Warriors Cinematic Season 2020 Asset Pack

Season 2020 has fully started. To celebrate, we are releasing an Asset Pack of our new Warriors remix cinematic. Download and create with 3D weapon models, high res stills, and concept art of some of League’s most iconic champions.

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Season 2020 has fully started. In case you missed it, to celebrate, Riot released a Warrior’s remix cinematic. This fully rendered 3D music video showed off some of your favorite League of Legends champs’ epic lore moments. To keep the hype train going, we are happy to release some of the amazing 3D files made by Blur Studio. This, along with detailed turn arounds and high res stills, should help you create your own cosplay and art to celebrate season 2020 in your own unique way. Just keep our Legal Jibber Jabber in mind with what you create!

3D Weapon Files

Do you need to not only see Caitlin’s gun but hold it in your own hands? We are happy to share the OBJ files for Caitlin’s Gun, Garen’s Sword, Sylas' Chains,and Lux’s Staff. Just be warned, these are some BIG files. So be ready for them to take a while to download. 

3D Turnarounds

Do you want to see the details of the characters themselves? Need to zoom in on every muscle of those mages from the Freljord? Well, now you can! Here are the 3D models for all the champions featured as well as some of lesser characters from the video. But be warned, these are also pretty massive files.

 High Res Stills

If you are more about the whole cinematic itself, we have some high res stills from the CG to use as wallpapers, or just be used to inspire you to create your own versions.

Concept Art

Last but not least, we have concept art!

All the concepts and pre-work images you could wish for!

Don’t forget, if you create something with these files, tag @LeagueofLegends on social media. We can't wait to see what you make!


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