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Teamfight Tactics: Hyper Roll

Introducing Hyper Roll, the first new Lab coming to Teamfight Tactics.

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GET HYPED for Hyper Roll!

Hyper Roll is the new way to play Teamfight Tactics! It’s a shorter, slimmer version of the standard TFT you know and love. You will almost certainly finish a game of Hyper Roll in 20 minutes (or sooner… even a lot sooner).

Hyper Roll features a simpler economy that allows you to focus on fielding the very best team you can, and re-rolling your shop to do it. You'll want to focus on keeping your board as strong as possible at every stage. Losing rounds, especially in the late game, will get you eliminated—fast. So while standard TFT asks for patience and precision, Hyper Roll demands a few good presses of that sweet sweet re-roll button… usually.

There’s no bad time to play Hyper Roll. Maybe you’ve got some time to kill and don’t want to commit to a standard game, or maybe you just want to focus on learning the champions and traits without having to worry about managing your gold. Or maybe you’re looking to reach the top of the Hyper Roll ratings — Hyper Tier. Hyper Roll has a little something for everyone, and here's how it works:

How it Works


TFT: Hyper Roll has a lot in common with standard TFT, but it specifically challenges your champion choices and teambuilding thanks to a few rule tweaks. Here are the new rules for Hyper Roll:

Experience and Income

  • You can’t buy XP. In standard TFT, you gain a little XP automatically each round, and you can spend 4 gold to buy more as often as you like. In Hyper Roll, you level up at the start of each stage . This way, every player in a Hyper Roll game is always the same level as every other player.
    • TIP: Towards the end of a stage, consider saving gold to roll when you level up at the start of the next one… or, if you’re gunning for some low-cost 3-star champions, roll for them before your chance to get them goes down!
  • You get two gold per victory, instead of one. Just winning rounds gets you some extra gold — and it can add up.
  • There are no gold bonuses for winning and losing streaks. In Hyper Roll, there’s no upside to losing a round (apart from weird trait bonuses).
  • There’s no interest income. Accumulating gold doesn’t generate any extra gold all by itself. Your base income in Hyper Roll is a bit higher than in standard TFT, though.
    • TIP: You might still want to save gold to roll at a higher level, when you’re more likely to get high-cost champions (and want to be able to afford them).

Health and Damage

  • Players start the game with 20 Health. You’re still eliminated when your Little Legend loses all of its health.
  • Damage amount per round is flat. Unlike standard TFT, surviving champions won't deal any extra damage. Both the narrowest and the most devastating defeats cost you the same amount of Health in Hyper Roll.
    • In the first 4 stages of Hyper Roll, each loss costs 2 Health.
    • In stages 5-7, it’s 4 Health.
    • In stage 8 and later, it’s 6 Health.
    • TIP: You’ll see a special “imminent death” version of your Little Legend’s health bar when elimination is 1 loss away!
    • TIP: Don’t be fooled by those low damage numbers early in the game! Winning those rounds can make a big difference at the end, generating some extra gold for that key re-roll, and forcing an opponent to beat you twice instead of once for the win.

Drafting and Round Structure

  • There’s only one shared draft carousel, and it kicks off every game. After that, you’ll get item components from the Armory, a new feature we’re also adding to standard TFT. The Armory will appear on screen at the start of stages 4 through 6, and lets you pick one of two item components. (Standard TFT still has all the shared draft rounds it used to have — but in Reckoning, the Armory is also used to get those dangerous Shadow components.)
  • The round structure is different. In general, Hyper Roll stages have fewer rounds, especially early on.

Climb Fast

When you play Hyper Roll, you’ll get a rating that corresponds to your team-building and rerolling skill. Everyone starts in the Gray tier, but you'll progress through Green, Blue, and Purple tiers on your way to the pinnacle of Hyper Roll: Hyper Tier! We’re a bit more chill in Hyper Roll than in a standard Riot Ranked system: you’ll get Ranked rewards based on the highest rating you achieve each stage (starting at Blue Tier) — even if you later take a plunge. No need to worry about whether a bad streak will push you out of rewards contention. Last but not least, Hyper Roll will have its own rewards, separate from standard TFT!

Missions and Balance

In addition to standard TFT, you’ll be able to complete missions for your Reckoning Pass in Hyper Roll for full XP, so it can be a fast way to get a chunk of progress! That said, you’ll only get 50 baseline XP for each Hyper Roll match you play.

We’re going to take an active approach to balance in Hyper Roll just like we do in standard TFT. We have some theories about how this is going to go… and you’re probably going to burn all of those theories to the ground. It’s possible that Hyper Roll will need significant tuning to keep TFT’s fun and varied gameplay intact, so we’re going to be keeping a close eye on that as players experience the beginning of Hyper Roll!

The Same… but Different

Hyper Roll’s pace and rules mean we have to make some tweaks to how some traits and champions work. We’ll always make them work as similarly to their standard counterparts as possible; but, for example, Teemo can’t cost 6 Health in Hyper Roll — that’d be over a quarter of your starting Health! Even Teemo isn’t powerful enough to warrant THAT. So, in Hyper Roll, he only costs 1 Health. Similarly, any trait that changes according to rounds will need adjustments to ensure it makes sense in Hyper Roll.

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