Teamfight Tactics patch 12.10 notes

AuthorRodger “Riot Prism” Caudill
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It may still be Neon Nights, but the sun is rising soon and the dragons of Dragonlands are stretching their wings on PBE!

Our last patch of the set is here, and it cleans up a few power outliers to help you on your ranked climb to get that Tocker! We also have a one stop shop with Dragonlands links for some beautifully crafted articles from a beautiful individual! Okay, smaller patch here so you have time to dive into Dragonlands, which will be playable on PBE a few hours after these notes become available!

Oh, and keep a look out for Pride content hitting the Convergence next week, with more info dropping the 1st of June!
Rodger "MinionsRpeople2" Caudill

Patch Highlights

Dragonlands Info

It’s almost here, so I’ve put together a quick resource guide to get you started on Dragonlands! The links cover our new roster, the new mechanics, our new cosmetics (and ranked rewards). But first, our release schedule!

Large Changes

Large, like our shared hype for Dragonlands!


With vertical traits being more accessible, we’re mostly going through and making sure each one is worth pursuing—except Innovator, those mechanical machinations are maddeningly menacing.
  • Arcanist total Ability Power: 20/50/90/135 20/50/100/150
  • Hextech base shield: 100/150/275/375 100/175/300/425
  • Innovator Mechanical Scarab base Health: 475 450
  • Innovator Mechanical Bear base Health: 775 725
  • Innovator Mechanical Bear Armor & Magic Resist: 55 50
  • Innovator Mechanical Dragon base Health: 1025 925
  • Twinshot chance for attacks and abilities to trigger twice: 40/55/70/100 40/55/75/100
  • Twinshot bonus Attack Damage: 10/25/40/70 10/25/50/80
  • Yordle (6) Mana reduction: 33% 40%

Units: Tier 3

As a triple trait threat with incredible value at one-star (slap a Frozen Heart on this lad and watch him put your enemy carries in slow-mo), Ekko has become even more valuable when you can go deeper into each trait he has.
  • Ekko Parallel Convergence Damage: 150/200/400 125/200/400
  • Ekko Parallel Convergence bonus Attack Speed: 35/40/50% 30/40/50%

Units: Tier 4

Got axes…need nerfing!

Usually we’re squashing bugs, but this time we’re buffing one!

Our Orianna buffs last patch had her overclocked like my computer before a set release. And before you ask, yes, I do need all 29 of those tabs open.

Last patch we nerfed Morellonomicon to lessen the reliance of damage over time (DOT) units on the item in preparation for Dragonlands. We did this knowing that some champions may suffer, and Renata Glasc suffered most, so we’re giving her a substantial buff to keep this lady boss bossing in a bossly manner.
  • Draven Attack Damage: 90 85
  • Kha’Zix Attack Damage: 85 90
  • Orianna max Mana nerf: 30/90 40/100
  • Orianna Command: Shockwave shield: 140/200/700 125/200/700
  • Orianna Command: Shockwave Damage: 325/450/1500 300/425/1500
  • Renata Glasc Toxic Wave Damage: 40/65/240 50/75/250

Units: Tier 5

Getting beat by Enchanter 5? Splash Viktor in to disenchant your foes!
  • Viktor Chaos Rays destruction of remaining shields: 25/33/100% 40/50/200%

Small Changes

Small, like your free time with Dragonlands being playable on PBE starting the afternoon (Pacific Time) of the 24th.


Buffing the struggling verticals to make sure they’re rewarding during our final patch, while lowering the power of Bodyguard 8 now that it’s easier to obtain.

Keep your eyes on Scholar 6 and the big boys (Colossus) comps—they will be powerful!
  • Bodyguard bonus shield: 200/400/800/2000 200/400/800/1800
  • Colossus bonus Health: 800/800/1600 800/800/1888
  • Enforcer 5 bonus Attack Speed: 80% 100%
  • Scholar Mana regen: 5/15/25 5/15/30

Units: Tier 4

The buff your Syndicate comp needed to go orbs to the wall!
  • Ahri Orb of Deception Damage: 135/200/450 140/210/500
  • Irelia Bladesurge Attack Damage scaling: 185% 190%

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