TL;DW: Arena, Lee Sin & PvE Mode First-Look

A quick rundown of updates on Arena, Lee Sin, Ranked Rewards, Champion Mastery, and a new PvE mode.

DevAuthorsRiot Brightmoon, Meddler, Riot Cadmus, ChooChooTrain
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Hey folks, Riot Brightmoon, Meddler, Cadmus, and ChooChooTrain back with another TL;DW of today's Dev Update:

  • Arena's recent run was pretty successful, but play hours decreased over the course of the run.
  • When Arena returns, it will have lobbies of 16 players per game.
  • There will also be a new class of items: Prismatics, which completely alter the way you play Arena.
  • You can also go big or go home by buying items from the Anvil (at a lower price, but much less reliably).
  • There will be more info in the /dev blog next week!


  • We're releasing a bullet heaven survivor PvE game mode during the mid-year event.
  • We made champion-specific titles in the updated Champion Mastery system permanent.
  • It will also be easier to get Mastery with the new system, since it will no longer factor in team performance.
  • The updated system has a targeted release date of patch 14.10 on May 15.
  • We released a dev blog on Lee Sin's ASU with more details about his process.


  • The team has been working on gameplay clarity on some skins.
  • We're targeting Lee Sin's release in patch 14.9 on May 1.
  • Teemo's ASU is targeted for a release in patch 14.20.
  • This year there will be a unique Victorious skin for each split.
  • Don't forget to tune into MSI to see who punches their ticket to Worlds!


  • The first split's skin is Victorious Kog'Maw.
  • The second split's skin is Victorious Sona.
  • If you unlock all three Victorious skins, you will receive a Victorious border for them all.
  • You can learn more about this in a dev blog that's out today.

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