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Painted to Life: Inktale Little Legends

Bursting from the canvas of the painted world in patch 11.18 comes a new Little Legend thematic!

Game UpdatesAuthorRodger “Riot Prism” Caudill
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Bursting from the canvas of the painted world comes an all new Little Legend thematic: Inktale! Coming to life in patch 11.18 are five variants each for Ao Shin, Featherknight, and Paddlemar. They’ll be available by direct purchase, through eggs, or through bundles (of joy)!

The Inktale universe is steeped in myth, each new legend adding a fresh coat of paint over the last. In this painted world, five elements (Azure, Terra, Darkspark, Ember, Galeborn) vie for domain on the canvas. But which will you choose as the final layer of your masterpiece?

  • Azure Ao Shin
  • Azure Featherknight
  • Azure Paddlemar
  • Darkspark Ao Shin
  • Darkspark Featherknight
  • Darkspark Paddlemar
  • Ember Ao Shin
  • Ember Featherknight
  • Ember Paddlemar
  • Galeborn Ao Shin
  • Galeborn Featherknight
  • Galeborn Paddlemar
  • Terra Ao Shin
  • Terra Featherknight
  • Terra Paddlemar

Choose your elemental Inktale via direct purchase for $7.99 (mobile) or 925 RP. But if you’re having trouble choosing, don’t! We’ve also got bundles for all you collectors and art enthusiasts below:

Inktales Egg

1 LL Egg


490 RP

5 Inktales Eggs

5 Egg Bundle


2450 RP

10 + 1 Inktales Egg Bundle

10 + 1 Egg Bundle


4900 RP

Inktales Megabundle

Bundle of 21 Inktale Eggs + 3 Bonus Inktale Eggs + 3 Bonus Fearless Fellowship Eggs


10290 RP

Look, I know you want to start painting happy little Convergence clouds and happy little first place animations with your newest Little Legend. But before you go choosing one willy-nilly, let’s get to know them! (I hear they’re quite animated!)

Water is the element of change, and Azure Inktales are all about going with the flow. They're also all about staying hydrated.

Want the strength to move mountains? The Terra Inktales can do that with the stroke of a brush, riff of a guitar, or… I think that Paddlemar just moved one in their sleep?

It’s lonely being the most powerful element, but it sure feels good knowing you are. Darkspark Inktales channel the colors of moody storms, and the moods of stormy tweens. You just don’t understand them yet.

Ember Inktales burn the canvas with each brush stroke, paving the way for new life. But if you ask me, burning that poor Galeborn Paddlemar’s scroll seems downright sketchy! Don’t worry, we’re working on a new one for them as we speak—er, write.

While the other Inktales are bickering over their own spot on the page, the Galeborn Inktales float on without a care on the canvas. It’s in their breezy nature to let the others quarrel while they lackadaisically pollinate the land, feed the fires, and brew the storms.

With the new Inktale thematic, we're excited to bring you all a universe brimming with vibrant colors. Anything is possible in this painted world, so take up a brush and add your story. If you have an inkling for Inktales like us, there may be more story and Little Legends from this world still yet to be painted.


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