TFT Summit: Monsters Attack!

Top TFT personalities battle it out December 8-11 to celebrate Monster’s Attack! and the TFT community.

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Celebrating the upcoming release of the latest Teamfight Tactics set, we’re excited to announce TFT Summit: Monsters Attack!—a new kind of event that will bring together 24 of North America’s best and brightest TFT players to compete for $25,000 dollars in prizes and bragging rights as the first champion of Monsters Attack!

The Summit will take place December 8-11, just after the release of Monsters Attack!, with top TFT influencers & pros from across NA coming together live and in-person for four days of competition and fun as they explore the new set and all its possibilities. We’re delighted to partner with Beyond the Summit to design an event that will not only feature top competition but also showcase and celebrate the TFT community. 

During the event, players will compete over four days in a unique solo-duo teams format using composite scoring. We’ve already invited 20 players—here’s a sneak peak of the pairings:

The Summit event format gives ample opportunity to watch your favorite players both in and out of game, with rounds of TFT interspersed with skits, side events, and other content. We don’t want to give everything away ahead of time, but here’s some of what we’ve got on the docket:

  • Teamfight Talents Show

  • Can a TFT Player Cook an Omelet?

  • Best Friends - A TFT Game Show

  • Mafia

Player commentary will also be a big focus, so even when players aren’t part of a match you’ll get to hear their take on the action and the new set. Finally, expect to see TFT devs make an appearance on the broadcast—keep an eye out later this month for a submission form for a live Q&A panel. 

For those who want to get a taste of the Summit experience in person, we’re also thrilled to announce our Heroes Gather! Fan Experience. On Saturday, December 10 we’ll host an in-person event featuring exclusive events, food & drink, swag, and meet-and-greets. If you high roll, you might even get to drop into a lobby with one of the pros…stay tuned for more info on ticket availability!

We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the new set with a live kickoff event, one we hope will highlight everything you, the players, have done to grow TFT and the community. Join us December 8-11, 10 AM - 9 PM PT at to enjoy the show and welcome Monsters Attack!

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