Teamfight Tactics patch 13.22 notes

AuthorRodger “Riot Prism” Caudill
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It’s our final patch of Horizonbound, so let’s set sail one more time!

Wow, what a weekend! The Runeterra Reforged Championship concluded with Title taking the title and the announcement of our next set, Remix Rumble, with a Dev Drop longer than some short films, and a set inroduction starring Superfan Neeko! Oh, and what’s this—a Gameplay Overview article with EVEN MORE INFO on the new set!? Looks like we’re really starting Remix Rumble with a banger! As for this patch, we’re sending Horizonbound off with a patch full of buffs, AND a rework to our overtime system ahead of our next set-load of system changes.

Alright, let’s make like a Scuttle and dash on in!
Rodger "Riot Prism" Caudill



Fortune’s Favor is back, as the more seasonally appropriate Choncc’s Treasure! The mode (and Choncc) has an all new look too!


  • With Carousel gone, the starting unit you receive is now a random 4 or 5-cost. Units will be of the same cost for all players.
  • After the carousel round, Choncc will come by to give you special loot orbs. More and more rewards will be given out the later into the game it gets.
  • At 50 Tactician Health, the player will receive a large golden orb with some special items to help them catch back up.
  • Two new items were added! Choncc's Prowler's Claw and Choncc's Rocket-Propelled Fist. Expect to see these in special loot drops.
  • Loot drops and patterns have been updated.
  • Both Region Portals and Remastered Portals are available options.



The following changes go live with patch 13.23 (Remix Rumble’s launch) and only impact "new players", who have played 3 or fewer non-Tutorial games of TFT on that account.
  • New players will only be able to queue for Normals, all other queues will be locked
  • During a player’s first 3 games, new players will see bots in their games. These bots will adapt to their skill, providing a more gradual onramp to TFT.
  • Players will only see these bots in their first 3 games. Players WILL NOT encounter them in any queue after their first 3 games.
  • Established players who have already played more than 3 games of TFT won’t see any changes unless they queue with a new player, and they won’t be able to join any other queue besides Normals while in a Lobby with a new player. Prism’s note to these established players queuing with newcomers: “Please be kind to our bots - they’re nowhere close to Challengers, but still appreciate a “‘gg wp.’”



Looks like Scuttle is back on the menu…as a Region Portal…what, did you think I meant food? That would be gross. Don’t be gross please.
  • Scuttle Puddle and Beats By Scuttle have been re-enabled. Rejoice!
  • Scuttle Dragon (XL Scuttle Crab) now drops more gold and an additional item!


When overtime hits, the round ends in an instant, as champions gain an URF-load of power and start one-shotting each other. This can also result in a situation where two AP casters are opposing each other and the one who casts their ability first wins despite the opposing caster being a higher star, or having items. Now the Overtime buff will ramp over time, resulting in combats that end quickly, but not suddenly.
  • URF Overtime buff no longer grants bonus AP or AD.
  • Overtime now grants a stacking buff every second that gives 10% more damage, 10% more attack speed, 10% less healing and shielding received (capped at 70%), 10% less crowd control duration (capped at 70%).
  • Also grants a flat movement speed bonus (unchanged)


Even with changes so large, I’ll always be there for you.


Chat: Stop trying to make 3 Bruiser a thing, Mort.

Mort: 3 Bruiser.

With our last patch of the set, some changes aren’t entirely about balance. Our Bruiser 3 change comes from Mort’s tendency to field 3 Bruisers, a suboptimal play given his status as the S.G.O.A.T. (second greatest of all time). Seeing the misplay, chat gets chatting, talkers get talking, and yappers get yapping. To silence the chats and yaps, Mort has gone in and added a Bruiser 3 trait breakpoint with numerical values that honestly do not move the needle in the way the trait should be played.

While some Ixtal elements have found successful comps, others have fallen by the wayside like a Stone in the Wind.

While we’ve seen success with Zaun 2 in a number of cases, Zaun 4/6 have been underwhelming for most of Horizonbound, so we’re making all the mods better to encourage playing the trait for the last patch.
  • Bilgewater Damage Amp: 33/60/70/135% 40/60/70/135%
  • Bruiser Structure: 2/4/6 2/3/4/6
  • Bruiser HP: 10/40/80% 10/12/45/80%
  • Freljord max Health True Damage: 8/15% 10/18%
  • Gunner AD per Stack: 6/12/25% 7/13/25%
  • Ixtal Electric Stun Duration: 2 3 seconds
  • Ixtal Stone Duration: 8 10 seconds
  • Ixtal Stone Heal: 750 900
  • Ixtal Wind Duration: 4/5 5/10 seconds
  • Ixtal Wind AS: 40/100% 50/100%
  • Zaun Adaptive Implant AD/AP & Omnivamp: 35% 40%
  • Zaun Adaptive Implant Overcharge amount: 50% 60%
  • Zaun Hextech Exoskeleton Base Heal: 15% 20%
  • Zaun Hextech Exoskeleton Overcharge Heal: 25% 30%
  • Zaun Robotic Arm Overcharge: 25% 30%
  • Zaun Shimmer Injector Base AS & Heal: 35% 44%
  • Zaun Virulent Bioware Base Damage: 18% 20%
  • Zaun Virulent Bioware Overcharge Max HP: 4% 6%


The buff that will take Illaoi to Ill-wowi.

Milio's getting new shoes with this buff.

