League of Legends in High Schools

Riot Games is extending its partnership with PlayVS

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  • Riot Games is extending its partnership with PlayVS to bring League of Legends to high school students in the U.S.
  • Learn more here and register for the Spring 2020 Season by February 14.

PlayVS Partnership

We are excited to announce an extension of our partnership with PlayVS to bring League of Legends as a sanctioned high school sport to students in the United States. This includes unlocked champions and skins for participating students; technical integration for a seamless experience; and a brighter spotlight on high school competition building on 2019’s High School Invitational at the League of Legends College Championship.

Our goal is to make League of Legends an inclusive, generational sport, and high school is a big part of this mission. High school is already a fast-growing part of the League of Legends ecosystem in North America, alongside the LCS, LCS Academy, and College. Building on growth at the college level, where over 100 colleges now offer League of Legends scholarships, high schools are stepping up their support for thousands of players representing their schools on Summoner’s Rift.

What is PlayVS?

PlayVS is a competitive platform for esports with a focus on school-sanctioned competition. Since launching with League of Legends in Fall 2018, PlayVS has partnered with eighteen states to offer sanctioned high school esports seasons and state championships. The Spring 2020 League of Legends Season will bring high school competition onto its biggest stage yet.

How Can I Participate in PlayVS Spring Season?

Head on over to the PlayVS website to see if your school has a team and to learn more about how to register for the upcoming spring season. GLHF!


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