#Drawrenekton art competition winners announced

Renek’s ¼ scale self has found a new home - GG pyreal_art for your winning artwork!

For the last three weeks, artists from across Europe and the Middle East have come together to portray Renekton, The Butcher of the Sands, in his most terrifying state yet… relaxed! The competition, #DrawRenekton, officially closed December 7 2023 and today, we’re thrilled to announce the winners.

For this competition, we enlisted the help of seven uniquely talented artists to form our official jury - each casting votes, leading us to our winners. Those jury members are:

You can read more about their backgrounds and top tips at the end of this article!

Grand Prize Winner


With their beautifully detailed illustration, depicting Renekton relaxing in what we can only presume is a Shuriman bathhouse, it was unanimously decided by our jury that pyreal_art is the #DrawRenekton Grand Prize winner! Once ready to ship in Q3 2024, they’ll be receiving one Infinity Studio x League Of Legends ¼ The Butcher of the Sand Renekton Statue (Worlds Ver.), plus one “Championship Renekton” skin.



This competition has proven once again that the League community is filled with exceptional artists. The following five runners-up will receive one plush of their choice from the Riot Games Store as well as one “Championship Renekton” skin. Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you for entering!

About #DrawRenekton Jury

AnaDragomir is a 2D artist from Romania with a preference for character design. In the past she designed characters for games and animation and even illustrated a kids book. You can usually find her drawing something witchy while fantasizing about magical worlds. She suggests that artists should always start with the story. Especially in a competition such as this one where the chosen theme has such a great potential for storytelling. Think of a funny or relatable situation in which to place your character and everything will flow from there. If you have fun with it, the viewer will too.

Caelys is a freelance illustrator from France, and for about a decade, she’s been creating all sorts of drawing-based content for the League of Legends community. As for her top tips, she says it’s important to have fun! Draw inspiration from what you love, what excites you, or what makes you laugh... Use your interests to create unique and original pieces.

CKibe, real name Roberta, was born in Milan in December 1993. After getting a degree in graphic design, she decided to move forward the artistic path as a freelance illustrator, working on many projects and with big names and companies. In her portfolio there are names like Charles LeClerc, Ninja, Rovazzi, Riot, Blizzard, Red Bull and Twitch. Alongside her career as an artist, she’s also been a streamer since 2016 on Twitch, for which, in 2020, she became the first Italian ambassador. In 2023, Riot tasked Ckibe to produce an entire art project dedicated to the 10 Year anniversary of League of Legends in Italy!

Josilix aka Josephine Kirstaedter-Kugel, born in Berlin (before it was cool), is a creative mind in the gaming industry and has been working as a designer, illustrator, author and lecturer since finishing her Masters in communication design. She became known for her League of Legends fan art while still at school and soon after began drawing on stream and on social media. She only uses traditional media such as colored pencils or oil paints for her artwork. Her biggest inspiration is her love of video games - especially League of Legends and TFT.

Nine, like the number, has been a digital artist for the past 11 years and loves creating whatever tickles their brain at the moment. They don’t believe in limiting themselves style-wise and always go all out to try new things to satisfy their infinite drive to create. They do however have a soft spot for capturing impactful moments (and memes).

Tofusenshi aka Petra is a freelance illustrator and an artist based in Prague, Czech Republic. She enjoys drawing a variety of topics, but her all time favorite are characters, especially fantasy themed! She always loved the style of League of Legends official art and that was how her entire drawing career started - drawing characters from her favorite game and sharing them with others. As an artist she's a life-long student, constantly learning about new techniques in art, receiving feedback and trying to improve. For starting artists, she would recommend to always draw what you enjoy, as forcing your creativity onto tasks you hate can eventually lead to burn out.

Wanda is a Spanish illustrator and concept artist in France. She loves creating fan art, participating in art challenges, and, of course, spreading love to beautiful works! Like her fellow jury members, Wanda has a few tips for artists starting out:

  • I'm someone who loves references; they help me understand how a part of the body works or the perspective of a building in the background. They end up becoming a mood board for inspiration!
  • I'm a big fan of storytelling in illustrations, even if it's not a complete scene with multiple characters in a location, you can convey a lot of information and feelings with a gaze, lighting, posture... try to tell the viewer something 🙂
  • Above all, have fun – that's the most important thing in my opinion. Enjoy your time with yourself in front of paper, screen, or tablet and let out what's in your heart!