Orianna is getting a spell adjustment that amps up her single target damage and lowers the power of her shield. It’s not a big enough change to shift her spell name from Command: Protect to Command: Neglect, but for the Orianna carry fans out there this should result in a slightly deadlier clock-lady.
  • Illaoi max Mana buff: 40/80 30/70
  • Illaoi Harsh LessonDamage: 220/330/500 250/375/560
  • Milio Mana: 20/70 0/60
  • Milio Ultra Mega Fire Kick!!! current target Damage: 190/285/425 220/330/500
  • Orianna Command: Protect Shield: 225/250/325 200/225/275
  • Orianna Command: Protect Damage: 260/390/585 290/435/650
  • Poppy Steadfast Hammer Damage: 140/210/315 160/240/360


The Riftwalker buff we’ve been waiting for has arrived.

Naafiri is a here-i to clear-i builds with pure-i AD builds.

The meme dream of AD banana bonanza Soraka is alive and well in patch 13.23. Try Rageblade, Spear of Shojin, and Gunblade Soraka carry if you get offered the Harmacist Augment.
  • Kassadin Force Pulse Damage: 135/200/300 160/240/360
  • Naafiri AS: 0.75 0.8
  • Naafiri Eviscerate AD ratio: 145/155/165% 175/175/180%
  • Soraka AD: 55 66
  • Soraka Astral Infusion Heal: 150/170/200 140/160/180
  • Soraka Astral Infusion Damage: 115/165/260 120/180/280
  • Taliyah Seismic Shove Damage: 200/300/450 220/330/495
  • Vi Mana buff: 0/80 20/70
  • Vi Blast Shield damage AD ratio: 250% 300%


Darius is no stranger to the patch notes at this point in time, and regardless of whether this takes him into reroll-carry status, this will be our last time together for a while.

Karma took a small hit when we nerfed Blue Buff last patch. We’re stoking her Inner Flame with a numbers buff, but think that psychodynamic therapy could also prove useful.
  • Darius AD: 65 70
  • Darius max Mana buff: 30/90 20/80
  • Karma Mana buff: 0/50 0/45
  • Karma Inner Flame Damage: 180/270/440 200/300/470
  • Rek’Sai Furious Bite mark true Damage ratio: 190/195/200% 240/240/250%


One more patch to paint the boards green, one more patch to run the dad who's mean, one more patch to play the man who's lean, and one more patch to make this fiend, a friend. Silco’s getting some changes to cast much faster (read: way better with Blue Buff), but at the cost to some of his spell’s damage and healing. This comes after nerfs to his go-to comp’s core tank, Taric, in our last patch, and should have Silco and the Sorcerers feeling like more than a psychedelic rock band name.
  • Fiora Mana buff: 70/140 60/120
  • Silco Mana buff: 0/45 0/30
  • Silco Undercity Tactics Damage: 85/125/425 65/100/400
  • Silco Undercity Tactics Healing: 20/30/120 20/25/120


Ahri has 9 tails, so we should add more 9s to her tooltip.

Lifting Heimerdinger’s carry upgrades to fulfill the AP carry Heimerdinger dream.

Ryze was one of our most ambitious units of all time, so let’s send him off on a high note by buffing all of his Realm Warps.
  • Ahri Essence Thief wave Damage: 230/350/1888 260/390/1999
  • Heimerdinger Apex Turret Mechano Swarm Rocket Damage: 50/120/120 50/200/200
  • Heimerdinger Apex Turret Refractor Beam Damage Amp: 10/40/80% 20/50/100%
  • Heimerdinger Apex Turret Refractor Beam now allows the turret’s ability to critically strike if Heimerdinger’s ability can, and lets Heimerdinger share his critical strike chance with the turret.
  • Ryze (Bilgewater) max Mana buff: 30/90 0/75
  • Ryze (Bilgewater) Chance for Loot: 5/7.5/100% 5/10/100%
  • Ryze (Bilgewater) Chance for Gold: 10/15/100% 10/20/100%
  • Ryze (Bilgewater) Size scaling per gold: 1% 2%
  • Ryze (Noxus) max Mana buff: 70/120 40/100
  • Ryze (Noxus) Number of Axes: 4/5/12 5/5/15
  • Ryze (Piltover) Mana buff: 30/90 15/75
  • Ryze (Piltover) shared Damage: 15/30/500% 30/30/500%
  • Ryze (Piltover) area duration: 3/4/8 5/5/10 sec
  • Ryze (Shurima) Mana buff: 90/150 60/120
  • Ryze (Shurima) chance to spawn gold: 20/35/100% 35/50/100%
  • Ryze (Shurima) chance to Spawn item: 2/5/30% 5/10/50%
  • Ryze (Bandle City) Mana buff: 30/75 30/65
  • Ryze (Demacia) Mana buff: 50/110 50/100
  • Ryze (Freljord) max Mana buff: 30/65 15/60
  • Ryze (Ionia) Mana buff: 50/125 30/100
  • Ryze (Ixtal) max Mana buff: 60/120 30/100
  • Ryze (Shadow Isles) max Mana buff: 40/80 30/70
  • Ryze (Targon) Mana buff: 30/100 >> 30/90
  • Ryze (Zaun) max Mana buff: 40/100 30/90


Small, like the amount of sleep I got this weekend trying to keep up with all the excitement.


You equip Rapid Firecannon to extend Bel'Veth's range. I 3-star her. We are not the same. — Aurelion Sol player, patch 13.22, 2023
  • Bel’Veth’s Royal Maelstrom now targets all enemies at 3-stars
  • Bel’Veth’s Royal Maelstrom base Lashes: 6/6/30 6/6/25


  • Nashor’s Tooth and the Baron’s Gift can no longer be placed on mana-less champions.

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