TFT Summit x Heroes Gather! Fan Experience

Who’s voted in, how to ask questions for a Dev Q&A, & attending the Heroes Gather! Fan Experience.

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"For the TFT Summit, the players are doing a cooking contest, and me and a few other TFT devs get to be the judges.

In order to do this, we had to sign a liability waiver. 

Honestly, looking at who is cooking...makes total sense we need to sign that waiver..."

- ‘Mortdog’ 

The TFT Summit: Monsters Attack! is almost here! Celebrate the upcoming release of the latest Teamfight Tactics set with 24 notable TFT players as they compete for $25,000 dollars in prizes.

TFT fans and players of all skill levels are also invited to join us in-person, Saturday December 10th for the Heroes Gather! Fan Experience. For those who can’t attend IRL, broadcast viewers and online community members will also have the chance to participate in digital experiences—play digital games, win digital prizes!


The votes are in! We asked the community to choose two pairs of players to add to our roster, and after a week of intense voting, we have our winners. Congratulations to our winning teams: Voids1n/PockyGom and DQA/MismatchedSocks! Check out the full list of awesome personalities we’ll see on broadcast below:

Player Roster for TFT Summit. Headshots of players are shown in pairs. Bebe and Milk. Kiyoon and Robinsongz. Itshafu and Becca. Frodan and Bryce Blum. Aesah and Prestivent. Kurumx and Souless. Dogdog and Rayditz. Setsuko and Emily Wang. Spicyappies and Rainplosion. Iniko and Dishsoap. Voidsin and Pockygom. DQA and Mismatchedsocks.

Summit Format

Curious about how these players will be battling it out? Why, together, of course! Days 1-3 will be a heated climb to the top, with the top 3 teams advancing directly to the Grand Finals Lobby on the Final Day. Teams who place 4th through 11th will get one final shot on the last day for a shot at entering the Grand Finals Lobby to compete for the prize. 

Will we see a checkmate, or will it come down to the points? Only time and tacticians will tell!

A graphic detailing format of play. Day 1-3 will start with 24 players divided into 3 lobbies. Players will be scored on combined duo score, duos always in the same lobby. Each lobby plays 3 games; lobbies re-seeded at the end of every day. Top 3 teams advance to the grand finals lobby. Final Day is Wildcard and Grand Finals Lobby’s. Wildcard Lobby: Teams placed 4-11 compete in the playoffs to advance to the Grand Finals lobby. Grand finals lobby ends in checkmate: reach the 40 point threshold as a duo and one member must place 1st in a game. If no checkmate is reached, first team to 54 pts.

See You at the Summit

Check out everything that will be happening at the Summit, and tune in to from December 8th-11th, 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM PT.

A schedule graphic detailing the events on each day from Thursday, December 8th to Sunday December 11th. Thursday, December 8: 10 AM: Show Open, 10:30 AM: Best Friends: A TFT Game Show, 11:30 PM Group A, 2:00 PM Group B, 4:30 PM Group C, 7:00 PM: Teamfight Talent Show. Friday, December 9: 10 AM: Can a TFT Player Make an Omelette?, 11:00 AM Group D, 1:30 PM Group E, 4:00 PM Group F, 6:30 PM: Mafia. Saturday, December 10: 10 AM: The Weakest Link, 11:00 AM Group G, 1:30 PM Group H, 4:00 PM Group I, 6:30 PM: Mafia. Sunday, December 11: 10 AM: Dev Q+A, 11 AM: Wildcard Lobby Playoffs, 2:00 PM: Final Lobby.

Dev Q&A

During the Summit, join some of the folks behind Monsters Attack! for a live Q&A with questions from the competitors and the community!

Riot Dev Panel Q&A. A comic book page displays the faces of the people who will be taking part. Alex/BlueVelvet, Gameplay Product Lead. Christine/FireNRain, Cosmetics Senior Producer. Kent/kentwuhoo, Game Designer. Mort/Mortdog, Gameplay Director.

Do you have a question about Monsters Attack! or anything in the TFT-verse? Use the form linked below to submit your questions for a chance to have them answered live during the Summit broadcast on—tune in December 11, 2022 at 10AM PT for the Q&A! 

Fill out the Q&A question form at:

Fan Experience - Heroes Gather!

While, the Summit will be broadcast live from our partner Beyond the Summit’s studio in Los Angeles, CA, for one day only we’re inviting fans to join us nearby for the Heroes Gather! Fan Experience. Step into the world of Spatulopolis with our Monsters Attack! photo booth, live games of Hyper Roll, and TFT-themed outdoor mini games. Attendees will also be able to take part in meet and greets with all kinds of fabulous TFT VIPs—the Summit players, TFT developers, or even *the* Pengu!

Fan Experience Schedule, December 10th.

Spatulopolis Chronicle’s own Senior Staff Reporter Choncc will be there to help fans complete a variety of tasks to win cool and exclusive prizes. Get tickets and find more information specific to the Heroes Gather! Fan Experience at

Can’t make it to the fan experience IRL? We’ve teamed up with the TFT Discord to bring you Heroes Gather! Lite, a digital version of the fan experience that will allow you to participate in some of the cool happenings going on from the comfort of your own home. By completing tasks, you may be able to claim some in-game goodies of your own! Check out for more information.

Hope you tune in, turn up or type in chat for this big Teamfight Tactics moment—we can’t wait to celebrate it with you!

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