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Runeterra Reforged Pass and More

Everything you need to know about the Tacticians, arenas, and the Pass for Runeterra Reforged!

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Welcome to Runeterra—or what’s left of it after a tempest has fractured, fragmented, and fused different regions into a new nonsensical world! But while Teemo and Jarvan IV uniting in the middle of the Void’s Lavender Sea may make little sense, eliminating your foes with Chibi Little Devil Teemo’s emotionally decimating finisher animation totally does.

Here we’re going to explore the Runeterra-inspired cosmetics coming with our new set. All content discussed here will all be available for you by 11 AM (Pacific time) on the day patch 13.12 goes live!

Runeterra Reforged Pass

Runeterra may be fragmented and fused into new shapes and locations, but our Pass still remains a map to track your progress in the new set! With the Pass, you’ll be able to earn rewards like Treasure Tokens and emotes just for playing! But if you want to have access to all the cosmetics in the Pass, then try out the Pass+ to unlock the arenas based on mashed-up Runeterra regions, Star Shards, the Reckoner Arena, and a whole boatload of additional Treasure Tokens! The Pass+ can be unlocked for 1295 RP, but you don’t have to decide right away, as you can always upgrade to the Pass+ later, and retroactively receive everything you would have unlocked with the Pass+ active. 

Just like our Monsters Attack! Pass+, our Runeterra Reforged Pass+ has an Arena that marks your completion of the Pass. The Reckoner Arena takes you to the epic gladiator-style arena in Noxus where Draven and Riven fought in the Awaken cinematic. Celebrate your victories with the roar of Noxian fans—just be careful not to burn out!

It’s always important to know what you’ll be working towards at the end of the Pass+, but by simply embarking on your Pass journey through Runeterra Reforged you’ll be awarded with the Potion Sprite—the perfect Tactician to bring along early on!

And now that you’ve got your boots on and your pots Potion Sprite handy, let’s meet our Pass+ Little Legend, Tower Defense Runespirit at 1, 2, and 3-stars! Best keep your distance though—if you are in range, you may find yourself taking aggro from this tower with legs.




As you explore a reforged Runeterra and progress your Pass+, you’ll unlock four region-inspired Booms: Judgment of Durand, Noxian Handshake, Praise the Sun Disc, and Void Gate! A warning to all explorers, praising the Sun Disc can result in some serious burns.

You can fire off these Booms across three different Regional mashup arenas, also unlocked with your Pass+! Check out Fields of Justice, Sands of Shurima, and Touch of the Void below!




Shrine of the First Lands

Loosely inspired by the battlefields of Ionia (image below), the Shrine of the First Lands is our new Mythic Arena that will honor your victories with a falling sword for each one. The Shrine of the First Lands will be available as Star Content via Treasure Realms. To learn more about Treasure Realms click here.


With each victory, a new sword will fall from the sky, adding to your collection of triumphs—which I’m sure extend far beyond TFT. After collecting a vast array of swords, the arena will transform with a beautiful painted sunset. The arena also features an intro ceremony, Ahri inspired gold mines, and various clickable interactions.



Who better to explore Runeterra Reforged than Chibi Teemo? You can recruit Chibi Teemo directly from the shop for 1900 RP and he’ll come with his signature Boom, Noxious Trap, that you could equip to other Tacticians too if they’re ready to lob a heroic amount of mushrooms into their foes’ faces.

If maniacal mischief is something you wish, then set your foes’ boards on fire with brimstone and madness! Chibi Little Devil Teemo is a Star Content drop from Treasure Realms whose finisher confirms everything they say about Teemo…the fear is palpable.

Both Chibi Little Devil Teemo and Shrine of the First Lands will be available until our mid-set via Treasure Realms, at which time they will be vaulted until their next Treasure Realm appearance further down the road.


They’re always ready to hug you, even if you go eighth. As a cosmetic release, Poro’s kinda like Baron from Monsters Attack!, in that they are neither a Little Legend nor a Chibi. Their base variant will be available for 2500 RP directly from the store.

One thing to note about Poro is that they’ll have a special interaction with the Poros on the Howling Abyss if you take them with you for an ARAM game.

Poro’s other variants can be found scattered across Runeterra, or via Treasure Realms. Check out Red-Nosed Poro, Po’Ro, Forgefire Poro, and Valiant Poro below!





New Little Legends: Raptors and Khat’Sai

Too cute to smite and too goofy to fight, every AOE Jungler’s favorite camp has made its way into TFT with 5 different variants. You can pick up the rare variants directly from the store for 750 RP and the Epic variants for 925 RP. Check out the following below: Raptors (base), Extra Spicy Raptors (Rare), Shuriman Raptors (Rare), Tucan Raptors (Epic), Koi Raptors (Epic), and Murder of Raptors (Legendary).







Can you pet the Khat’Sai? Yes. Should you? Also yes. Khat’Sai is the perfect Void kitten to add to your collection—mostly because I don’t know of any other Void kittens, but also because they’re just pure cute eye candy. You can pick up the rare variants directly from the store for 750 RP and the Epic variants for 925 RP. Check out the following below: Khat'Sai (base), Kraken Khat'Sai (Rare), Sugarcone Khat'Sai (Rare), Petricite Khat'Sai (Epic), and Cosmic Khat'Sai (Epic).






Ranked Rewards and More!

The Monsters are done Attacking, and I hear some even became defenders of Spatulopolis by the end of it all. So, let’s acknowledge your success in defending (or destroying) Spatulopolis with a whole lot of ranked rewards to distribute throughout patch 13.12, the release patch of Runeterra Reforged!

First off, if you placed Gold or higher in Glitched Out!! (the second half of the set) then you’ll get a celebratory emote to represent your rank!

Is that a flutter of excitement I sense? If you placed Gold or higher at any stage of the set, then you’ll receive the Victorious Flutterbug Little Legend. And if you manage to get Gold or higher during both halves of the set, you’ll get Triumphant Flutterbug as well!



And for those of you starring up Threats as a team, if you obtained Double Up Gold or higher, then you’ll get the following emotes to celebrate with your partner(s)!


Finally, if you finish Blue, Purple, or Hyper tier in Hyper Roll, then you’ll get another emote to flex with too!


Lastly, we’ll have Birthday Surprise Fuwa to celebrate us turning Fuwa years old. They’ll be coming later with our release patch of Runeterra Reforged. Keep an eye out for them as they’ll be available via a rather easy mission.


Runeterra Reforged is our most comprehensive set to date. It’s full of new mechanics, and scattered with displaced champions and traits from across Runeterra—there’s tons to explore here!


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