Celebrate Pride 2021 Across and Beyond Runeterra!

Join us in celebrating Pride with our LGBTQIA+ community.

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For the past five years we’ve been proudly participating in IDAHOTB, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (now known as May 17th), and in 2018, we began sharing our support with you all, in-game with Icons that have made way to homeguard trail animations, emotes and even a Guardian (Legends of Runeterra).

Now, we’re continuing our support for LGTBQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Bisexual, Queer and/or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Plus the rest!) folks and allies across all our games, in a whole new way! Through May and June we will be celebrating Pride with free personalization content across all Riot games!

Here, we’ll be going over the what, where, when and how players can participate in Riot’s Pride celebrations, but to find out more on what Pride means at Riot Games check out our article on it here.

There’s a lot to be proud of, and a lot of ways to rep your support for Pride, so let’s get into it!

League of Legends

What: With the return of Rainbow Poro Icons (Rose Quartz Poro, Sapphire Poro, Catseye Poro, Obsidian Poro, Tanzanite Poro, Citrine Poro, Rainbow Poro) you’ll be able to activate homeguard trails that celebrate the diversity of the LGTBQIA+ community! The homeguard trails will be active until the end of June. We also have a couple of emotes and an all new Summoner icon for you to earn via Missions below.


How and When: Through Missions that’ll pop up in your client starting May 17th! While you’ll only have till the end of June to complete these missions, you’ll have all the time in the world to celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride!


Details Plz: You may have noticed the allusions to Diana and Leona in the missions. A narrative release, covering their temple education in Targon together, will drop sometime soon. As to what happens on the Festival of the Nightless Eve, you’ll just have to wait to find out.

Mission Name and Availability

Mission Requirements
(Matchmade games only)


Love That Encircles the Horizon
(Available 5/17)

Earn 50 points:

Win a game with 1 or more friends = 5 Points

Lose a game with 1 or more friend = 3 Points

Win a game = 2 Points

Lose a game = 1 Point

Beside You Emote

Together We Are Strong
(Available 5/17)

As a Team, Kill 4 Dragons


Play 3 Games

500 B.E.

Every Color Under the Sun
(Available 5/24)

Deal 20,000 Damage to Champions


Play 3 Games As, With or Against Leona


Play 6 Games

Pride 2021 Icon

The Moon Reflects the Truth
(Available 5/31)

Earn 20,000 Gold


Play 3 Games As, With, or Against Diana


Play 6 Games

Pride 2021 Emote


But Wait, There’s More: One more thing to add, is the return of profile splash art customization. If you equip the core Rainbow Poro Icon from last year, you’ll get the old parachuting Poros splash, but if you equip any of the other Pride Icons, you’ll get the new splash art instead — ooh, shiny!

Legends of Runeterra:

What: Tyari The Traveler stars in the Everybody Gets Love! Emote, Poro Icons for flags (Rose Quartz Poro, Sapphire Poro, Catseye Poro, Obsidian Poro, Tanzanite Poro, Citrine Poro, Rainbow Poro), and an adorable new Guardian, Ellie the Elephant (below). The Poro icons are the same for Wild Rift, so check them out in the Wild Rift section!

collection_ellie_rainbow_01.jpg collection_ellie_rainbow_03.jpg

How and When: Pride is in the cards, May 19th for patch 2.8.0! Just pick up the 0-coin Jubilant Colors bundle in the store!


Details Plz: Just hop over to the shop and pick up the Jubilant Colors bundle for a whooping 0 coins! It’s got everything collected into one place, just for you — and everyone else too!

Teamfight Tactics:

What: Look, TFT may be my mainstay, but believe me when I say our personalization content makes the biggest boom. For TFT, there’s a new Pride boom with seven variants to celebrate your victories! Accessible by equipping the Icons (see above) available for League of Legends and TFT players alike, there’ll also be Pride-themed Little Legends trails to hop, float, skip, and slide around the Convergence with flair.


How and When: The Pride booms drop in patch 11.10, May 12th, via a new mission.


Details Plz: The mission to unlock the boom and variants is called “Sun and Moon,” and is pretty simple. Just field a team with Diana and Leona and you’re good to go! In addition to the booms, you’ll also get an additional 200xp towards your Reckoning pass as well.

Wild Rift:

What: The new kid on the block, Wild Rift, has plenty of Pride to go around, with seven Poro Icons to celebrate the diversity of love, a homeguard trail, and an adorable rainbow Poro emote.

WRRainbowPoro_512.jpg WRTanzanitePoro_512.jpg WRCatseyePoro_512.jpg WRCitrinePoro_512.jpg
WRObsidianPoro_512.jpg WRRoseQuartzPoro_512.jpg WRSapphirePoro_512.jpg

How and When: Pride wilds out on the mobile Rift, May 24th, with two missions to show your support!

Wild_Rift_Homeguard_Gid.gif IDAHOTB-Emote-Final_256.png

Details Plz: Here are the 2 missions of this event:

Mission Name

Mission Requirements


We Win Together

Play 1 game

7 Rainbow Poro Icons and 1 homeguard trail

United We Play

Play 10 games with either a Pride
icon or the homeguard trail equipped

Pride 2021 Emote


For those of you celebrating Pride outside of your favorite games, we’ve got a fresh collection of merch for Pride 2021 available from June 1st to July 31st with 100% of net proceeds going to the It Gets Better Project! You can sport and support the cause with 7 identity options across various items.


There’s no mean mugging these adorable Pride mugs.


Rep your Pride rain or shine, with Pride tank tops, crop tops, or hoodies— we’ve got you covered.


Check out the Riot Merch Store come June 1st, for sizing, pricing, and more. Did I mention there’s a Pride fan too? A LARGE hand fan that you can use to cool yourself down while reading the new Diana and Leona lore. It’s all in the store, June 1st through July 31st, so be sure to support your wardrobe and the It Gets Better Project then.


There’s plenty of ways for you to celebrate Pride 2021 across and beyond all our games! Whether you’re flashing your Pride emote as the (enemy) Nexus explodes, celebrating your victory on the Convergence, or being an awesome ally, from all of us at Riot Games, have a terrific Pride!


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