Extra Debonair Pass Mission

We're adding an extra mission for all Debonair pass owners before the event ends.

With the Debonair event nearing its end, token inventories are lower than expected. Though the shift to time-based mission points wasn't intended to slow down token rates, we knew there was a chance it might require adjustments based on actual results. In particular, the technical hurdle preventing excess points from rolling over had a larger impact than anticipated.

All Debonair pass owners will receive a new mission this week: Play 1 game to earn 150 Debonair 2021 Tokens and a Debonair 2021 Orb.

We're also adjusting the next event pass to reduce free orb, milestone, and weekly win mission point requirements by 15-40%, depending on which set of missions you're looking at. Repeatable tokens will also revert to per-game, rather than points-based, until we can fix the rollover problem.