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Skyglass Eggs and URF Dowsie

New Skyglass Eggs and the Mythic URF Dowsie.

Game UpdatesAuthorRodger “Riot Prism” Caudill
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A new egg series called Skyglass eggs is coming to TFT with Patch 11.12. Our lowest cost egg to date, Skyglass eggs will contain Little Legends from the launch set all the way to Spirit Blossom, and have a chance to drop our new Little Legend, URF Dowsie. The egg and URF Dowsie will be available for the entirety of the Skyglass event, alongside a new 10+1 Egg bundle, but when the event ends July 7th, they’ll be going back to the Vault.

Perhaps you recall the joy of URF, from your times on Summoner’s Rift, but then again, perhaps not, cause it really doesn’t matter what happens on the Rift, when you can own the Convergence with URF Dowsie. Taking the form of the one true Urf, the being that built the world of Reckoning, URF Dowsie is the first of a new tier of Little Legends, Mythic tier. Because of their Mythic beingness, Mythic Little Legends need 300 Star Shards to Star up. But MOAR Star Shards, mean MOAR Star POWER, and URF Dowsie has plenty of that.

It doesn’t have to be a holiday to celebrate your favorite game, and having URF Dowsie isn’t needed to stunt on your opponent, but oh my, it sure helps. With a hat made from a sentient Brawler fused with a gatling gun, you might even overlook URF Dowsie’s lucky pet, the golden manatee.


But, one doesn’t simply walk into URF Dowsie. And, I’ll be straight with you, URF Dowsie is as rare as they get, but the Skyglass eggs they come in are the most cost-efficient way, 390RP (2.99 Mobile), to add a Little Legend to your collection. Here are the drops rates you can expect with the Skyglass Egg.

  • 70% Rare Little Legend
  • 16% Epic Little Legend
  • 4% Legendary (non-URF Dowsie) Little Legend
  • 7% Pool Party Chonccs
  • 3% URF Dowsie

Capturing a myth is tough, but like rolling a 5-cost at Level 7, it can become a high roll of smiles.

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