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Vote for which theme you want us to implement for a new item, coming January 2024.

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If you haven't heard, Season 2024's big gameplay changes will include a big focus on items. These changes will be live in January, and we want you to play a part by helping theme a new addition to the shop!

Go Fast With Friends


Go Fast With Friends is a supportive tank item for champions like Leona, Nautilus, Alistar, or any melee support looking for a little extra movement speed and survivability.


As you move, you’ll gain bonus move speed. At the cap, you get a trail like Elixir of Iron which speeds up allies who follow you into battle. Your first attack on an enemy Champion consumes your stacks and slows the opponent.

Go Fast With Friends doesn't grant as much personal movement speed as Dead Man’s Plate, but is better at helping you rotate around the map as a team. We’re also replacing DMP's slow with a more selfish effect to make it clear that Go Fast With Friends is for the supportive tanks, while Dead Man’s is for those who want more personal power.

So where do I come in?

“Go Fast With Friends” isn’t exactly the most resonant item name, and carries no strong theme. Plus, we can't leave its trail VFX as a copy-paste of Elixir of Iron. We want you to decide what Go Fast With Friends will look like on release!

We’ve prepared three unique concepts with different regional themes, icons, and VFX to match, so vote on your favorite between Mon Oct 2, 11:00 AM PT - Fri Oct 6, 5:00 PM PT in the Overview tab of the client. Without further ado, here are the options!

Eerie Invitation


You’re not sure when you picked it up… But in your pocket is a strange letter you can’t remember putting there. From the depths of the Shadow Isles, an invitation to a party urging you ever onward towards the destination with its passive, Dark Missive.




All who brave the deserts of Shurima wish they had this legendary pack from Nazumah to help guide them on their way. Brimming with supplies, its passive Make the Path can lead you and your team through the most dangerous encounters.

Scout’s Fanfare



Calling Bandle Scouts one and all! These pipes help call all Yordles together, and make sure that the Bandle Scouts Lead the Way! (the name of the passive) with its jaunty trail of music.

Once the winner's been decided, we'll polish up the concepts above into a final version, ready to ship in January at the start of Season 2024. In the meantime, look for Go Fast With Friends, as well as all our other gameplay changes, on PBE starting November 20!

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