Patch 10.21 notes

Pumpkin spice, a light patch, and everything nice

There’s spook in the air, pumpkin in everything, and Worlds pick’ems in our hopes. Happy October and welcome to 10.21!

This is another light patch to keep gears running smoothly through the championship and the end of the ranked season. Our focus here is to maintain stability and balance, so nothing too wild. For buffs, we’re boosting up a spiritual soul and a celestial weapon; for nerfs, we honed in on Elite play across the board, curbing the power of some junglers (Hecarim, Graves, Nidalee) and toning down Samira, who’s been an unstoppable force.

Also, another round of Worlds Clash is ready to go, so remember to reap some spicy plays and rewards.

And that’s all, folks! See ya next time.

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Tricia "mom cat" Tan Hanna “shio shoujo” Woo

Mid-Patch Updates

10/16/2020 Rakan Bugfix


R - THE QUICKNESS BUGFIX Fixed a bug where charmed enemies would still be able to move and cast abilities

10/14/2020 Evelynn and Umbral Glaive Bugfixes


W - ALLURE BUGFIX Fixed a bug where cursed jungle monsters that are then expunged after 2.5 seconds would not be charmed

Umbral Glaive

JUNGLE PLANTS BUGFIX Fixed a bug where destroyed jungle plants would not respawn for the remainder of the game if the player has Umbral Glaive purchased

Patch Highlights

Pumpkin Prince Amumu, Bewitching Elise, Little Devil Fizz, Odyssey Karma, Odyssey Aatrox, Odyssey Sivir, Odyssey Kha'Zix, Odyssey Twisted Fate, and Hextech Kassadin will be available on October 14th, 2020.



Passive lethality increased. R Calibrum additional mark damage increased; Severum heal increased, Gravitum root duration increased, Infernum splash damage ratio increased, Crescendum additional chakrams returned increased.

We aren’t seeing Aphelios on the Worlds stage, so it’s time for us to take a moonshot at propping him back up for all other levels of play. We’re giving him extra oomph on the ranking of his Lethality and sharpening the strengths of his various ultimates.

Passive - The Hitman and the Seer

LETHALITY 2/4/6/8/10/12 3/6/9/12/15/18

R - Moonlight Vigil

SEVERUM HEAL 200/300/400 250/375/500
GRAVITUM ROOT DURATION Targets marked by Moonlight Vigil are rooted for 1 second Targets marked by Moonlight Vigil are rooted for 1.25 seconds
INFERNUM SPLASH DAMAGE RATIO 75% of initial damage 85% of initial damage


E bonus attack speed decreased later.

Camille is one of the strongest and most prevalent top laners in Elite play, so we're pulling some power out of her split-pushing and sustained-dueling potential.

E - Hookshot

BONUS ATTACK SPEED 40/50/60/70/80% 40/45/50/55/60%


Q bonus damage ratio increased.

Corki's early game makes it hard for him to stand up to other mid laners. Giving him a small boost to help him take off a little faster.

Q - Phosphorus Bomb

BONUS DAMAGE RATIO 0.5 attack damage 0.7 attack damage


E bonus armor decreased.

Graves' combination of clear speed and durability have made him a prominent Elite jungle pick. Reducing some of his innate tankiness so that Graves is more punishable when he missteps.

E - Quickdraw

BONUS ARMOR 8/11/14/17/20 6/9/12/15/18


E base damage decreased.

Bringing down some burst from this speeding stallion.

E - Devastating Charge

BASE DAMAGE 45/75/105/135/165 (90/150/210/270/330) 35/65/95/125/155 (70/130/190/250/310)


Mantra cooldown refund for abilities increased later; Mantra cooldown refund for basic attacks now flat. R cooldown decreased.

A new mantra for Karma: to channel her Mantra more often. We’re increasing the payoff for dishing out damage so Karma can optimize access to her Mantra.

Passive - Gathering Fire

MANTRA COOLDOWN REFUND FOR ABILITIES 2/3/4 (levels 1/7/13) 2/3.5/5 (levels 1/6/11)
MANTRA COOLDOWN REFUND FOR BASIC ATTACKS 1/1.5/2 (levels 1/7/13) 1 (at all ranks)

R - Mantra

COOLDOWN 45/42/39/36 seconds 40/38/36/34 seconds

Lee Sin

Base attack damage growth increased.

The monk could use more reliable damage to see games through.

Base Stats



Base attack damage decreased.

Bringing down the jungle cat’s early clear and dueling. This should be especially impactful in Elite play, where autos and attack range are utilized more effectively.

Base Stats



Q damage and critical damage decreased; damage and critical damage ratios increased; Mortal Will bonus damage ratio increased.

Support Pantheon has spiked in popularity as a shield-swinging strongman who provides solid CC and durability. To balance his resilience, we’re moving some power from his base damage to his AD ratios over time. This should weaken the early kill threat from low-income supports while padding the blow for solo-lane Pantheons who have quicker access to items.

Q - Comet Spear

DAMAGE 75/110/145/180/215 (+1.0 bonus attack damage) 70/100/130/160/190 (+1.15 bonus attack damage)
CRITICAL DAMAGE 155/235/315/395/475 (+2.0 bonus attack damage) 155/230/305/380/455 (+2.3 bonus attack damage)
MORTAL WILL BONUS DAMAGE RATIO 1.0 attack damage 1.15 attack damage


E cooldown increased; attack speed decreased.

Samira is at a place where her early game safety and mobility is a touch too reliable, so we’re bumping up her cooldown in a way so that she has to play more conservatively in the first stages of the game. We’re also trimming some of her damage so that her all ins are a little less potent.

