TL;DW: Season 2024 Look Ahead

A short rundown of the Season 2024 dev video.

Hey folks! Riot Brightmoon and Meddler back with a special Season 2024 TL;DW. In today’s dev update we’re joined by folks across Riot to talk about what we’re working on for 2024. Check out the longer (and we mean long) dev video for more info and context. But in case you can’t, here’s a quick rundown on the changes and announcements.

  • The Season 2024 cinematic releases January 10.
  • We’re making some targeted changes to how the Ranked system evaluates skill—this means you should see fewer smurfs or players with vastly different ranks in your lobbies.
  • Skarner’s getting ready for his release in the first half of this year.
  • After Skarner, a champion from Arcane is getting a VGU.


  • Shyvana is getting a VGU, which is aimed to be released in 2025.
  • Smolder, the Fiery Fledgling, is the new ADC coming to League!


  • The mid-range-mage solo-laner is after Smolder.


  • Ambessa Medarda is coming to League this year.
  • We’ll celebrate Arcane Season 2 in League when it releases this November.
  • Check out an Arcane Season 2 teaser that’s out now!


  • We’re updating the champion mastery system, which you can read about in today’s dev blog.
  • Arena is coming back with tons of improvements, including increasing it to 8 teams of 2.
  • URF and One-For-All will be back in the first half of this year, with more modes returning later!
  • The Modes Team is working on another mode that’s a chill way to play with friends.
  • Vanguard, our anti-cheat software, is coming to League to help combat bots and cheaters.


  • Vanguard will allow us to hardware ban offenders and do live match termination, refunding LP to players in impacted games.
  • Rakan, Ezreal, Kindred, Evelynn, and Kayle will be receiving Prestige skins in the first half of this year.


  • Lee Sin’s ASU is almost complete and he’ll be coming out in early May.


  • Teemo’s ASU ran into some issues and we’re evaluating our updated timelines—we’ll update you when we know!


  • We have new thematics: Heavenscale and Primal Ambush!
  • Faerie Court, PROJECT, and Blood Moon are returning this year.
  • Older Legendary skins that don’t have unique borders will be getting them, including Dragon Trainer Tristana, Broloaf, and Corporate Mundo.
  • Rammus and Olaf are getting skins this year.
  • LEC, LCK, LPL, and LCS will have 3 slots at Worlds this year, while LLA, CBLOL, PCS, and VCS will remain unchanged.
  • We’re keeping double elim at MSI, but this year the winner of MSI will win a slot at Worlds, which counts as an extra slot for their region.
  • MSI will be held from May 1st through the 19th in Chengdu, China.
  • Worlds will be held in Europe, with the Play-Ins and Swiss Stage in Berlin, Germany, and Quarterfinals and Semis in Paris, France.
  • Worlds will run from September 24th through November 2nd.
  • We’re creating our own hall of fame for League esports pros: LoL Esports Hall of Legends.
  • An independent voting panel of esports industry veterans and experts from every region is voting for our very first inductee.
  • Regional leagues are preparing to kick off, so tune in starting January 13th!
  • League is turning 15 this year, and we’ll celebrate with all of you—just League though, no new games this time!
  • Oh, and we have a teaser for the Season 2024 cinematic.

That’s it for us from now! We’ll be back with our regular Dev Updates soon! Thanks so much and welcome to Season 2024.