Patch 14.10 Notes

Patch 14.10 is in full bloom 🌸

14.10 coming through, which means Split 2 is finally here!

We have quite a bit of stuff dropping in patch 14.10: Split 1 end and Split 2 start details, LoR comes to the League client, Champion Mastery updates, tons of Arena adjustments, and LOTS of items and runes changes, alongside a couple of system changes to XP and gold gain. Also keep an eye out for the new Faerie Court skins that are now available!

For some champion highlights, we have a pretty big rework for Corki, giving him some bot lane viability alongside getting him away from his past The Package-based gameplay, some tweaks to K'Sante and Skarner, some adjustments to give Viego a bit more lane presence, and Sett some small jungle viability.

For Ranked players, welcome to the second split of 2024! This massive patch includes a full-scale item update for marksmen and other auto-attackers, now granting 25% crit per item and sunsetting the stat profile of crit + AD + AS on any individual items. Tanks, enchanters, mages, and fighters have received meaningful, albeit smaller, updates as well. We've removedβ€”or replacedβ€”a dozen runes that were significantly weak or unpopular. We've also made game-wide adjustments to experience and gold with the hopes of giving junglers and bot laners a leg up in the mid game without taking over afterwards.
Caden "Riot Sakaar" House

Mid-Patch Updates

5/16/2024 Champion and Item Adjustments


  • Q Base Damage: 70-230 β‡’ 70-250
  • E Bonus AD Ratio: 200% β‡’ 250%
  • R Bonus AD Ratio: 70% β‡’ 80%
  • Base AD: 55 β‡’ 57
  • Base Health: 575 β‡’ 605
  • Base Health Regen per 5 Seconds: 3 β‡’ 4.5
Essence Reaver
  • AD: 65 β‡’ 70


  • Passive Bonus Gold: 40 (+2.5 per Adoration Stack) β‡’ 10 (+2 per Adoration Stack)
  • Q Base Damage: 45-65 β‡’ 40-60
  • AD Growth: 3.3 β‡’ 3
  • W Damage: 20-80 (+80% bonus AD) β‡’ 20-80 (+60% bonus AD)
  • R Damage: 5-25 (+50% total AD) β‡’ 5-25 (+45% total AD)
Blackfire Torch
  • Burn Damage: 60 (+12% AP) β‡’ 45 (+9% AP)
Fated Ashes
  • Ability Power: 40 β‡’ 30
  • Burn Damage: 21 β‡’ 15
Knight’s Vow
  • Health: 300 β‡’ 200
  • Ability Haste: 15 β‡’ 10
  • Critical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ 15%

Patch Highlights

Faerie Court Lux, Faerie Court Soraka, Faerie Court Lillia, and Faerie Court Tristana will be available May 15th, 2024 at 18:00:00 UTC.

Player Profile Update

We are moving Player Profiles inside of the social panel in order to consolidate client navigation (we needed more space). You can still customize your identity by going into your profile and clicking on the banner there!

Legends of Runeterra Comes to League!

You can now easily access the award-winning card game Legends of Runeterra right from the League client! You'll find the button right next to TFT in the main navigation of the client, which will redirect you to play, or install, LoR in your Riot Client. Legends of Runeterra is also available on mobile for both Android and iOS users to download at their respective app stores, so make sure you check those out as well!

Power up your favorite champions, embark on an epic single-player adventure, and grow your collection in this easy to pick up, easy to put down single-player strategy card game with some of the deepest lore in the Runeterran IP.

Finally, if you're looking for the latest and greatest news on Legends of Runeterra, you can always check out the LoR patch notes here!

Champion Mastery Update

The new and evolved Champion Mastery system is coming to League this patch! Champions are the core of League, and everyone has their favoritesβ€”and Champion Mastery helps reflect that passion in-game. It's also the way many players express skill growth, especially for those who don't play Ranked.

We're updating Champion Mastery to improve the system for players in a way that lives up to its promise. For example, you don't really stop mastering champions once you hit mastery level 7, and one of our goals with this update was to reflect that. But that's not all we have coming! With this update, we're also adding the following:
  • Uncapped Champion Mastery Levels
  • Per-split Mastery Progression & Rewards
  • Per-split Mastery Champion Sets & Rewards
  • Unlockable Champion Titles for Level 10 Mastery

If you're looking for more information on these changes make sure to check out our /Dev: Updating Champion Mastery Dev Blog here!. If you're looking for all of the nitty gritty details of the update, make sure to check out our support page here!.


Soon after Patch 14.10 release, Split 2 of Season 2024 will start May 15 at noon, local time.

Similar to previous seasons, with the split transition, the Account Transfer Service will be disabled before the split ends and turned back on after rewards are granted.

Ranked Queue will be disabled for short hours before the season starts, and be back as soon as patch deploy is done.

/dev: Split 2 Ranked Update provides an in-depth introduction of the Split 2 Ranked updates, here are some of the most important changes:
  • Players will be able to place as high as Diamond III after provisional games (prev Emerald I)
  • Demotion protection between divisions (eg. Silver II > Silver III) will be removed. Players will fluidly transition between divisions.
  • Demoting from tiers will place players at 25 / 50 / 75 LP depending on the player's MMR at the time of demotion compared to their rank.
  • Master Duo will be enabled in most regions (and will stop again at Grandmaster), excluding CN and KR.

Split Start Apex Duo MMR Restriction Disable Reminder:

  • Similar to previous splits and years, for the first two weeks of a new ranked split (14.10 patch cycle), APEX Duo MMR restriction will be temporarily disabled, but the visual/earned rank duo restriction remains, following the updated Duo rule listed above.
  • The APEX Duo MMR restriction will be turned back on in 14.11.

Split 1 2024 Season Reward Grant will happen shortly after the new split starts, and should be fully complete in 14.11.

Systems Changes

We're modifying gold and experience income with the hope of closing some durability disparities across several roles. Bot laners and junglers tend to be 1-2 levels behind solo laners in the mid game before catching up late game due to champion kill experience. We're bringing up their mid-game levels by tweaking duo XP and early monster XP. Then to keep them from shooting ahead of solo laners, as junglers and bot laners participate in more late-game kills than other roles, we're bringing down late-game assisted kill XP.

We're also making some adjustments to gold income. As mentioned before, junglers and bot laners tend to shoot ahead in the late game through champion combat and we're giving them more experience to fight with, so we're lowering a little bit of PVP gold income.


  • Duo+ Experience: 116% β‡’ 124%
  • Jungle Monster Experience: 100/100/102.5/107.5/120/120/130/130/145% (Levels 1-9) β‡’ 100/100/125/130/135/140/145/150% (Levels 1-8)
  • Scuttle Crab Experience: 100/105/110/115/120/125/130/135/140%, then +10% per level β‡’100/100/125/130/135/140/145/150% (Levels 1-8)
  • Shared Champion Kill XP: 66.6% (1-6), 82% (7-8), 100% (9+) β‡’ 66.6% (1-6), 82% (7+), 90% (9+)


  • 2+ Kill Streak Gold: 450/600/700/800/900/1000 β‡’ 400/500/600/700/800/900 1000
  • CS Bounty: 50 gold at 300 extra cs gold + 50 per additional 200 β‡’ 50 gold at 300 extra cs gold + 50 per additional 250
  • 1+ Death Streak Gold: 274/220/176/140/112/100 β‡’ 267/201/151/113/100



The Package has been removed, Corki's passive now deals bonus true damage, and most of his abilities have been buffed and converted to physical damage.

We're delivering a huge update to Corki this patch, returning parts of him to a long-past version with true damage on his passive and no Packages to pick up. Overall, our goals are to give Corki the power he deserves without turning his Pro games into stale, boring poke fests between objective timers.

We want Corki to be a relatively easy-to-play, aggressive champion who's pressured to end the game before his opponents out-scale him. To do that, he'll be rewarded for aggressive, cooperative moves, and shredding his opponents' resists while he gangs up on his prey with teammates. His damage is being converted largely into physical damage and he'll be rewarded for repeated auto-attacks on his opponents, tying much of his ultimate's power behind auto attacks to refund ammo. We're shifting power around to make sure each of his buttons has a place at all points in time, turning his late game combat pattern into an all-out assault with his entire kit, instead of just firing out Missile Barrage from maximum range.

We also hope that Corki will find a home in bot lane as well as mid lane. Currently, he's only really played mid, where he finds middling success. Ideally he finds success in both roles.

As one final note, we've converted most of his magic damage to physical and all but removed his AP builds. His recommended items have been manually updated to include both AD-haste and AD-crit builds, so follow either one to your heart's content, but items like Sorcerer's Shoes and Malignance will no longer be worth buying. Please don't!

