TL;DW: Gameplay, Esports & Arcane Dev Update

A short rundown of updates from Meddler, Pupulasers, and the esports and Arcane teams.

Hey everyone, Meddler and Pupulasers here with a quick TL;DR of today’s Dev Update:

  • We won’t be doing Champion Roadmaps this year because we shared a lot at the start of the season in January.

  • We’ll likely be rolling them into Dev Updates in the future.

  • Malphite’s visual update is an experimental approach that we’re trying out to see if it’s sustainable.

  • Don’t forget to check out the Spirit of Heart-Home and give us your feedback!

  • Arena’s run this time has been successful, and as of filming players have been sticking with it pretty consistently.

  • We are seeing discussion around cameos, the lily pad map, Prismatics, pick/bans, and 16 players, which we’ll talk about more in a future blog.

  • We’ll be releasing our PvE mode called Swarm in mid-July alongside the summer event.

  • It can be played co-op or solo and is a pretty big departure from League’s core gameplay.

  • We feel that some aspects of the Champion Mastery update landed well, but there are some areas we want to improve.

  • We’re working on adjustments to the visual design of the crests.

  • We’re also bringing back the removed Challenges based on the number of Mastery 7 champions.

  • We’re exploring some solutions to progressing mastery in non-Summoner’s Rift game modes, but don’t have an update yet.

  • Since Vanguard launched, we’ve banned over 47,000 scripters, 2,500+ in Diamond+ games.

  • Bot hours have fallen from 1 million+ to under 50k per day since Vanguard launched.

  • We’ve seen no discernible change in daily player numbers—in fact, we’ve seen an increase in actual human hours.

  • Some players are still experiencing technical issues with Vanguard due to outdated drivers, so please reach out to Player Support if that’s happening.

  • All global esports leagues will follow a unified split schedule starting in 2025.

  • We’re reducing the number of teams in our Tier 1 ecosystem.

  • Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Japan, Vietnam, and Oceania will combine forces into a single multi-region league.

  • Similarly, LCS, CBLOL, and LLA will come together as the Americas League.

  • LCS and CBLOL will compete in the North and South Americas conferences, with the LLA taking one slot in each conference.

  • We’re adding an additional international tournament in 2025 that will kick off with regional play and culminate in the international portion in March.

  • League’s new Executive Producer is Paul “Pabro” Bellezza!

  • He was one of Riot’s first interns and one of the first 10 devs on League, and has worked on champions, skills, in-game events, the store, and more.

  • The Arcane team set out with a specific end in mind, and season two will be the final season, but the first of many stories to tell in Runeterra.

  • The team’s currently working on their next projects—across television and film—which are still very early in development and hope to share more by the end of the year.

  • Enjoy our first tease for Arcane season two.