Mobile Currency Change: TFT Coins

TFT Coins are the new one stop shop currency coming to Mobile in patch 11.23.

TFT Coins are coming to Mobile with patch 11.23! The new currency is your one stop shop for all Mobile items. To be clear, the effective price of our store items are not changing—you’ll just be using TFT Coins to buy them.


Why are we doing this?

Currently we have to go through a long process of configuration, testing, and reviews for each individual item we sell. All this store maintenance time can be used doing literally anything else, but most importantly, it can be used working on stuff we really care about—TFT.

To review, come patch 11.23 all content you purchase on Mobile will be made via purchasing TFT Coins, which can then be exchanged for your favorite Tactician whether that be Dango, Choncc, Gloop, or a Chibi champ! The transition from direct purchase to TFT Coins is a purely practical transition for us all, and will not impact the price of store items.