Season 2021 Fan Art Contest Winners

Congratulations to our winners, and everyone who submitted!

The community submitted over 4,000 entries to the Season 2021 Fan Art Contest and we have spent the past week combing through every one in awe of your collective talent. We’ve been blown away by your passion, creativity, and deep appreciation for all things League. Narrowing this massive field of entries down to just a handful of finalists was tough, really tough, but we're excited to present the Season 2021 Fan Art Contest grand prize winners, who will be taking home a brand-new iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil, and 3250 RP! Honorable mentions will also be receiving 3250 RP.

Grand Prize Winners

Nasus Kim - NA


Pirate Invicta - BR


Laurits Rask - EUW


또치마스터- KR


John Crazzy - LAS


Honorable Mentions

호흡을의식하게됨 DKart
Caitlyn Almie
yoryopics ROZICA
VVhite 5amuraï gunheaded
Bestfish xelono
Rifeli 아이룬히퍼
Wills Planet Zarathoustraz
Dankendi Ketturoo
chihuahuamummy El Hombre Shaco
Shinchiro gloppy yogurt
kamrin BD313
skyrilium Lmeon92

A huge thank you to everyone who participated! We will be reaching out via email to the Grand Prize winners over the next two weeks. For all Honorable Mention recipients, expect to see your prizes awarded to your League account within the next two weeks as well. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to