Base Stats

  • Base Health: 610 β‡’ 640
  • Health Growth: 103 β‡’ 100
  • Base Armor: 28 β‡’ 30
  • Armor Growth: 4.7 β‡’ 4.5
  • Base Attack: 61 β‡’ 55
  • Attack Speed: .638 β‡’ .644
  • Mana Regeneration Growth: .55 β‡’ .7
  • Acquisition Range: 500 β‡’ 550 . This is the range at which Corki acquires targets when attack-moving past them.
  • Re-timed Corki's basic attacks to launch the attack at a more appropriate frame of his attack animation. Basic attacks come out slightly more slowly.

Passive - Hextech Munitions

  • Damage: 20% Physical & 80% Magic β‡’ 100% Physical & 15% True
  • The Package: Removed

Q - Phosphorus Bomb

  • Damage: 75/120/165/210/255 (+70% bonus AD) (+50% AP) β‡’ 70/110/150/290/230 (+120% Bonus AD) (+70% AP)
  • Cooldown: 8 β‡’ 9/8.5/8/7.5/7
  • Mana: 60/70/80/90/100 β‡’ 60/65/70/75/80
  • Missile Speed: 1000 β‡’ 1100
  • Re-timed the animation to fire at a more appropriate point in the animation. 0.25s cast time unchanged.

W - Valkyrie

  • Mana: 80 β‡’ 80/85/90/95/100
  • Now more consistently deals all its damage ticks. This is usually 10% more damage if your target was in the zone the whole time.
  • Damage over time now lingers for 1 second after leaving the zone
  • Can no longer deal more than the maximum damage if a target runs alongside Valkyrie's damaging zone
  • Particle effects have been scaled up to match the damage radius
  • Damage particles have been made less spammy

E - Gatling Gun

  • Damage Type: 50% magic & 50% physical β‡’ 100% Physical
  • Damage: 120/170/230/280/320 (+250% bonus AD) β‡’ 100/150/200/250/300 (+200% bonus AD)
  • Cooldown: 16 β‡’ 12
  • Armor/MR Shred: 8/11/14/17/20 β‡’ 12/15/18/21/24
  • Time to reach max shred: 8 hits (2 seconds) β‡’ 4 hits (1 second)
  • Mana: 50 β‡’ 50/55/60/65/70

R - Missile Barrage

  • Damage: 80/115/150 (+25/50/75% AD) (+12%AP) β‡’ 80/180/280 (+70% AD) (AP ratio removed)
  • Mana: 20 β‡’ 35
  • Max Ammo: 7 β‡’ 4
  • Recharge Rate: 12/11/10 β‡’ 20
  • New - Basic attacks on-hit against champions reduce the recharge time of Missile Barrage by 2-4s based on critical strike chance
  • New - Leveling the ability for the first time grants 2 ammo


E damage cap against monsters raised to a flat value, damage cap against minions removed.

Cho jungle isn't doing too great, and while looking for ways to open up jungle diversity we noticed his E monster damage cap was quite low, and scaled with E rank. Now Chungle players have a bit more flexibility in choosing what spell to max first! The minion damage cap was a holdover that no longer seems relevant, so this is also a buff to Cho clearing Super minions in general.

E - Vorpal Spikes

  • Damage cap against monsters: 80/100/120/140/160 β‡’ 200
  • Damage cap against minions: 80/100/120/140/160 β‡’ Removed


Base Health Regen Growth and Health Growth increased. E Base shield increased.

Oh K'Sante. As a fairly new (...right?) and difficult-to-play champion, we don't expect him to have exceptionally strong performances on all but the most practiced players (read: Pros). That said, he took a hit last patch when we updated his hitbox and selection radius. As a result, he's performing worse in solo queue than we'd like, so we're shipping him some buffs. We're buffing E's rank-up since a decent portion of K'Sante players choose to max it second and we're comfortable with it being competitive with W. Otherwise we're just upping his baseline durability since he became easier to hit.

Base Stats

  • Health Regeneration Growth: .85 β‡’ 1
  • Health Growth: 115 β‡’ 120

E - Footwork

  • Base Shield: 50/90/130/170/210 (+10% bonus health) β‡’ 50/100/150/200/250 (+10% bonus health)


E deals bonus damage to monsters.

Sett jungle players are few and far between, and the ones that do exist max W first in an attempt to make up for his poor AoE. Players should notice the biggest difference in their first clear where little raptors will die to your pet roughly 1 auto after you kill the big one.

E - Facebreaker

  • newNow has a 100 flat damage mod to monsters


Q damage, mana cost, and max HP monster cap reduced. Q damage to structures increased. E damage reduced. R cast time decreased, unstoppable status removed, but can now queue other abilities while winding up.

We're making some small updates to Skarner now that he's been out in the wild for a bit. First, we're changing up part of his ultimate's cast paradigm. We're letting displacement effects affect Skarner while winding up Impale, which will do a couple of things. The most fun one is to let him cast it reactively to an incoming Blitzcrank hook, delivering even more suppressions per cast. This also leaves some room for opponent counter-play as astute players can preemptively throw out spells like Explosive Cask and push Skarner away before he can snag his prey. Because this change will make him less consistent, we're also hastening the cast time, giving him a better shot at landing it without setup CC.

We're also adding a little bit of QoL, allowing him to properly queue his spells before R. He still can't cast Q or E while Impaling someone, but in case it misses, he'll go right into his next cast.

He's also due for some meaningful nerfs as arguably the strongest high-MMR jungler in the game. We're happy with his level of crowd control and durability, so we're going after his ability to kill squishy champions quickly. We also know that there's a large community of Skarner top players who will be negatively affected by these nerfs, so we're delivering some small compensation buffs aimed at top lane. Between these compensation buffs and Fimbulwinter's buffs, we hope players will still enjoy him in both roles.

Q - Shattered Earth / Upheaval

  • Damage: 10/20/30/40/50 (+60% Bonus AD) (+5% Bonus HP) β‡’ 10/20/30/40/50 (+60% Bonus AD) (+4% Bonus HP)
  • Mana Cost: 30/35/40/45/50 β‡’ 30
  • Damage to Structures: 50% β‡’ 100%
  • % Max HP Monster Cap: 150/225/300/375/450 β‡’ 150/200/250/300/350

E - Ixtal's Impact

  • Damage: 30/60/90/120/150 (+10% Skarner's Max HP) β‡’ 30/60/90/120/150 (+8% Skarner's Max HP)

R - Impale

  • Cast Time: .75 β‡’ .65
  • Skarner is no longer unstoppable while winding up Impale
  • Skarner can now queue his other skills while winding up Impale. Q/E still cannot be cast while impaling an enemy champion.
  • Fixed a bug where Mark/Dash could be re/cast during Impale


Passive critical strike chance cap increased.

Now that we're going back to 25% critical strike chance on legendary items, we're adjusting champions like Tryndamere that directly depend on certain thresholds. For Tryndamere, our goal is for him to hit 100% crit at 2 items and full Fury.

Passive - Battle Fury

  • Fury Bonus Critical Strike Chance: 0-40% (based on Fury) β‡’ 0-50% (based on Fury)


Q healing from minions increased.

Lane Viego was nerfed a few years ago to reduce his power in Pro play as a flex pick. Since then, we've nerfed him in other Pro-focused ways as well as lowered the amount of systemic sustain available in early lane, and think there may be room to give back a bit of wicked good lane power.

Q - Blade of the Ruined King

  • Mark Healing vs minions: 10% β‡’ 50%


Passive critical strike multiplier decreased, bonus AD for excess critical strike chance increased.

Now that we're going back to 25% critical strike chance on legendary items, we're adjusting champions like Yasuo that directly depend on certain thresholds. With Yasuo, our goal is for him to hit 100% critical strike chance once he hits 2 items.

Passive - Way of the Wanderer

  • Critical Strike Chance Multiplier: 2.5 β‡’ 2
  • Bonus AD for Excess Critical Strike Chance: 40% β‡’ 50%


Passive critical strike multiplier decreased, bonus AD for excess critical strike chance increased.

Now that we're going back to 25% critical strike chance on legendary items, we're adjusting champions like Yone that directly depend on certain thresholds. Much like his brother, our goal is for Yone to hit 100% critical strike chance once he hits 2 items.

Passive - Way of the Hunter

  • Critical Strike Chance Multiplier: 2.5 β‡’ 2
  • Bonus AD for Excess Critical Strike Chance: 40% β‡’ 50%


Corrupting Potion

Corrupting Potion has somewhat been forgotten for a while. We don't like when it's strong and dominates other early game item choices, so we've decided to remove it from the game for now.

  • removedRemoved from the game.

