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RP update: Cost and refunds

We’re updating our global pricing and refund policies on March 5th.

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TL;DR: We’re updating our global pricing and refund policies on March 5th.

  • Several regions will see increased RP prices to account for new tax laws, currency shifts, inflation, and consistency across regions.
  • The new refund policy will return one refund token every year if you are below the cap of three. Additionally, you can now refund most unused content in the client within a week of purchase without using a token.
  • From now until March 5th you’ll receive extra “bonus RP” on all RP purchases.

Hey Everyone,

Starting on March 5th, RP prices will be increasing in many regions. Each year we review global pricing and make adjustments to account for changes in currency inflation, taxation, and regional fairness. This year, we’ve seen more changes than usual, from the introduction of new taxes in several countries, to the continued weakness of global currencies relative to the US dollar, and inflation.

Each impacted region has different reasons for their specific change, but all impacted players will see their RP prices increase. We're also going to give extra bonus RP on purchases from now until March 5th and take this opportunity to update our refund policy.

You can find the detailed changes for each impacted region below.

Price and Purchasing changes:

  • United States, OCE, EU, and KR
    • Historically, we’ve paid sales tax (VAT or GST) in a number of countries on the money we receive from RP purchases. In the past, we handled these in different ways, either absorbing the cost or including it in the original pricing. Recently, more countries have added VAT/GST or similar taxes on digital goods (Australia, New Zealand, several in LATAM, USA digital sales tax). There’s also been a lot of currency fluctuation and inflation that has led to sizeable differences in the value of RP between currencies. The following price increases will help create a sustainable and consistent policy to ensure fairness between and within regions:
    • United States: In the US, these taxes are collected at the state level, so you may see 8–10% additional sales tax on RP purchases depending on your location. Details can be found here. Base RP prices will not be changing.
    • EU: 9-15% increase. Please note that the price changes impact players checking out with the local currencies of the country listed:
      • United Kingdom: 9%
      • Euro Zone: 15%
      • Poland: 11%
      • Romania: 11%
      • Hungary: 11%
      • Switzerland: 10%
      • Czech Republic: 11%
    • Korea: 15%
    • Australia: 10%
    • New Zealand: 15%
  • LATAM, Turkey, and Brazil
    • Recently we've seen wild swings in a few global currency values and increased inflation in these regions. These changes will level prices with other currencies within their respective servers, as well as the rest of the world.
    • Mexico: 12%
    • Chile: 10%
    • Peru: 10%
    • Turkey: 20%
    • Brazil: 7%
    • Uruguay: 40% Uruguay’s change is due to new taxes in addition to the inflation mentioned above.


We want to create a consistent worldwide refund policy and expand your opportunities to return stuff you accidentally bought, or didn’t like, or whatever really.

  • Current System: Each League of Legends account gets three refund tokens to use over the course of its life. If you don't have refund tokens, you're unable to refund any purchase.
  • New System: Each League of Legends account starts with three refund tokens. Each year, you'll be granted one additional token so long as you've used at least one (at any point in time, you can't have more than three tokens). Additionally, you'll be able to return certain unused items directly in the client within a week of purchase without using a refund token.

As a result of this change, anyone who's used at least one refund token before today will get one back. These tokens will start rolling out with this week’s patch.

For a list of what items can’t be refunded and other details, please check out the support page.

Extra Bonus RP

With so many regions impacted by the price increases, we’re giving extra “bonus RP” on all RP purchases to every region from now until March 5th.


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