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Ranked Rewards 2021

Season 2021 ends November 15.

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It's that time of the year again! All your hard work, sweat, tears, and blood from Season 2021 will finally be rewarded. But before we hand those out, make sure to get those last 'Hail Mary' games in before the Ranked season officially ends on November 15 @ 11:59:59 PM your local server's time zone. Rewards will be distributed within 4 weeks after season end.

Now, let’s get into the End of Season Rewards for League of Legends 2021.

Ranked Rewards

As always, if you placed Gold or higher this season in either Solo/Duo or Flex queues you’ll receive Victorious Blitzcrank (as well as Blitzcrank if you don't own it yet). We're also giving out Victorious Blitzcrank chromas corresponding to each rank you hit above Gold for both Solo/Duo and Flex queues. They're similar, but a little different, to specially commemorate your ranked achievements by yourself or with friends!



Additionally, everyone who finished Ranked placements in Solo/Duo, Flex, or both will receive an Eternals Blitzcrank Series 1 Permanent, a Ranked profile icon for ranks in both Solo/Duo and Flex queues, and a Ranked profile banner trim.


For more information on ranked rewards check out the FAQ.

Clash Rewards

Next month also marks the second End of Season for Clash, which means some Clash-specific rewards are in order. Clash rewards are based on the amount of Victory Points you earned over the course of the season, but everyone will receive a Clash Contender Icon for participating in any Clash tournament. The rest of the Clash-specific rewards are laid out for you below:


  • Contenders
    • Contender Summoner Icon: 100 VP
    • Contender Clash Logo: 400 VP
    • Contender Clash Banner: 1000 VP


  • Conquerors
    • Conqueror Summoner Icon: 2000 VP
    • Conqueror Clash Logo: 3000 VP
    • Conqueror Clash Banner: 4000 VP


  • Champions
    • Champion Summoner Icon: 5000 VP
    • Champion Clash Logo: 6000 VP
    • Champion Clash Banner: 7000 VP

Honor Rewards

If, like me, you've stayed cool as a cucumber in all your games, you'll receive one Honor capsule tied to your final Honor level. Check out what’s in each Honor capsule below:

  • Honor 3 Capsule
    • Random Ward Skin
    • 3 Key Shards
  • Honor 4 Capsule
    • Random Ward Skin
    • Random Emote Permanent
    • 3 Key Shards
  • Honor 5 Capsule
    • Random Ward Skin
    • Random Emote Permanent
    • 6 Key Shards


And finally, this year, there will be no rank-specific gear in the Riot Games Merch store. But we're looking forward to players taking a look at all the other wonderful things that will be coming to the Merch store later this year!

Congratulations to all on another year of salty runbacks, clutch moments, and new friends! Stay safe, good luck, and we'll see you back on the (ranked) Rift in Season 2022!

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