Enchanter Items


Dawncore was initially conceived as an enchanter capstone that could finish their builds. Of course, that's really lofty for a class that doesn't earn a lot of gold. We still want Dawncore to be a big-ticket item but are reshaping it a little bit, giving it much more up-front power while still having a bit of scaling that asks you to at least not buy it first.

So we're massively juicing up the AP and Heal/Shield Power in order to make it the best item for β€œI want really, really strong enchanter spells.” It's still more expensive than other options and is a greedier buy but is focused on making your kit as strong per-cast as possible. The math works out to an extra 32.5 Ability Power and 11.5% Heal/Shield Power if you buy it after something like Imperial Mandate or Shurelya's, which should more than compensate for the dropped haste.

  • Build Path: 2x Bandleglass Mirror (2700 gold total) β‡’ Blasting Wand + 2x Forbidden Idol (2700 gold total)
  • newHeal and Shield Power: 16%
  • Ability Power: 40 β‡’ 60
  • Base Mana Regeneration: 150% β‡’ 100%
  • First Light: 3% HS and 5 AP per 100% Base Mana Regeneration β‡’ 2% HS and 10 AP per 100% Base Mana Regeneration
  • removedSummoner Spell Haste: 18 β‡’ Removed
  • removedAbility Haste: 20 β‡’ Removed

Echoes of Helia

Echoes of Helia hasn't found its footing in the post-Mythic world so we're making the item more user-friendly and more powerful. Since it can be tough for a support to land multiple hits on an enemy, we're lowering the required hits between shields and heals for full effect and juicing up the per-cast impact. For those who were reliably getting three hits in between shields, this won't be a huge buff, but for anyone who had a hard time always casting at full stacks, these changes will be a significant improvement.

  • Max Stacks: 3 β‡’ 2
  • Damage per stack: 45 β‡’ 60
  • Heal per stack: 40 β‡’ 75
  • Fixed a bug where it would damage enemies and still pop their spell shields. Now spell shields will properly block the damage.

Shurelya's Battlesong

Shurelya's Battlesong is on the strong side right now. It's reasonably appropriate on enchanters where there are a wealth of other options but it's too prevalent on solo laners for what's meant to be a supportive item. We're taking down its more selfish aspects to try to keep it as a niche purchase outside of supports.

  • Move Speed: 8% β‡’ 5%
  • Ability Power: 55 β‡’ 50

Tank Items

We're taking a small pass over tank items, both the high-income and low-income varieties. Our first goal is to slightly raise the amount of ability haste in the tank item system. We don't think they should have as much as fighters do, but they should be able to easily get small to moderate amounts. To achieve that goal, we've placed ability haste onto their most generic items, which are Sunfire Aegis and Hollow Radiance.

Our second goal is to make pure health items appealing, which we achieved through strict buffs to the health items while also skewing their resist items to be more about resists and less about health, leaving more room for pure health to be an appealing stat line. Finally, we're also including a few generic buffs to underperforming items.

Anathema's Chains

Let's talk about pure health items, which have generally been quite ignored by players. Sometimes they just don't provide enough stats to be competitive but other times, there's just no need for more health because other items already provide a ton. We're hoping to fix up both of those areas by re-tuning pure health items and resist items in order to carve out a space for these ones.

That said, we thought long and hard about Anathema's and came to the conclusion that a version of Anathema's that was strong and prevalent would be quite bad for the game. Snowballing should feel good and players should be rewarded for their success. While strong defenses (armor, health, Zhonya's Hourglass, etc.) are good, an item that specifically disempowers a targeted player and makes them weaker in all cases wasn't something we wanted to keep around.

  • removedRemoved from the game

Warmog's Armor

Warmog's is receiving a hefty simple buff. At 3100 gold it's the second most expensive tank item in the game, so we decided to give it an eye-popping amount of health to stand out as a premiere tank item. We haven't changed the Warmog's Heart threshold, so it should be easy to activate in your second slot.

  • Health: 750 β‡’ 1000
  • Health per 5 seconds: 200% β‡’ 100%


We're giving Winter's Approach and Fimbulwinter some strict buffs and also playing up the mana build synergy. By doubling the value of the mana conversion for items like Frozen Heart and Rod of Ages, we hope there will be a subset of tanks and AP bruisers that are excited to try out high-mana builds. On average, the Awe change will be relatively neutral on most tanks unless they invest further into mana, but the 150 extra health is pure upside.

  • Health: 400 β‡’ 550
  • Awe: 8% Max Mana as Bonus HP β‡’ 15% Bonus Mana as Bonus HP

Winter's Approach

  • Build Path: Tear + Kindlegem + Ruby Crystal β‡’ Tear + Kindlegem + Giant's Belt
  • Total Gold Cost: Unchanged
  • Health: 400 β‡’ 550
  • Awe: 8% Max Mana as Bonus HP β‡’ 15% Bonus Mana as Bonus HP

Bami's Cinder

We want to give tanks a small amount of extra ability haste, which we're doing through the Immolate system. We're compensating health here in order to give space for other health items (which have direct synergy with the Immolate passive) and also making Bami's Cinder a bit cheaper so that junglers and top laners can more reliably get it on their first recall.

  • Build Path: Ruby Crystal x2 β‡’ Ruby Crystal + Glowing Mote
  • Price: 1000 β‡’ 900
  • Health: 300 β‡’ 200
  • newAbility Haste: 5

Hollow Radiance

  • Health: 600 β‡’ 450
  • newAbility Haste: 10

Sunfire Aegis

  • Health: 500 β‡’ 350
  • newAbility Haste: 10

Randuin's Omen

We're lightly re-designing Randuin's Omen for a few purposes: First, we don't want players to waste gold when building it alongside Frozen Heart. As the two most obvious anti-attack items, it felt bad to lose out when building them together, so now you can combine them without fear. This change was also convenient for simplifying the item as three unique effects is generally too many for an individual item in a post-Mythic world. Second, we continued reshaping resist items away from health. Third, we wanted to play up the active as a high-impact button, raising the cooldown to match its new power. In general, Randuin's should be clearly appealing when facing two crit users on the enemy team and a viable option when facing just one, as long as the Humility active is meaningful.

  • Health: 400 β‡’ 350
  • Armor: 55 β‡’ 75
  • Humility cooldown: 60 seconds β‡’ 90 seconds
  • Humility slow: 55% β‡’ 70%
  • removedRock Solid: Removed

Unending Despair

With Ingenious Hunter going the way of the dinosaur, we saw that Unending Despair was only strong when built alongside that rune, so we're buffing it with a substantially lower cooldown.

  • Anguish trigger rate: 7 seconds β‡’ 5 seconds

Abyssal Mask

Now let's talk about support tanks. In general we think their items are in a pretty good place overall but wanted to move a few things around to create some more options. Up first is Abyssal Mask. We expect support tanks and magic damage bruisers to be pretty excited, as it provides a lot of teamfight durability and helps themselves and their team deal with MR-stacking front lines.

Through an abundance of caution over this item creating stale AP vs. AP lanes, we're trying to ensure it's a weak rush item for most ranged champions through lower 1v1 gold efficiency and tying its durability more to team fights. It should be very strong in 2x magic damage teams, as % shred will do a lot against MR-stackers. And by no longer tying its aura to bonus health purchases, even supports like Braum can buy this in their second slot and feel like they've got another viable option for empowering their team. Finally, it's becoming unique with Void Staff and Cryptbloom, similar to how Black Cleaver cannot be stacked with Last Whisper upgrades.

  • Price: 2400 gold β‡’ 2300 gold
  • Magic Resist: 60 β‡’ 50
  • Unmake: -8.6 to 25 Magic Resist based on Bonus HP β‡’ -20% Magic Resist
  • Unmake radius: 550 β‡’ 600
  • Unmake magic resist: 9 per enemy β‡’ 10 per enemy
  • newUnique with Void Staff and Cryptbloom

Knight's Vow

Knight's Vow is receiving a small simplification that should be mathematically very close to the old version and makes it easier for everyone to understand. We're letting the Knight's armor and magic resist apply to the redirected damage because we think it's thematically appropriate. We're also re-adding the health regeneration just in case your Worthy ally can't hit for a while, so that tanks wielding the item can still recoup some health by themselves.

  • Build Path: Kindlegem + Chain Vest β‡’ Kindlegem + Chain Vest + Rejuvenation Bead
  • Total Gold Cost: unchanged
  • new+100% Base Health Regen
  • Armor: 45 β‡’ 40
  • Damage Redirection: 10%, and then 20% below 30% max HP β‡’ 12% always
  • Damage is now reduced by the Knight's Armor/MR

Zeke's Convergence

We're giving Zeke's the same build path as Locket. It's pretty hard for tank supports to build multiple items on their lower gold income and they don't have the luxury of counter-building a lane opponent. As such, we're making sure there are a couple of hybrid-resist support tank items and ensuring we have almost none for income tanks.

