TL;DW: Clash, Ranked & Skins Dev Update

A quick rundown from Riot Brightmoon, Meddler, and 100 pc nuggets.

Hello again! Riot Brightmoon, Meddler, and 100 pc nuggets here with your TL;DW for today’s Dev Update:

  • We’re adding a new Ranked tier, Emerald, between Platinum and Diamond.
  • Diamond+ will maintain the same skill requirements, but below Diamond will see players shifting slightly to better reflect skill levels.
  • We’re completely removing promos from League.


  • The Clash reward system will now be based on how many games you win or lose in total, rather than final standing.
  • Clash tournaments will be held monthly instead of biweekly.
  • We’re changing how we monitor and support Clash servers and code to provide more stability.
  • We’ll host some non-Summoner’s Rift Clashes this year, starting with an ARAM Clash in August.


  • We’re making progress on the Lee Sin and Teemo ASUs.
  • We’re aiming to make Lee Sin’s power source more apparent, increase his gameplay clarity, modernize his animations, and put those neck memes to rest.
  • We’re updating Teemo’s spell animations, voiceover, lore, and recalls, as well as giving him a more expressive face.
  • We’ll be getting started on their extensive skin catalogs soon.
  • Lee Sin is slated for release in the first half of 2024, and Teemo in the second half.


  • Star Guardian Seraphine and Orianna will be available in Patch 13.13 and Star Guardian Senna will be available in 13.14.
  • Redeemed Xayah and Rakan will be released towards the end of this year.
  • Taliyah and Ashe will receive the next Crystalis Motus skins later this year.
  • Samira will receive an Ultimate skin as part of this year’s summer event.
  • The Prestige Skin List is back!
  • Find more info on skins in the State of Skins dev blog.
  • The first Ranked split ends on July 17, server time. Ranked will reopen on July 19.