Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning Championship Primer

Find out additional information on the TFT Reckoning Championship.

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Prepare yourself for the Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning Championship! Throughout the Reckoning set, players proved their skills through regional events in order to qualify for the World Championship. October 1-4, the best TFT players from around the world will compete for the grand title of Reckoning World Champion and $250,000 dollars in prizes!

Qualified Players

The tournament will celebrate the 20 players from around the globe who have qualified for the TFT: Reckoning championship, who represent the following regions: EMEA, China, North America, Korea, Brazil, Latin America, Japan, and Oceana. These participants will not only fight for the chance at the championship title and cash prizes, but will compete to represent their region in the most prestigious TFT event in the world.


Format Overview

Oct 1st: Play-ins - Bottom seed from each region will play in a lobby. 4 players will advance to the group stage.

Oct 2nd: Group Stage [Lobby A] - 4 players advance to final lobby

Oct 3rd: Group Stage [Lobby B] - 4 players advance to final lobby

Oct 4th: Finals - The first player to reach 18 points and win a game, wins the Championship title!


Prize Pool


Where to Watch

The championship will begin at 2:00am PDT on October 1st. Be sure to tune in on Twitch to watch the championship!

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