  • Build Path: Kindlegem + Glacial Shroud β‡’ Kindlegem + Cloth Armor + Null-Magic Mantle
  • Total Gold Cost: unchanged
  • Health: 200 β‡’ 300
  • Armor: 30 β‡’ 25
  • newMagic Resist: 25 Magic Resist
  • Ability Haste: 20 β‡’ 10
  • removedMana: 250 β‡’ Removed

Mage Items

Banshee's Veil

We are generally happy with Banshee's Veil, so its Verdant Barrier component is updated without further adjustments.

  • Build Path: Needlessly Large Rod + Verdant Barrier + 150 Gold β‡’ Needlessly Large Rod + Verdant Barrier + 250 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost: Unchanged

new Blackfire Torch

We have identified a problem that the mage item system is lacking a strong mana item option for sustained damage dealers. The introduction of Blackfire Torch and adjustments on Luden's Companion are both aiming to resolve the problem by offering a variety of mana item choices: Blackfire Torch is designed to appeal to battlemages and control mages that want to do sustained damage, while Luden's Companion can focus more on burst and AoE damage dealers. In terms of roles, we position this item to be good for both mage junglers and laners as long as it fits their needs.

  • Build Path: Lost Chapter + Fated Ashes + 700 Gold (2800 gold total cost)
  • Ability Power: 90
  • Mana: 600
  • Haste: 25
  • Baleful Blaze: Dealing damage with abilities causes enemies to burn for 20 + 2% AP magic damage per second for 3 seconds. Deals 20 bonus damage per second to monsters.
  • Blackfire: For each enemy Champion, Epic Monster, and Large Monster affected by your Baleful Blaze, gain 4% AP

new Fated Ashes

With this new component we wanted to fill in two spaces: AP Junglers having access to a Bami's-like item that we can use to bolster their mid-game clears, and give a new epic for APs that can feel good to purchase and provide meaningfully different build paths without being particularly powerful

Ideally, adding this item to the game to bolster second-and-onwards clears for AP junglers should be accompanied by changes to AP junglers to accommodate some champions that are close but not quite there in power/feels. For example, Singed is currently ~48% in the jungle, and this item plus some feels improvements like making his passive work on large monsters would likely be enough to get him both into viability and put some attention on a champion like Singed in the jungle.

  • Build Path: Amplifying Tome + 500 Gold (900 gold total cost)
  • Ability Power: 40
  • Inflame: Dealing damage with abilities causes enemies to burn for 7 magic damage per second for 3 seconds. Deals 20 bonus damage per second to monsters.

Luden's Companion

The problem with previous Luden's Companion is that it was too general to be good for the majority of its user base. We had to balance it for the best users, which caused it to have a relatively low overall win rate. With Blackfire Torch serving DPS-indexed mages, we want to clearly push Luden's into a burst space. Making the effects only fire at max shots should increase the burst and overall satisfaction, because firing with low charges wasn't very noticeable. This change should introduce mage itemization and allow us to balance with more clear directions.

  • No longer a charge model (Unique Load is removed). Now has a 12 second cooldown and always fires with 6 shots.
  • Fire Base Damage: 45 (+4% AP) β‡’ 60 (+4% AP)
  • Repeat damage ratio on primary target: 35% β‡’ 50%

Liandry's Torment

As a mana item option, the new Epic item Fated Ashes is swapped in as a component.

  • Build Path: Haunting Guise + Blasting Wand + 850 Gold β‡’ Haunting Guise + Fated Ashes + 800 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost: Unchanged

Verdant Barrier

We are comfortable with the power for Verdant Barrier but want it to become a more accessible pick up to counter mage and spell damage.

  • Build Path: Null-Magic Mantle + Amplifying Tome + Amplifying Tome + 450 Gold β‡’ Null-Magic Mantle + Amplifying Tome + Amplifying Tome + 350 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost: 1700 Gold β‡’ 1600 Gold

Fighter Items

newOverlord's Bloodmail

Overlord's Bloodmail is intended to fill in the third-ish item slot for health-heavy fighter builds. We believe converting health into damage is a compelling fantasy for fighters and want to create it with this item.

  • Build Path: Tunneler + Tunneler + 1000 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost: 3300 Gold
  • Attack Damage: 40
  • Health: 500
  • Tyranny: Gain 2% of your bonus Health as Attack Damage
  • Retribution: Gain up to 10% increased Attack Damage based on your percent missing Health (Maximum Retribution bonus while below 30% Health)

Blade of the Ruined King

We’re updating Blade of the Ruined King's damage profile to be centered more about the stats the item provides rather than the on-hit damage. We’re also taking this opportunity to move the effect of clawing shadows back to be triggered after 3 hits instead of on first attack.

  • Attack Damage: 40 β‡’ 55
  • Attack Speed: 25% β‡’ 30%
  • Lifesteal: 8% β‡’ 10%
  • Passive - Mist Edge: 12% (melee) / 9% (ranged) β‡’ 9% (melee) / 6% (ranged)
  • Passive - Clawing Shadows: Your next basic attack on-hit against an enemy champion is empowered and slows them by 30% (melee) / 15% (ranged) (15 second cooldown) β‡’ Every 3rd basic attack on-hit against an enemy champion is empowered and slows them by 30% (15 second cooldown)
  • Passive - Mist Edge Monster Damage Cap: 60 β‡’ 100

Black Cleaver

We want Black Cleaver to be a core component of most fighter builds. One key tenet of fighter combat patterns is target agnosticism, which is one factor that differentiates them from assassins. Not only do we like when they're good at hitting the front line, we also want them to be a little bit cooperative, which allows some of their combat power to come from team fighting and not just side lane 1v1s.

  • Armor Reduction: 5% β‡’ 6%
  • Max Armor Reduction: 25% β‡’ 30%


Plated Steelcaps

Plated Steelcaps have always stood out as a very powerful counter item. In this update we're going to make them more generically good against physical damage and less sharp against attacks.

  • Total Gold Cost: 1100 Gold β‡’ 1000 Gold
  • Armor: 20 β‡’ 25
  • Basic Attack Reduction: 12% β‡’ 8%

Boots of Mobility

We've decided to get rid of Boots of Mobility this split, they've been mostly kept underpowered for a long time and we didn't really enjoy the map movement they provided very early in the game.

  • removedRemoved from the game.

new Symbiotic Soles

This is a new boot meant to slightly replace Boots of Mobility as a tempo-oriented purchase. It's meant to help get back on the map faster and quickly get out of bad situations, while requiring an appropriate amount of time before granting its roaming-focused movement speed.

  • Total Gold Cost: 900 Gold
  • Move Speed: 35
  • Your Recall is empowered
  • After Traveling 150,000 units, upgrades to Synchronized Souls

new Synchronized Souls

See above

  • Move Speed: 45
  • Your Recall is empowered
  • Gain 45 Move Speed when out of combat

Marksmen Items


Bloodthirster is once again leaving the crit system, and going back to its simpler roots of being a pure AD and lifesteal stick. With it, it's also regaining its passive ability to overheal. This will potentially open it up as an option for other classes to purchase it.

  • Build Path: BF Sword + Cloak of Agility + Vampiric Scepter + 600 Gold β‡’ BF Sword + Pickaxe + Vampiric Sceptre + 325 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost unchanged
  • Attack Damage: 55 β‡’ 80
  • No longer grants extra AD above 70% Health
  • [NEW - Ichorshield: converts excess healing from lifesteal into a shield, up to 50-400 (based on level)
  • Crit Chance: 20% β‡’ Removed

The Collector

Collector is a really good item to bridge some champions’ wants for both lethality and critical chance. With these changes, it'll be allowed to compete with other B.F. Sword recipes as an option to start with and to keep scaling other purchases with some additional AD

  • Build Path: Serrated Dirk + Pickaxe + Cloak of Agility + 625 Gold β‡’ BF Sword + Serrated Dirk + Cloak of Agility + 300 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost: 3100 β‡’ 3200
  • Attack Damage: 55 β‡’ 60
  • Lethality: 16 β‡’ 15
  • Critical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ 25%

Essence Reaver

This one in particular is a pretty big change but we're taking away the Spellblade passive from Essence Reaver. It's instead becoming a stat stick with a very clear purpose, spell casting. It should still provide a near-unlimited supply of mana for those spells to be cast, as well as having a competitive stat line.

  • Build Path: Sheen + Caulfield's Warhammer + Cloak of Agility + 300 Gold β‡’ BF Sword + Caulfield's Warhammer + Cloak of Agility + 200 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost: 2900 Gold β‡’ 3200 Gold
  • No longer a Spellblade item
  • newBasic attacks refund 15 (+10% Bonus AD) mana on-hit
  • Critical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ 25%
  • Ability Haste: 20 β‡’ 25
  • Attack Damage: 60 β‡’ 65

Immortal Shieldbow

Removing the lifesteal from shieldbow will allow it to fit as a third/fourth item to round out crit builds and offer a defensive choice that's not sustain-based.

