Star Guardian 2022

Game Updates
Star Guardian Rewards
We're taking steps to account for recent issues that affected your event experience.
Star Guardian - Yearbook
Thanks to your love and support, the Star Guardians shone extra bright this year đź’« Thank you to the amazing creators who contributed to this piece đź’•
/dev: Star Guardian Narrative
The words and wordsmiths behind Star Guardian’s stories.
Developing the Star Nemesis Villains
Darkness comes for the guardians of light.
Secretlab Pillow
Play in cosmic comfort with the Secretlab Memory Foam Star Guardian Edition Lumbar Pillow!
Shadow of a Doubt
Star Guardians have a brilliant light, but some stagger in the darkness.
Porter Robinson: A Reflection
Porter Robinson walks us through “Everything Goes On”, the official anthem for Star Guardian 2022.
Everything Goes On
Hope burns brighter than fear.
Star Guardian 2022 Event Website
Soar through a magical experience and discover everything Star Guardian 2022 related.
Game Updates
Star Guardian 2022 Official Event Trailer
Some friendships last forever. Especially the magical kind. Coming July 14.
Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah
A new Star Guardian catches the eye of Fiddlesticks, who seeks to distract her from her duties.
Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah coming soon
A new “Sessions” unlike anything you’ve heard before.