E - Wild Rush

COOLDOWN 15/14/13/12/11 seconds 20/18/16/14/12 seconds
ATTACK SPEED 30/35/40/45/50% 20/25/30/35/40%


Passive heal from nearby enemy death increased and now smoothly scales across levels. W cooldown now reduces with rank.

Smoothing out this pillar-punching prince’s passive so he doesn’t hit arbitrary power spikes at various levels, and throwing in a small buff at every level to help him bash down enemies. In combination with an increase in his steroid uptime, we’re hoping this will tip the scales in favor for macho Trundles to really win fights.

Passive - King’s Tribute

HEAL FROM NEARBY ENEMY DEATH 2/3/4/5/6% (levels 1/5/9/12/15) 2-7% (levels 1-18)

W - Frozen Domain

COOLDOWN 15 seconds at all ranks 15/14/13/12/11 seconds


R aura total damage increased.

Bird Udyr is still performing worse than Cat Udyr, so we’re firing up Phoenix Stance’s AoE damage to sharpen the difference in style between the two stances (Phoenix’s waveclear vs. Tiger’s dueling potential), and encourage more folks to birdy up.

R - Phoenix Stance

AURA TOTAL DAMAGE 40/80/120/160/200/240 over 4 seconds 50/100/150/200/250/300 over 4 seconds


Nimbus Cloak

Nimbus Cloak’s popularity has begun to stifle rune choices, especially in the jungle. We’re weakening its power overall, with a specific target on its synergy with Smite.
BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED 10/20/30% 5/20/35%
MOVEMENT BUFF DURATION 2.5 seconds 2 seconds

Worlds 2020 Clash: Round 2

The second round of Worlds Clash is live, with a 16-team bracket and special rewards! Fight for the cup in the biggest Clash yet.

ARAM Balance Changes

10.21 Buffs

BARD +15% damage dealt & -15% damage taken +15% damage dealt & -20% damage taken
CAMILLE +6% damage dealt & -6% damage taken +6% damage dealt & -10% damage taken
KATARINA +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken +5% damage dealt & -10% damage taken
NOCTURNE +10% damage dealt & -10% damage taken +10% damage dealt & -15% damage taken
REK’SAI +12% damage dealt & -12% damage taken +12% damage dealt & -15% damage taken
SAMIRA Normal -5% damage taken
TAHM KENCH -5% damage taken +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken
VI +5% damage dealt +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken
VOLIBEAR Normal -5% damage taken
YORICK -5% damage dealt -3% damage dealt

10.21 Nerfs

EZREAL Normal -5% damage dealt
JINX -5% damage dealt -5% damage dealt & +5% damage taken
NIDALEE +12% damage dealt +10% damage dealt
RYZE +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken +3% damage dealt & -5% damage taken
SONA -15% damage dealt, +15% damage taken, -20% healing, & -20% shielding -20% damage dealt, +15% damage taken, -20% healing, & -20% shielding
VAYNE -5% damage taken -3% damage taken

URF Balance Changes

10.21 Buffs

BARD Fixed bug where the URF-specific bonuses to Chime collection and Meep respawning were not applying
REK’SAI +10% damage dealt & -10% damage taken +10% damage dealt & -15% damage taken
YONE +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken +10% damage dealt & -10% damage taken

$10.21 Nerfs

AKALI +8% damage dealt & -10% damage taken +8% damage dealt & -8% damage taken
ASHE +8% damage dealt & -5% damage taken +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken
NUNU +10% damage dealt, -10% damage taken, & +10% healing +8% damage dealt, -10% damage taken, & +10% healing
PANTHEON +10% damage dealt & -10% damage taken +8% damage dealt & -10% damage taken
RAMMUS +10% damage dealt & -10% damage taken +8% damage dealt & -10% damage taken
SHEN Normal -5% damage dealt
VI Normal -5% damage dealt
VOLIBEAR -5% damage dealt -5% damage dealt & +5% damage taken
YUUMI -20% damage dealt, +10% damage taken -30% healing, & -100% E cooldown -20% damage dealt, +20% damage taken -30% healing, & -100% E cooldown
ZED -10% damage dealt -10% damage dealt & +5% damage taken

Bugfixes/QoL Changes

  • LEAGUE CLIENT: Fixed an issue where the in-game settings menu was not loading if a game had not been played since the previous patch
  • LEAGUE CLIENT: Debug text will no longer appear during promotion ceremonies
  • LEAGUE CLIENT: Fixed an issue where gift notifications would appear even after being acknowledged or dismissed
  • LEAGUE CLIENT: League taskbar icon should now light up when notifications/messages are pending
  • LEAGUE CLIENT: Restoring Default Hotkeys out of game no longer unbinds "Area Is Warded Ping" in the Options Menu
  • Changed how emotes are sized to make them more consistent across various resolutions and have fixed positions relative to the health bar
  • Added an option in the in-game settings to change the size of emotes to "Normal" or "Small", so players can choose how they appear
  • Added an "incoming health" UX addition to health bars, so players can see how much health they will receive from delayed health recovery sources like Redemption's active, ARAM healing packs, and Vladimir's R - Hemoplague
  • Fixed an issue where Mac players would see unusual fullscreen brightness when certain champions would appear on screen
  • Fixed a bug where Amumu would not apply Passive - Cursed Touch through AoE damage abilities
  • Corrected Nami's W - Ebb and Flow's AP ratio in the tooltip from 1.5 AP to 0.5 AP
  • PsyOps Sona now correctly plays her transformation animation even when moving while leveling up R - Crescendo
  • Added a yellow ring under targets affected by Zed’s Passive - Contempt for the Weak to match similar passive indicators on Jarvan, Ekko, and Shaco.

Upcoming Skins & Chromas