  • Build Path: Pickaxe + Cloak of Agility + Vampiric Scepter + 625 Gold β‡’ Pickaxe + Noonquiver + 725 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost unchanged
  • Critical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ 25%
  • Attack Damage: 50 β‡’ 55
  • Lifesteal: 12% β‡’ Removed

Infinity Edge

We wanted to bring back a more powerful version of Infinity Edge that feels like it's worth rushing. With these stats, it'll hold its own while waiting for other scalers to come into play and should bring back crit builds to some of the users that had some in the past.

  • Total Gold Cost: 3300 Gold β‡’ 3400 Gold
  • Critical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ 25%
  • Attack Damage: 65 β‡’ 80

Kircheis Shard

We're moving the energized system fully into Legendary items only, and have struggled to find a middle ground for this item to exist for it to only serve items from two distance systems. Since it doesn't serve a purpose anymore amongst the item changes we're making this patch, we're going to remove it from the catalog.

  • removedRemoved from the game.

Kraken Slayer

Kraken Slayer is getting a significant change as well. It's no longer a crit item, and instead being focused entirely on the on-hit side of things. It'll still be a strong contender as an early purchase but won't be able to provide all of the desired stats right away.

  • Build Path: Noonquiver + Cloak of Agility + Recurve Bow + 400 Gold β‡’ Rectrix + Hearthbound Axe + Recurve Bow + 200 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost: 3000 Gold β‡’ 3100 Gold
  • Critical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ removed
  • newMove Speed: 7%
  • Attack Damage: 40 β‡’ 50
  • Attack Speed: 35% β‡’ 40%
  • Bring it Down: Every third basic attack deals additional physical damage on-hit, increasing when hitting the same target repeatedly β‡’ Every third basic attack deals additional physical damage on-hit, increasing when hitting lower Health targets

Ornn Upgrade

  • Attack Speed: 45% β‡’ 55%

Lord Dominik's Regards

Dominik's is losing its Giant Slayer passive, but gaining raw stats to compensate for it. While it won't be as efficient as killing very high health targets, it'll provide more against others. We still believe there there should be enough ways to deal with those tanks and frontliners within the crit item system

  • Armor Penetration: 35% β‡’ 40%
  • Critical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ 25%
  • Attack Damage: 40 β‡’ 45
  • No longer deals increased damage based on target's max health advantage

Mercurial Scimitar

Scimitar is leaving the crit system to instead become a more accessible lifesteal item. This should still be a somewhat narrow purchase that feels okay to add to a build without ever having to worry about going over the crit chance cap.

  • Build Path: Quicksilver Sash + Cloak of Agility + Pickaxe + 225 Gold β‡’ Quicksilver Sash + Pickaxe + Vampiric Sceptre + 225 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost: 3000 Gold β‡’ 3300 Gold
  • removedCritical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ Removed
  • newLifesteal: 10%

Mortal Reminder

Mortal Reminder is getting the crit chance stat update as well.

  • Critical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ 25%

newNavori Flickerblade (Navori Quickblades)

Navori is getting a new name and icon! It'll still provide one of it's iconic cooldown reduction mechanics, but will now live as an Attack Speed item, typically paired with a big ticket AD item.

  • Build Path: BF Sword + Caulfield's Warhammer + Cloak of Agility + 300 Gold β‡’ Dagger + Zeal + Dagger + 900 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost: 3300 Gold β‡’ 2600 Gold
  • Critical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ 25%
  • Cooldown Reduction refund: 12% β‡’ 15%
  • newMove Speed: 7%
  • newAttack Speed: 40%
  • removedAbility Haste: 15 β‡’ Removed
  • removedAttack Damage: 65 β‡’ Removed


Noonquiver is staying around, but its purpose is changing entirely. Instead of being a perfect laning item to transition into first purchases, it’ll serve as a way to deliver AD and crit to items that focus on those stats.

  • Build Path: Long Sword + Dagger + Long Sword + 300 Gold β‡’ Long Sword + Cloak of Agility + 450 Gold
  • new20% Critical Strike Chance
  • removedBasic attacks deal 20 bonus physical damage on-hit against minions and monsters

Phantom Dancer

Phantom Dancer is getting a stat facelift focusing on attack speed and movement speed. It'll serve its purpose as a really strong way to multiple other sources of damage scaling.

  • Build Path: Zeal + Rectrix + 800 Gold β‡’ Dagger + Zeal + Dagger + 900 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost: 2800 Gold β‡’ 2600 Gold
  • Move Speed: 10% β‡’ 12%
  • Critical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ 25%
  • removedAttack Damage: 20 β‡’ Removed
  • Attack Speed: 30% β‡’ 60%

Rapid Firecannon

Rapid Firecannon is the only Energized item left in the marksman system, as it still serves a very useful function. It's losing its AD and instead being offered as a relatively cheap AS/crit item alternative.

  • Build Path: Long Sword + Zeal + Kircheis + 850 Gold β‡’ Zeal + Scout's Slingshot + 600 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost: 3000 Gold β‡’ 2600 Gold
  • Critical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ 25%
  • removedAttack Damage: 30 β‡’ Removed
  • Attack Speed: 20% β‡’ 35%

Runaan's Hurricane

We're giving Runaan's a new recipe, with it dropping the on-hit but gaining power on the bolts, ensuring itself as the premier AoE options amongst crit and AS items.

  • Build Path: Recurve Bow + Zeal+ 1000 Gold β‡’ Zeal + Scout's Slingshot + 600 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost: 2800 Gold β‡’ 2600 Gold
  • removedOn-hit Magic Damage: 30 β‡’ Removed
  • Bolt AD Damage Scaling: 40% β‡’ 55%
  • Critical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ 25%

Statikk Shiv

Statikk Shiv is trading its energized pattern for a brand new on-kill effect. It's also no longer a crit item, but instead provides a good mix of attack damage and attack speed for champs trying to stabilize early on. It will still help with wave clear in its own way, plus potentially really shock opponents in a favorable teamfight.

  • Build Path: Noonquiver + Cloak of Agility + Kircheis Shard + 300 Gold β‡’ Scout's Slingshot + Hearthbound Axe + 700 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost unchanged
  • removedCritical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ Removed
  • Attack Speed: 30% β‡’ 40%
  • newElectrospark: Killing non-champions fires chain lightning that deals 90 magic damage hitting up to 6 additional targets (3s cooldown, 500 bounce range)
  • newElectroshock: Takedowns on champions instead deals x3 damage and has no cooldown, no bounce cap (technically 186 if you want to know), and 650 bounce range


We're parting ways with Stormrazor again this split, in an attempt to streamline the energize system and have better early buys for champions, it left very little room for this item to shine as is.

  • removedRemoved from the game.


Terminus is getting a new recipe this time around as well as some small alterations in stats.

  • Build Path: Recurve Bow + BF Sword + Recurve Bow + 300 Gold β‡’ Hearthbound Axe + Recurve Bow + 1000 gold
  • Total Gold Cost unchanged
  • Attack Damage: 40 β‡’ 35
  • Attack Speed: 30 β‡’ 35

Voltaic Cyclosword

We're giving Voltaic Cyclosword a new recipe now that Kircheis Shard no longer exists, but should still be a very easy path to be built into early on.

  • Build Path: Brutalizer + Kircheis Shard + 863 Gold β‡’ Brutalizer + Long Sword + Long Sword + 863 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost unchanged

newYun Tal Wildarrows

Our goal with Yun Tal Wildarrows is to add an additional option for AD/Crit users that enables them to keep building offensively while only choosing 1 (or zero) attack speed options. This item should be useful for for those who have a lot of AD (hello Jhin) or those that can quickly deal multiple critical strikes.

  • Build Path: Pickaxe + Noonquiver + 925 Gold (3200 gold total cost)
  • Critical Strike Chance: 25%
  • Attack Damage: 65
  • Passive - Serrated Edge: Critical strikes deal 35% total AD additional physical damage over 2 seconds.


Zephyr is back! This is mostly an experimental take on attempting to give a class that already scales well a way to scale even better. We're mostly interested in seeing if there's any interest in this kind of β€œfull build capstone” effect that we can add to make champions feel satisfied when their build is actually completed.

