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Incoming pricing changes to League and TFT

We’re updating our global pricing on July 15th.

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TL;DR: We’re updating our global pricing on July 15.

  • Several regions will see increased RP prices to account for new tax laws, currency shifts, inflation, and consistency across regions.
  • From July 1 through July 15 all regions will receive extra “bonus RP” on all RP purchases.
  • We’re also making adjustments to TFT mobile’s pricing to bring it closer inline with TFT Desktop

At the beginning of each year, Riot assesses the current state of global pricing and makes adjustments to account for changes in currency inflation, taxation, and regional discrepancies. Here's last year's post, for reference. We normally enact these changes around March or April, but navigating challenges with COVID-19 delayed this year's changes by a few months.

We’re notifying you now so you have visibility into the upcoming changes should you wish to purchase RP now before the changes take place. We’re also going to run an “Extra Bonus RP” promotion from July 1 until July 15 so you can stock up on RP.

Below is a breakdown of the upcoming changes.The price adjustments were calculated based on currency fluctuations that occurred in 2019 and new regional taxes that were introduced in the beginning of 2020.

League of Legends & Teamfight Tactics Desktop

RP price changes

    • While currency fluctuations alone would only call for slight adjustments to the price of RP, many countries enacted new taxation laws on digital goods which have had a more significant impact. Below is an estimate of the change you’ll see on the cost of RP in the store for both factors combined:
      • Mexico: +19% (VAT Portion: 16%)
      • Colombia: +11%
      • Costa Rica: +16% (VAT Portion: 13%)
      • Chile: +16% (VAT Portion: 19%)
      • Uruguay:+ 11%
      • Peru: +5%
      • USD LATAM: 5.5%
  • Brazil
    • Due to inflation and devaluation of the Brazilian Real to the USD, we’ll be seeing a 9% increase in RP Costs

Extra Bonus RP

When we release price increase announcements, we also try to run extra bonus RP promotions. For 2020, this will be a 100% increase to the bonus RP you get from buying RP in larger increments.

  • Example: The 2600 RP bundle grants 400 bonus RP

This promotion activates July 1 around 1:00 PM PDT (change may take an hour to complete) and lasts until July 15, 1:00 PDT when the price changes above go into effect.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile

We're resolving discrepancies between pricing for content in Teamfight Tactics mobile, versus pricing for the same content on desktop.

The following regions will see a decrease in the price of content in TFT mobile. The decrease can be as large as 20% depending on the particular item, with larger percent decreases for lower-priced items.

  • New Zealand
  • Europe
  • UAE
  • Egypt
  • Japan (Individual Little Legend Eggs only)

The following countries will see an increase in the price of content in TFT mobile. Similarly, the increase can be as large as 20% depending on the particular item, with larger percent increases for lower-priced items.

  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Chile
  • Peru

The following countries will see a decrease in the price of the 10+1 Little Legend egg bundle on pricing for 10+1 Little Legend Egg bundles to bring it closer in line with the pricing of ten individual Little Legend Eggs.

  • Brazil
  • Turkey
  • Russia

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