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Sentinel Little Legends and Sentinel Initiative

Sentinel Starter Bundles bring new Little Legends while the Sentinel Initiative gives us ways to give back!

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With all the excitement around the Sentinels of Light, it’s no wonder a group of Little Legends are scrambling to get in on the action via starter bundles coming with patch 11.16. And while they're not fighting Viego, make no mistake—Sentinel Craggle, Flutterbug, and Hauntling have set off on an adventure to find their own noble quest! They just haven’t figured out what that quest is yet.




Whether you’re looking to add Flutterbug cosplaying as Senna, or Craggle doing their best Galio impression, let’s dive into how you can add the Sentinel Little Legends to your collection. The Sentinel Little Legends are available in starter bundles containing Little Legends eggs from all over the Convergence, making them the perfect pick-up for new and veteran collectors alike! There’s quite a lot in these bundles, so check 'em out below:

Sentinels Starter Bundle 1

  • Sentinel Hauntling
  • Bonus Series 1 Little Legend Egg
  • Bonus Series 2 Little Legend Egg
  • Bonus Series 3 Little Legend Egg



Sentinels Starter Bundle 2

  • Sentinel Craggle
  • Sentinel Flutterbug
  • Bonus Series 4 Little Legend Egg
  • Bonus Series 5 Little Legend Egg
  • Bonus Friends from Afar Egg
  • Bonus Cosmic Companions Egg
  • Bonus Immortal Creatures Egg
  • 100 Star Shards



The Sentinels starter bundles are available starting patch 11.16 and will be around indefinitely. Now that we’re done talking about all those heroic Little Legends, let’s talk about what you can do as a heroic human-sized human!

The Sentinels Initiative Continues!

If the Sentinels are bringing light to Runeterra, and the Sentinel Little Legends are on a quest to find a quest in a post-chaos world, then you might be wondering: What can I do to make tomorrow a little brighter?

Wow, what a thoughtful question, dear reader! In fact, all you have to do is... well, what you've already been doing! Playing games of TFT, that is. Starting back on July 8th and ending August 9th, 3-starring any unit (1 to 3-cost = 1 point, 4-cost = 2 points, 5-cost = 5 points) grants points that’ll contribute to the Charity Drive Pool. Every time we hit an increment of a million points together, there will be a donation of an extra $100K—up to $4M total! And it's not just TFT getting in on this initiative—check out how other Riot games are contributing below!


While our efforts aren’t going towards combating Viego, the Social Impact Fund does combat deep systemic issues through Education, Opportunity, Citizenship, and Sustainability, which is worth a lot more considering Viego isn’t real (just look at those abs). So, if I didn’t just break your heart revealing Viego’s Runeterra-bound existence, let’s hit the Convergence together and reroll to better our own world!

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