  • Build Path: Berserker's Greaves + 2000 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost: 3100 Gold
  • Upgrade from Berserker's Greaves that becomes available after you reach level 15. Still counts as a Boots slot item.
  • Attack Speed: 45
  • Move Speed: 45
  • Passive: Gain 5% Move Speed for 6 seconds, stacking up to 15%

Hearthbound Axe

With Hearthbound Axe we wanted to position it as a better Epic in some recipes as well as index it out of just pure Attack Speed. This should give it broader appeal now with less attack speed and more attack damage.

  • Build Path: Dagger + Long Sword + Dagger + 200 Gold β‡’ Long Sword + Dagger + Long Sword + 300 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost: 1150 Gold β‡’ 1300 Gold
  • Attack Damage: 15 β‡’ 20
  • Attack Speed: 25% β‡’ 20%

Recurve Bow

With Recurve Bow we wanted to make a small change to reduce the amount of magic damage being dealt in a non-intentional way by ADCs. We know this item has broader use beyond just ADCs but for an epic we feel it should feel a bit more simplified.

  • Damage Type On-hit: Magical β‡’ Physical

new Scout's Slingshot

Scout's Slingshot is coming in as a new attack speed component to help bridge some of the newer recipes that don't involve critical strike chance.

  • Build Path: Dagger + 600 Gold
  • Total Gold Cost: 900 Gold
  • Attack Speed: 20%
  • Passive: Damaging a champion deals an additional 40 magic damage. Attacks reduce this cooldown by 1 second.


To keep up with our critical strike chance changes across the board, Zeal is getting bumped up so that the effects can be felt immediately at the Epic level instead of having a more abrupt jump from 15 with zeal to 25 with a completed item.

  • Critical Strike Chance: 15% β‡’ 20%


We're slightly adjusting the gold value of attack speed now that we feel comfortable adding it as a stat on items to make them desirable.

  • Attack Speed: 12% β‡’ 10%

Summoner Spells

We're taking a small pass on Summoner Spells this patch. Our first goal is to create more differentiation in Summoner Spell cooldown timing. Many Summoners only had 30 seconds separating their cooldowns, which meant windows of relative power were few and far between. We're enforcing at least 60 seconds between cooldown tiers, which should create more opportunities to utilize a Summoner advantage over your opponent. We generally took an approach of matching cooldowns to how combat-warping they are. Cleanse, Exhaust, and Ghost all have the ability to meaningfully change the outcome of a fight, so we chose four minutes as their timer. Meanwhile, Barrier and Ignite have more modest effects that are easier to outplay, so we kept them at three minutes.

Our second goal is to re-tune various Summoner Spells. We thought the rough power levels of Exhaust and Cleanse were fine, so we're buffing their power per-cast in conjunction with their cooldown increases. We thought Ghost was significantly overpowered, so we nerfed it in both duration and cooldown. And we thought Barrier was extremely weak.


Ghost is an extremely combat-warping summoner spell, picked almost ubiquitously by ADCs and cheapening a lot of top lane fighter vs fighter combat. We think Ghost can do with a straightforward nerf, raising its cooldown to match its combat power and reducing its duration to keep it from completely dominating team fights.

  • Cooldown: 210 β‡’ 240
  • Duration: 15 seconds β‡’ 10 seconds


Cleanse can really shut some champions down, which means it deserves a fairly long cooldown. But as it's not necessarily overpowered in current League, we're compensating its cooldown nerf with a small tenacity buff.

  • Cooldown: 210 β‡’ 240
  • Tenacity: 65% for 3 seconds β‡’ 75% for 3 seconds


Exhaust is meant to be roughly as powerful as before. As a unique summoner spell with crowd control attached, we're choosing to play up its lockdown while raising its cooldown to match other high-impact Summoners.

  • Cooldown: 210 β‡’ 240
  • Slow: 30% β‡’ 40%


We're choosing 2.5 seconds for the shield duration in order to make it a moderately-forgiving button to press that should reliably block a solid amount of damage, which hopefully outperforms Exhaust in 1v1 cases. An additional 15% shielding on top should make Barrier a competitive option with other Summoners.

  • Duration: 2 seconds β‡’ 2.5 seconds
  • Shield: 105-411 β‡’ 120 - 480


This is just a small tweak to make the spell a touch easier to use when aiding teammates.

  • Range: 826 to champion edge β‡’ 900 to champion center

Domination Runetree


We've been unhappy with Predator being strong and have intentionally kept it weak for a long time, now is the best time for it to finally go.

  • removedPredator has been removed.

Hail of Blades

Ranged users would risk far less to get the same value out of Hail of Blades, this should help even the risk reward structure.

  • Attack Speed: 110% β‡’ 80% (ranged champions) / 110% (melee champions)

Ingenious Hunter

Coming in at both a low engagement rate and low power level. We've tried just buffing it in the past but have been unsatisfied with those environments.

  • removedIngenious Hunter has been removed.

Sudden Impact

A sub-goal of these rune changes was to remove lethality and magic penetration from the rune system. This should keep the rune in a fairly similar place in both input and output power level while keeping its scaling more linear with time.

  • Dealing damage to an enemy champion within 4 seconds of using a dash or blink, or exiting from stealth, grants 9 lethality and 7 magic penetration for the next 5 seconds. 4 second cooldown. β‡’ Damaging basic attacks and ability damage deal 20-80 (based on level) bonus true damage to an enemy champion within 4 seconds of using a dash or blink, or exiting from stealth. 10 second cooldown.

Relentless Hunter

Relentless Hunter has been over performing so we want to try to adjust its baseline value to be a bit more in line with what we're expecting.

  • Out of Combat Movement Speed: 5 + 8 per stack β‡’ 0 + 8 per stack

Precision Runetree

Lethal Tempo

Lethal Tempo has been extremely disruptive to both the item system by allowing a huge number of champions and classes to bypass attack speed itemization, but also to gameplay patterns by allowing champions to miss a lot of key skills but still be able to just auto you down. We've been unhappy with this rune for a long time and figured now was the best time to make a big (but overdue) change.

  • removedLethal Tempo has been removed.

Press the Attack

To help catch the users displaced by the loss of Lethal Tempo, Press the Attack has had some major adjustments that change the rune from a single target debuff to a selfish self buff that allows front to back play and target swapping without losing the damage amplification. Keep in mind the self buff does not lock you out from getting future three-hit triggers!

  • Hitting an enemy champion with 3 consecutive basic attacks deals 40-180 bonus adaptive damage (based on level) rendering the target Exposed for 6 seconds, causing them to take 8% increased damage from all sources for the duration β‡’ Hitting an enemy champion with 3 consecutive basic attacks deals 40-180 (based on level) bonus adaptive damage and amplifies your damage dealt by 8% until you leave combat


We've been unhappy with this rune when it's strong, but it has a very low pick rate when it's not overtuned, so we're replacing it.

  • removedOverheal has been removed.

new Absorb Life

This new rune is aimed to give Precision Tree users a way to heal back up between skirmishes.

  • newKilling a target restores 2-17 health

Legend: Tenacity

Within the Legend row, Tenacity was the least engaged with by far. We also want to make it a clearly presented opt-in stat, not hidden in minor runes. We'll be closely observing if this results in too little tenacity overall in the game and will act accordingly.

  • removedLegend: Tenacity has been removed.

new Legend: Haste

To replace Legend: Tenacity we wanted to target a new stat that would catch users that weren't already satisfied by Attack Speed or Lifesteal, but also fits within the Precision Tree theme.

  • newGain 1.5 per Legend stack bonus Basic Ability Haste, up to 15 at maximum stacks

Cut Down

Cut Down in its previous form was asking the player to opt-in to a counter to tanky champions before the game even started, and before any tanks in the game had a chance to be strong or weak. We want the decision to opt-in to anti-tank to be in the itemization space so you can select it reactively in the match rather than just guessing that tanks will be a problem in the pre-game.

  • Deal 5% to 15% increased damage (except true damage) to champions, based on how much more maximum health they have than you. Bonus damage scales up linearly against enemies with 10% to 100% more maximum health than you. β‡’ Deal 8% increased damage (except true damage) to champions above 60% maximum health.

Fleet Footwork

Fleet Footwork healing was too strong and with new sustain runes in the system we wanted to ensure users couldn't just wash lanes with too much healing. Shifting some power into the movement speed instead.

  • Heal: 10 - 130 (based on level) β‡’ 8-110 (based on level)
  • Movement Speed Duration: 1 second β‡’ 1.25 seconds

Resolve Runetree

Font of Life

Font of Life's input and output pattern was something we were unsatisfied with. Due to the complexity of the rune and overall unsatisfying output, it had a low engagement rate and was a good target to update and clean up.

  • Slowing or immobilizing an enemy champion marks them for 4 seconds. Allied champions (excluding you) that use a basic attack against marked enemies are healed for 5 (+ 0.9% of your maximum health) over 1.75 seconds. β‡’ Slowing or immobilizing an enemy champion heals you and a nearby ally with the least health for 10-50 health (70% for ranged users). 20 second cooldown.

