Announcing Double Up's First Global Tournament: Hextech Havoc

When and how to watch the first global Double Up tournament!

EsportsAuthorRodger “Riot Prism” Caudill
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With all the hype around Double Up’s beta, we’re doubling down on the Lab with a tournament for inventive pairs all over the world! Hextech Havoc: Double Up, is our international competition between the best Double Up players (and their chosen partners!) from around the world where they’ll compete to be named the best duo of the Double Up beta! The event will take place January 15-16th at 6 AM PT, and you can tune in at


The top ranked Double Up player from each region (EUNE, EUW, RU, TR, NA, CN, KR, BR, LAN, LAS, JP, OCE) as of January 4 (11:59 AM PT) will qualify for the tournament along with the partner of their choice. These duos will be joined by four invited teams, one, the winner of the upcoming Giant Slayer Lab Partners Double Up Invitational presented by Wisdom (more info available here), and another the winner of an upcoming EU TFT invitational, Double Trouble. With 16 international teams (32 players) duking it out for a piece of the $10,000 prize pool, we can’t wait to see what ingenious new strategies they bring to the table.

Please note that participants must be able to stream while playing in the tournament. In the event any qualified players are unable to participate, we’ll simply move down their region’s Double Up leaderboard to find their replacement.

Day 1: Group Stage

16 teams will play in rotating lobbies. After three games, the lowest scoring 8 teams will be eliminated. The remaining 8 teams will have their points reset, and will play another 3 games. The 4 highest-scoring duos advance to Day 2.

Day 2: Finals

4 teams, five games, two winners, one pair. Catch the roll downs and flawless rounds at the finals starting 6am PT at

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