help realize the task of summoning the Star Forger, we partnered with a master of papercraft. Karagamii has been making origami and papercraft tutorials on YouTube and TikTok since her youth. She loves games, and loves welcoming others into the papercraft community. We knew that her skill with folding, and with teaching, would make the task of folding this monumental dragon quite small. If you’d like to see her video on the entire process, you can view it here.

Find more of Karagamii’s work on her socials!

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