Inspiration Runetree

We're going to be rearranging the Inspiration tree with these changes and it should now be the following:
  • Row 1: Hextech Flashtraption, Magical Footwear, Cash Back
  • Row 2: Triple Tonic, Timewarp Tonic, Biscuit Delivery
  • Row 3: Cosmic Insight, Approach Velocity, Jack Of All Trades

Future’s Market

Future's Market had a low pick rate and players in general didn't want to go into debt. It also enabled some gameplay patterns we were generally unhappy with if they were too good.

  • removedFuture's Market has been removed.

new Cash Back

Who doesn't love getting a little money back on their big purchases? Either get closer to your next big spike quicker or pick up some control wards for the team.

  • newGet 6% gold back on purchase of a Legendary item

Minion Dematerializer

Dematerializer was a needlessly high complexity solution to a lot of champions laning issues. We'll be monitoring champions who look like they struggle with its removal and help them.

  • removedMinion Dematerializer has been removed.

newJack of All Trades Jack of All Trades

A new rune that rewards those who plan ahead and cook up crazy builds. There's some really powerful things you can do with this rune, but you have to be creative to unlock its potential!

  • For each unique stat on items you have purchased, get a stacking bonus:
  • Get 1 Ability Haste per stack
  • At 5 stacks, get 10 Adaptive Force
  • At 10 stacks, get 25 Adaptive Force

Time Warp Tonic

Some huge buffs to the healing of Time Warp Tonic, no more healing reduced on your lingering heal, and even more up-front healing.

  • newNo longer reduces the healing of potions.
  • Upfront Healing: 30% β‡’ 40%
  • removedRemoved the bonus movement speed for the duration of potions

First Strike

Lowering the ceiling for gold gain while bringing up the floor. Gold gained in most games should remain the same while someone snowballing will not be able to spike gold to an unhealthy degree.

  • Gold Gained: 5 (+8% damage dealt) β‡’ 15 (+4% damage dealt)
  • Damage Amp: 7% β‡’ 8%

ARAM Balance Changes

Hello ARAMers! We hope some of you are enjoying the return of Arena. For this patch we're buffing our assassins given their decreasing pickrate and winrate in aram. We've also heard some feedback on Jinx and Kog'Maw, but we want to hold off on any adjustments just yet as 14.10 introduces a lot of changes that we want to see play out.


  • Briar: Damage Dealt: 100% β‡’ 105%; Healing Done: 115% β‡’ 120%
  • Kha'zix: Damage Dealt: 105% β‡’ 110%
  • Leblanc: Damage Dealt: 105% β‡’ 110%
  • Naafiri: Damage Dealt: 105% β‡’ 110%
  • Qiyana: Damage Dealt: 110% β‡’ 115%
  • Rengar: Damage Dealt: 100% β‡’ 105%


  • Sejuani: Damage Taken: 92% β‡’ 100%


System Changes

  • Time Before You can Start Reviving your Ally: 11-8 seconds (based on round, 8 seconds at round 11) β‡’ 12-8 seconds (based on round, 8 seconds at round 11)
  • Ranked will be enabled starting this patch!
  • MMR will be soft reset, especially if above Gladiator MMR
  • Improved matchmaking for new Arena players

You deserve a celebration. Hats off (or on) to you!
  • High-stakes rounds now grant hats to the winning team
  • Eliminating a team now grants hats to the winning team
  • Arena God Title Required Wins: 168 β‡’ 60
  • Right clicking augment or anvil selection cards no longer selects them
  • Champion Select now always randomizes pick order within each team


Jhin was a bit too good of a sniper, often becoming frustrating to deal with because of how reliable his damage was. In this patch we're reducing his missile speed, and angle of attack to make his shots much easier to dodge, but still something you can take advantage of in combat.
  • Missile Speed reduced from 8000 β‡’6000
  • This should be easier to dodge, and manageable with boots
  • For context Jhin (champion)'s R Missile speed: 5000
  • Jhin would sit behind the team with more team health β‡’ Jhin Cameo now sits at a 90-degree angle of both teams, regardless of how much team HP they have

Augments and Prismatic Items

We've made many improvements to the rules behind what augments you are offered. We're not going to go into explicit detail here, but our goal is to reduce the chances you'll get an augment that you literally can't use. And allow certain augments or items to add augments to your pool.

It's fun to make things big. Your clones should be big too.
  • Size adjustments now apply to clones. Goliath, Mad Scientist, and RaidBoss now grant their size adjustments to clones. This stacks with Minionmancer.
We've heard your pain when rerolling your prismatic and still not getting something you feel you can build around. So we've increased the odds that you'll get a Prismatic tailored to your champion/class. We still think there is plenty of room to adapt when you get something other than your ideal pick, but we want to reduce the frequency of worst-case scenarios where you spend multiple rerolls and can't find something interesting or playable.

Balance Adjustments


We're making several adjustments to augments this patch now that we've had some time to watch you all creatively push their limits. First, we're increasing the critical strike chance on certain augments to match the item changes while also slightly nerfing them to compensate. Second, mages and fighters are quite strong right now, so we're bringing down their power through various nerfs to their popular augments such as Spellwake and Raid Boss. Lastly, we're buffing and nerfing outlier augments that either need the help or are currently too strong.

Augment Buffs

Orbital Laser
  • Maximum Health Damage: 20% β‡’ 30%
  • Physical Damage: 125-2000 (+ 135% bonus AD) β‡’ 125-2000 (+ 150% bonus AD)
Accelerating Sorcery
  • Ability Haste Per Cast: 9 β‡’ 10
Quantum Computing
  • Base Damage: 100-250 β‡’ 200-350 (based on level)

Augment Adjustments

  • Critical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ 25%
  • Critical Strike Damage: 50% β‡’ 45%
Tank It Or Leave It
  • Critical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ 25%
  • Max Defend Chance Based on Critical Strike Chance: 60% β‡’ 50%
  • Damage Reduction: 25% β‡’ 20%
Soul Siphon
  • Critical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ 25%
  • Heal Percentage: 15% β‡’ 12%
Jeweled Gauntlet
  • Critical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ 25%
  • AP To Critical Strike Chance Conversion: 5% β‡’ 4.5%

Augment Nerfs

  • Magic Damage: 40-250 (+20% AP) β‡’ 40-200 (based on level) (+20% AP)
Raid Boss
  • Stat Increase: 50% β‡’ 40%
Holy Fire
  • Maximum Health Percent Burn: 7% β‡’ 5%
Rabble Rousing
  • Heal: 5-90 (+1% maximum health) β‡’ 5- 60 (based on level) (+1% maximum health)
Thread the Needle
  • Armor and Magic Penetration: 25% β‡’ 20%
Wooglet's Witchcap
  • Needlessly Large Rod AP: 150 β‡’ 120
  • Maximum Health Damage per 5 seconds: 2.5% β‡’ 2%


For champion balance, we're helping out some of the worst performing champions in Arena like Aurelion Sol, while nerfing some of the best like Illaoi and Brand. Our buffs are mainly focused on helping these champions function in a way that feels better in the mode without significant increases in damage, such as letting Gnar charge his mega form faster. For nerfs, we're targeting outputs that are quite strong on Arena, such as Swain's power during his ultimate (since it's harder to get away from him) or some of Brand's hard to avoid damage. We're also taking this opportunity to nerf some healing/durability in the mode as it's too high (expect a larger set of changes soon), hence the Illaoi and Swain healing nerfs.

