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Detailed info on the changes for Ranked Rewards in 2024.

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Hey everyone! We’re the Competitive and Ranked User Experience team a.k.a. the Ranked team for purposes of this post today (Editor’s Note: I’ve expressed that this acronym and team name is a mouthful) and we’re here today to talk to you about everyone’s favorite spoils of suffering Ranked! We‘ve made some changes the last few seasons that have resulted in us changing a few things on the rewards track, so we wanted to show you what we have planned as there are now three splits each Ranked season, as well as how the rewards are going to look for 2024 and onward for now.

What’s Changed

As you saw last year, we essentially doubled the reward track because we had two splits. With it, we also gave out two different Victorious skins in the form of Anivia and Tryndamere. Other than that we didn’t really change much last year compared to 2022. We essentially just took the model we had previously and made two of those for 2023.

This year we didn’t want to just simply 3x everything you earned in a singular split because that didn’t exactly feel meaningful. So we decided to rethink the rewards you could potentially receive for participating in the new splits, as well as a little extra if you participated in all of them! Don’t worry you’re not getting LESS, we made sure of that—but we did make some slight changes to how the rewards usually look like.

A Rewarding Journey Through 2024 (We Hope)

At the high level we made some slight changes to the rewards that you’ll see/experience during the split in the form of the Ranked track and rewards. They’re mostly still the same, but you’ll see a few minor differences. You should immediately notice at least on that track we’ve changed the emote to no longer show your rank (don’t worry we just moved that to the end-of-year reward). We also replaced a Hextech Chest with a Hextech Key Fragment. When we were adjusting the rewards for the whole year we needed to pull back a little in some places so we could plus them up in others.

Now for post-split rewards you’ll see only two changes here: The end of split icon has been moved to the end of the season, rather than the split, since they were intended to note the “end of the season” rank. We also reduced the Split Point requirement for the Victorious Skins for below Gold from 1600 to 1000. You’ll still be getting the unique Victorious skin in the usual fashion as well as the chromas based on your rank at the end of each split (if you earned the Victorious skin after the end of each split). 

Now for the totally new changes! The “End of Year Experience.” We’re going to be giving you another Ranked emote showcasing your highest rank at the end of the year for everyone who participated in at least one Ranked split in the year. As a bonus, if you complete (obtain the Victorious skin) all three splits all of the skins will receive a splash art border denoting the highest rank that you reached for the year on the splash art for each Victorious skin. This will immediately apply to all three earned Victorious skins for the year once it's granted.

Free Stuff?

Okay okay, we have a chart below of what to expect, but we also wanted to buck the usual trend of waiting to tell you what the Victorious Skins are… so we’re gonna tell you the skin from the first split AND the second one. If you qualify for the Victorious skin for split 1, (which is 80 Split Points if you are Gold or higher, or 1000 Split Points if you’re under Gold) you’ll earn Victorious Kog’Maw! If you do the same in Split 2 you’ll earn Victorious Sona!

Okay here’s that chart now:

Reward Type

2023 2 splits (old)

2024 3 splits (NEW)

Victorious Emote

1 per split (2 total)

1 per split (3 total)

Victorious Icon

1 per split (2 total)

1 per split (3 total)


1 per split (2 total)

1 per split (3 total)

Victorious Skin

1 per split (2 total)

1 per split (3 total)

Victorious Skin Chromas

Maximum 9 for all rank chromas for each split since Emerald was introduced (17 total potential chromas)

Maximum 9 for all rank chromas (27 total potential chromas)

End of Season Ranked Icon (highest rank reached icon)

1 per split (2 total) for end of split rank

1 per season year highest rank across all splits

Victorious Skin Splash Border

Didn’t exist

1 per season year showing the highest rank achieved across the splits. Requires obtaining all 3 Victorious skins from each split.

Ranked Emote

(Existed previously in the per split format)

1 per season year, reflecting highest rank achieved in the season year

We want to double down on what makes sense to continue doing with another additional split in the year, but also making it worthwhile to continue playing through the full season. We also wanted to make it worthwhile to continue playing through the whole season so you can earn things related to consistently playing in every split.

For now we don’t have any other changes planned for 2024 when it comes to Ranked Rewards but we’ll let you know if we make any other changes. We hope you like the new feel of these rewards now that we’re doing three splits and best of luck in your climbs!

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