Champion Buffs

  • Passive - Tired After Transformation Duration: 8 β‡’ 5 seconds
  • Q Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 β‡’ 14/12.5/11/9.5/8 seconds
  • Q Mini Form Slow: 15/20/25/30/35% β‡’ 25/30/35/40/45%
  • Q Mega Form Slow: 30/35/40/45/50% β‡’ 40/45/50/55/60%
  • E Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 β‡’ 16/14/12/10/8 seconds
  • Passive Shield Cooldown: 30 β‡’ 20 seconds
  • W Slow Duration: 1.5 β‡’ 1 second
  • W Bonus Attack Speed: 30/40/50/60/70% β‡’ 50/60/70/80/90%
Aurelion Sol
  • Stardust Stacks Per Round: 26.66 β‡’ 40
  • W Cooldown: 22/20.5/19/17.5/16 β‡’ 15/14/13/12/11 seconds
  • Health Growth: 124 β‡’ 136
  • W Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12 β‡’ 16/15/14/13/12
  • R Cooldown: 125/105/85 β‡’ 40 seconds

Champion Nerfs

  • Q Base Damage: 100-280 β‡’ 70-210
  • W Passive Shield: 10-20% maximum health β‡’ 7.5-13.5% maximum health
  • Q Damage: 80/130/180/230/280 (+130% AD) β‡’ 80/120/160/200/240 (+130% AD)
  • R Damage Stored: 30/45/60% β‡’ 25/40/55%
  • R Damage Per Second: 20/40/60 (+10% AP) β‡’ 20/30/40 (+10% AP)
  • R Heal Per Second: 15/27.5/40 (+ 18% AP) β‡’ 12/22/32 (+ 18% AP)
  • Passive Percent Health Damage: 1.75% β‡’ 1.5%
  • E Magic Damage: 60-180 (+60% AP) β‡’ 60-180 (+45% AP)
  • R Magic Damage: 75-225 (+25% AP) β‡’ 75-175 (+25% AP)
  • Passive Heal: 3.5% Missing Health β‡’ 2.5% Missing Health
  • Q Tentacle Damage Increase: 5-25% β‡’ 4-20%
  • W Cooldown: 4 β‡’ 6 seconds
  • Passive Maximum Health Damage: 5 (+1.25% per 100 AP) β‡’ 4 (+1.25% per 100 AP)
  • Q AP Ratio: 35% β‡’ 30%


Similar to one of our goals for augment balance, we're nerfing many popular mage and fighter items to get them into a more balanced state. We're also giving Decapitator some generic power, increasing Hamstringer's critical strike chance to match the item changes, and adjusting Sanguine Gift so more strength is in its most unique effect. Lastly, we're including a nerf to Guardian's Horn to limit how durable champions can be early game.

Item Buffs

  • Adaptive Force: 70 β‡’ 80
  • Critical Strike Chance: 20% β‡’ 25%

Item Nerfs

  • Ability Power: 100 β‡’ 80
  • Passive Health Ratio: 5% β‡’ 4%
Innervating Locket
  • Ability Haste: 25 β‡’ 20
  • Ability Power: 80 β‡’ 70
Reality Fracture
  • Voidgrub Damage: 10 (+ 10% AP) (+ 5% AD) β‡’ 8 (+ 8% AP) (+ 4% AD)
Horizon Focus
  • Ability Power: 100 β‡’ 80
Liandry's Torment
  • Ability Power: 70 β‡’ 60
Guardian's Shroud
  • Health: 350 β‡’ 300
Sundered Sky
  • Heal AD Ratio: 130% β‡’ 110%
  • Health: 400 β‡’ 350
  • Melee Maximum Health Damage: 8% β‡’ 6%
Divine Sunderer
  • Melee Max Health Damage: 5% β‡’ 4%
Guardian's Blade
  • Health: 300 β‡’ 250
Guardian's Horn
  • Incoming Damage Reduction: 15 β‡’ 12
  • Health: 350 β‡’ 300

Item Adjustments

Sanguine Gift
  • Damage Store: 10% β‡’ 15%
  • Ability Power: 90 β‡’ 80

14.10 SR Item Changes for Arena

Many item changes from Summoner's Rift have been moved to Arena with a few exceptions:
  • Zephyr: Removed from the Shop since its new form doesn't function as well in Arena compared to Summoner's Rift.
  • Statikk Shiv - Slightly different passive that should be more functional in Arena. Passive: On Attack, fire chain lightning that deals 90 magic damage, hitting up to 6 targets (6 second cooldown).

Arena Bugfixes & QoL Changes

QoL Changes

  • Improved Replays camera navigation when following a specific team.


  • Fixed an issue where players could not spectate games of Arena from the friends list.
  • Fixed the Loading Screen ranked borders from properly updating when clicking to different teams.
  • Fixed an issue where certain movement triggering spells (Zeri W, Poppy R) could path champions to a spot outside of the arena.
  • Fixed end of game screens properly displaying your placement.
  • Lee Sin + Chauffeur: Casting on your ally now correctly grants a shield and breaks the tether.
  • Pyke + Chauffeur: Now allows Pyke to Dash with his W.
  • Dematerialize now correctly grants 30 Adaptive Force when taken as the second augment.
  • Phenomenal Evil now correctly grants Ability Power when taken as the second augment.
  • Spirit Link now assigns the correct amount of damage to the ally.
  • Fixed many instances where Force of Entropy could allow opponents a frame of action when critting knock ups/knock backs.
  • Mirage Blade now reduces the cooldown of item actives that are dashes.
  • Fixed an issue where Moonflair Spellblade was unintentionally giving attack speed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented icon images from displaying and instead showing debug text.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Jhin's Cameo mark icon to be missing the image and displayed debug text.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the homeguard icon to show an invisible icon when interrupted.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Moonflair Spellblade to trigger off non-fully charged Zeri passive attacks.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Turbo Chemtank slow debuff icon from displaying.
  • Fixed an issue that caused both debuffs icons from Hamstringer to not display.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Profane Hydra's passive cleave to remain after selling the item.
  • Wooglet's Quest will now correctly give a Needlessly Large Rod so long as there is an open item slot.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Hold Very Still augment to display debug text in the description.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Gragas to gain extra stats after using his W after casting his R twice with Ultimate Revolution.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Stridebreaker's passive from working.
  • Striderbreaker also had a couple of tooltip issues, we fixed those too.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Serpent's Fang to display an incorrect tooltip
  • Fixed an issue that caused Kraken Slayer to display incorrect stats
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Divine Sunderer to stack with multiple spellblade items.
  • Turns out if you have the Conqueror rune then take Circle of Death, Symphony of War, and From Beginning to End it could cause an infinite damage loop and then cause a server crash. We fixed that.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Rek'Sai's Q tooltip to display incorrect information.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Earthquake augment from triggering when casting certain blink abilities.

Mythic Shop Rotation

Now Available

  • Prestige Arcade Caitlyn
  • Prestige Nightbringer Kayn
  • Prestige Fuzz Fizz
  • Prestige Ascended Pantheon

Leaving the Mythic Shop

  • Prestige Nightbringer Lee Sin
  • Prestige Porcelain Lissandra
  • Prestige Bewitching Miss Fortune
  • Prestige PROJECT: Sylas
  • Prestige Coven Zyra

Bugfixes & QoL Changes

QoL Changes

  • Azir W auto attacks no longer go through dodge (i.e. Jax E, Shen W)

Ashe Visual Clarity Update

  • R Ground Decal: Base and all Live Skins have a secondary VFX element added to the ground below the arrow to better communicate its hitbox.
  • R Arrow Hitbox Adjustment: Base and all Live Skins have had the arrow pushed up just slightly to more accurately match its gameplay hitbox.
  • R Readability Updates for: Heartseeker, PROJECT, and Fae Dragon. These mostly consist of adding more volume to the arrow trails and glow to better match the hitbox.

Nidalee Visual Clarity Update

  • Base, Snow Bunny, Leopard, French Maid, Pharaoh, Bewitching, Headhunter, Warring Kingdoms, Challenger, and Super Galaxy have had visual fidelity updates.
  • Most skins have had an adjustment to Cougar W (Pounce) to better communicate the AoE hitbox.


  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Gangplank's E barrel-combo to be inconsistent.
  • Fixed an issue where Katarina ult would go on cooldown and do animation without damage if used immediately after being CC'd.
  • Fixed an issue with Lee Sin Q2 scaling with 200% bonus AD instead of 115% bonus AD.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Sylas to keep stolen abilities if his R ended as you casted Empowered Recall.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Skarner's base taunt to play the SFX from a different skin in Russian.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Jax's R stats to not include AD/AP from Adaptive Force and stat conversions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Azir's W auto attacks to not trigger Bramble Vest.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Shyvana's Q to not count as two auto attacks in specific instances.
  • Fixed an issue where Lee Sin could do more damage than intended when R2 damaged an unstoppable enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where Kassadin's Q could interrupt Sion's R.
  • Fixed an issue where Javan IV's damage cap on his passive would apply to champions as well as non champion units.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Vi's Q charge VFX to sometimes be missing.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Volibear to rarely teleport over a wall during his Q wind up.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Scuttle Crabs from auto-transforming after Baron spawns.
  • Fixed an issue where Alistar's W hitbox would be extended when impacting an enemy at close range.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Urgot and Skarner to be locked in a brutal, never ending, tug of war if the both ult each other at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Echoes of Helia's Soul Siphon damage to not be blocked by Spell Shield despite consuming them.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Hwei to lose access to his spellbook if he disconnected.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Chemtech plants to spawn on top of each other.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Kindred's idle VOs from playing.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some of Star Guardian's Rakan's VO from triggering.
  • Fixed a bug where Star Guardian Ahri's model was disappearing after dying and reviving.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple Lux skins were missing their Recall (B) Wind Down Animation.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple Lux skins were missing their Respawn Animation.

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

The following chromas will be released this patch: